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Dubai Long Term Visit Visa Packages - Package Overview

Dubai Long Term Visit Visa Packages - with Flight Hotels

Dubai Long Term Stay and Visa Package - 90 Days

  • Visa Fee : AED 1,660  

  • Security Deposit : AED 1,000 (Refundable)

  • Ticket Advance : AED 400/-

Dubai Long Term Visa Package with 3 Month Hotel or Furnished Apartment  - 90 Days

  • Vist Visa : AED 1660/-

  • 3 Month Hotel Stay Package : AED 13000/-

  • Insurance : AED 500

Three Months Dubai Package with Hotel & Visa

Special Dubai package for Below Tasks or just Leisure

  • Look for a better opportunity/Job while in Dubai.

  • Best for Family Elders to visit and support working families in Dubai

  • Spend 3 months as a long term guest in Dubai

  • Do Complete site seeing including all parts of UAE ( Dubai Fujairah Ras-al-khaimah, Alain, Abu Dhabi)

  • Explore options to start investments and Businesss in UAE

  • Best Suited Package for Job seekers, Investors, Business Men.

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Dubai Long Term Stay and Visa Package - 30 Days

  • Visa Fee : AED 450  

  • Security Deposit : AED 1,000 (Refundable)

  • Ticket Advance : AED 400/-

Dubai Long Term Visa 30 days Package with one Month Hotel or Furnished Apartment  - 30 Days

  • Vist Visa : AED 450/-

  • 1 Month Hotel Stay Package : AED 4500/-

  • Insurance : AED 500

One Months Dubai Package with Hotel & Visa

Special Dubai package  for Below Tasks or just Leisure

  • Look for a better opportunity/Job while in Dubai.

  • Spend 1 months as a long term guest in Dubai

  • Best for Family Elders to visit and support working families in Dubai

  • Do Complete site seeing including all parts of UAE ( Dubai Fujairah Ras-al-khaimah, Alain, Abu Dhabi)

  • Explore options to start investments and Businesss in UAE

  • Best Suited Package for Job seