Himalayan High Altitude Lake Trekking Tour Package

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Himalayan High Altitude Lake Trekking Tour Package - Package Overview

Famous 7 Himalayan High Altitude Lake with Passes - Trekking Tour Package ( From Mcleodganj Side)

Himalayan High Altitude Lake Trekking Tour Package: Overview

High Altitude Lakes in Himalayan Dhauladhar ranges in Indian Himalayas are considered Holy Places by the inhabitants. These lakes are visited not only by trekkers but also by thousands of devotees of himalayan ranges. The trek to these prestine remote lakes is one of the best journey and experience in life. Dhauladhars are famous for vast trekking potential and has many unexplored & virgin treks. Dhauladhar meadows abound near the passes offer rich grazing pastures for Gaddi shepherds, The Dhauladhar range has rich flora and fauna and its beauty attracts mountain lovers, trekkers, exploreres, who return to these great lands again anad again.

The Dhauladhar mountain range is a branch of the Himalayan mountain chain extending from Chamba, Kangra and Mandi in Himachal Pradesh.The Dhauladhars Ranges have peculiar topography with Rocky Mountains offering really tough trekking and mountaineering expertise.  Dhauladhar offers great scenery from high altitude passes giving an unobstructed view of the mountain ranges & enchanting peaks.

  Dhauladhar Dharamshala 7 Famous Lakes view from Mcleodganj Side - Kareri Lake Lam Dal Lake Nag Dal lake Locations & Trekking Map

About High Altitude Passes and Lakes in Dhauladhar Ranges

There are about 30 passes in the Dhauladhar ranges & almost Every pass here has a hidden lake.There are may be 25 glaciar lakes in Dhauladhar.  These lakes have mythical backgrounds and are considered extremely sacred by the local residents who make regular annual pilgrimages to these lakes. These lakes are considered to be the abode of, Lord Shiva.

Top Highlights of The Tour

  • Visit 7 Famous Himalayan High Altitude Lake Passes

  • Galu Devi Temple- Famous and Holy Place

  • Visit Cobra Lake Known as Nag Dal Lake

  • Enjoy to trek in Kareri Village and Kareri Lake

Himalayan High Altitude Lake Trekking Tour Package - Package Rates & Dates
Title Standard Prsice High Season
Mar-02 To Aug-31
Low Season
Sep-06 To Feb-28
NewYear/Festival Time
Oct-10 To Jan-05
7N-8D Accomodation
ACcomodation in Camp
Rs 17499 Rs 18999 Rs 15999 Rs 20499
Himalayan High Altitude Lake Trekking Tour Package - Package Inclusion

Package Inclusion:

  • 7 Night stay in Camp

  • Trekking Include with Dome Shape Tents/Sleeping Bags/Sleeping Mattress/Toilet Tents/sitting chairs etc.

  • All vegetarian meals beginning with Pack Lunch on Day 01 to Lunch on Day 07.

  • Porters for camping laggage only.

  • Camping equipment – international quality equipment will be provided

  • Professional mountain guide with English speaking.

  • Cook and kitchen helper. 

  • Medical Facility

  • Ponchos and walking sticks.

Package Exclusion

  • Any meals/services not mentioned above

  • Any charges for video cameras, still cameras, etc.

  • Alcohol, soft drinks, beverages, etc.

  • Personal expenses like tips, telephone calls, laundry, etc.

  • Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances like landslides, road blocks, bad weather, etc.

  • Insurance

Note: Additional facilities possible on extra cost, increase in total No. of days possible.

Himalayan High Altitude Lake Trekking Tour Package - Package Itinerary

The trail to Triund is well defined and easy one, it is also a very crowded trail and passes through mixed forest of oak, rhododendron and deodar tress. First two kilometer is a steep ascent but there is a gradual ascent after Gallu Devi Temple. There are many small restaurants and small shops enroute to Triund. Triund is actual a flat meadow on top of a ridge. From here the staging treks to Indrahar Pass, snoline café etc starts, Triund is usually a night camp stay also for onwards trekking. Triund offers panoramic view of Dhauladhar range on one side and Kangra valley on other is a memorable sight. Night stay at tents or private houses.

Gallu Devi Temple:  Galu Devi temple located above Dharamkot is the highest point in Mcleodganj which can be approached by the vehicle itself.Galu Devi Temple is devoted to the Lord Shiva. But if you are visiting the Galu devi temple on foot you need to decide one of the road going from main square. One is for persons on foot and other one for vehicles. One on the left is very steep but very short. You need to follow this. Whole of the Trek is surrounded by the cedar trees blocking the sun and offering you cool atmosphere. 

Triund: Triund is a small hill station in the Kangra district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The Triund Hill Station is a part of Dharamkot. Triund is at the foot of the Dhauladhar ranges and is at a height of 2,828 m. A trek to Triund is short and simple. It can be done from either Mcleodganj or Dharamkot, which is 2km ahead of McLeodganj. The first half of the trek is a gradually inclined walk with the last 2km from Snowline Café which involves a vertical climb all the way till Triund. The evening sky from Triund is a sight in itself and is a good excuse for camping here at night. The trek from Mcleodganj to Triund is a sharp one of over 1100 meters and it is absolutely worth it because of the refreshing walks amongst the Rhododendron and Oak forest. 


This is an acclimatization day. After a short ascent from Triund, we start towards our next destination Lahesh cave, enroute we cross Snowline Café , Followed by Laka Gote, a temporary shepherd camp. Laka Got is situated at the snout of small glacier, which is full of snow and ice in early summer, and the snow melts away during the monsoon. From Laka Got it is a sleep ascent for 2 km Over rocky ridge to reach Lahesh cave. Night stay in the lahesh Cave at Laka Got.

Lahesh Cave: Lahesh is on the other side of the Glacier. We crossed the Glacier at the mountain foot and started the steep climb through the white rocks towards Lahesh cave. After a tiring and exhaustive trek we reached Lahesh at about 3:30 PM. A slight rain had started by now and the temperature dropped drastically. I began to shiver and quickly took out my jacket and woolen cap. The view was spine chilling.


We Start early from Lahesh cave in the morning, We will cross Indrahar pass, However, you should try and be on the Indrahar pass by 11 am, as there’s a long descent on the other side as well. you’re getting close to the pass when the trail becomes even steeper and a keen wind starts blowing. The Indrahar pass has small shrine with cairns and a collection of tridents ( Trishul) marking the highest Pass in Dhauladhar,and reach Nag Dal lake Today ( our first lake out of 7 Lakes). as the weather gets bad in the afternoon. In early summer from April to May the trail is full of snow and require good equipment. During post monsoon from September to November, There is no snow or ice and there is narrow trail going up to Indrahar Pass. It takes about four hours from Lahesh Cave to Indrahar pass and another three more hours to reach in Nag Dal Lake. Over Night stay beside the lake.


On this day we will go towards one more Holy lake Called Lam Dal Lake. . It takes about four hours to the pass and another three more hours to reach beside this holy lake. Over night stay on the side of this lake.

Nag Dal: Nag Dal known as a Cobra Lake  was explored by the King of Alwar. When he visited the lake as per the advise of Priest to bring water from Holy Lake to have rains in his kingdom. The King did so and during this course had a scuffle with Cobra King resulting which the water  spilled near Bhagsu. The King prayed to the Nag Devta to bless his Kingdom with rain as it suffered with acute drought conditions. The Nag Devta became benevolent to the King and blessed him with rain. This lake is now visited by hundreds of people for a holy dip and people worship Nag Devta on the occasion of Janmashtmi.


After a steep Journey for at least six to seven hours the the trek come towards one more historical lake which called Kareri Lake. Over night stay at lake side.
 Kareri Lake: Kareri Lake is at a low altitude and is an easier trek. It is frequented mostly by Gujjars and Gaddis from the nearby villages because of extensive pasturelands. Clusters of dense conifers and different kinds of perennial flowers are a rare treat offered by this place.

After a short from the lake is a steep descent through the will came back to Kareri Village. Over night stay at Kareri Village.

Kareri Village: Kareri village (6000 feet)is a charming little village straddled on a sloping ridge and adorned with terrace fields at the outer fringes. To the east, the peaks of Dhauladhar range washed in snow are standing on constant guard. The idea of staying a night in this village can never be wrong! You may choose to stay at the Forest Rest House situated about 200 feet above the village or allow yourself to be pampered with selfless hospitality offered by villagers if you wish to spend the night in their house. Ask around at the village for a room and you can get one for as cheap as Rs. 100-150 a night including 2 sumptuous meals and tea. Kareri Lake lies to the North East behind the forested ridge as seen from the village.

The beautiful walk from Kareri Village to Guna Devi Temple. Over night stay in temple.

Guna Temple: Guna Devi temple is a famous Hindu temple located in Guna, 8km from Mcleodganj in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. The temple is placed at an elevation of 2310 metres in Kangra Valley. Guna Devi Temple is a pilgrimage centre of the Gaddi shepherds (an agricultural-cum-pastoral semi-nomadic tribe basically from Chamba district). It is dedicated to Goddess Kali. 

The Laka Lake flows nearby. The entire region is surrounded by sylvan virgin forests comprising oak, deodar trees. The nearby tourist destinations include Naddi, Karen, Dharamshala and Kareri Lake. 

The beautiful Trek towards this Holy Temple passes through famous Dal Lake and Naddi Village.To make this trek longer you can take another route via Galu Temple and Dharamkot to reach back to Mcleodganj.


Himalayan High Altitude Lake Trekking Tour Package - Package Other Details

                       Seven-Lakes-Dhauladhar-Exact Location Map ( View from Mcleodganj Side) - GoogleEarthMap (800x366)

Other Major Attractions:

Nag Dal Lake. - Altitude 13680 feet - 32°18'45.80"N, 76°22'19.24"E 

Reachable from Mcleodganj just after 8-9 hours of trekking, First we reach Triund after trekking appx 6 kms,followed by Snow Line Cafe, lake Gote and Lahesh Cave, we spend night in the Lahesh Cave, in the morning we cross Indrahar Pass and  after 6-7 kms, we reach Nag Dal situated at a height of 3800 meters.   

 Nag Dal Lake 

Bhagsu Nag is just 2km from McLeodganj, you can either walk up to here or reach by bus/autorikshaw. There is a beautiful waterfall a few meters away from Shiva Temple. Because of climate change the density of waterfall has considerably shrunk and now there is lesser water. Even during monsoon, the waterfall rarely reaches its actual height of about 30feet.

Lam Dal Lake (13094 feet - 32°20'2.38"N, 76°20'10.55"E)

At a distance of approx 7 kms from Nag Dal is the Lam Dal Lake.  It is at an elevation of 3900 metres and approachable from Minkiani Pass (4250 metres}, Indrahar Pass and Gaj Pass. This lake is the largest and the deepest in the area with a circumference of about 2.5 Km.

Kalikund.  - (12820 feet - 32°20'39.43"N-76°19'14.42"E)

Also called Kali Dal, this is a well shaped lake.  It is located about 150 metres below Lam Dal. It is worshipped by devotees on account of its religious background.

Chanderkup Lake. (13803 feet - 32°19'55.49"N,76°20'39.88"E) 

Chanderkup Lake (Moon lake) is situated at an altitude of 4100 metres (11306 ft). It  is a beautiful lake with ice blocks floating in it.  It is also called ‘Ice-berg Lake” by trekkers as ice-blocks can be found floating in this lake if you trek during April.

Nag-Chhatri Dal lake

This lake (King Cobra Lake} is located near the lndrahara pass, is related to the Bhagsu Nag waters and is situated on the other side of the Dhauladhar at an elevation of 4200 metres. The devotees take a dip in this lake during the Manimahesh yatra towards the end of August and early September.

Kareri Lake (9685 feet, 32°19'32.99"N-76°16'24.57"E)

Kareri Lake is a high altitude, shallow fresh water lake situated approximately 9 km from Dharamsala, District Kangra in Himachal. Kareri Lake is named after the nearby Gaddi village of Kareri, situated 9 km south east of the lake.  Its surface is 2934 metres above the sea level.  The lake is fed by the snow melting from the Dhauladhar mountains which serves as the source of the lake and a stream Nyund is the outflow.  Due to the fresh shallow water, the bed of the lake is easily visible.  Kareri lake is best known for being a trekking destination in the Dhauladhars.

                                              Kareri Lake - High Altitude Dhauladhar Lake Trekking ( Prime Destination)

While the water flows from the Dhauladhar towards the Kangra valley flows into the Beas, towards Chamba it forms the drainage to the Ravi.
These lakes ae locate at remotest places with absolute zero pollution and spectacular sites. Pilgrimages to these lakes are undertaken by local people to fulfill their desired wishes. A holy deep into these lakes is held auspicious. Pilgrimage or Trekking to these lakes is generally undertaken in the month of August and September.

Covering 6 Lakes (Kareri Lake, Naghar Lake, Kalikund, Lam Dal Lake, Chanderkup dal Lake,Nag dal Lake)

  • Mcleodganj Himachal Pradesh to Ghera to Kareri Village

  • Kareri Village trek to  Kareri lake ( 3300 meters)

  • Kareri lake to Minkiani Passto Naghar lake

  • Naghar lake to Kalikund to Lam dal (3800 meters)

  • Lam dal to Chanderkup dal to Nag dal (4350 meters)

  • Nag dal to Indrahar pass to Lahesh cave

  • Lahesh cave to Triund to McLeodganj

Himalayan High Altitude Lakes Trek Option-1 (Recommended)

Alternate trek Option for 4 lakes (Nag Dal Lake, Suraj Kund Lake, Chanderkup Lake, Lam Dal Lake)

  • Triund

  • Lahesh Cave

  • Indrahara pass 

  • Nag dal lake

  • Bhimghasutri pass

  • Suraj kund lake

  • Chanderkup lake

  • Lam dal Lak

  • Gaj pass

  • Bagga

  • Ghera, Ddharamsala

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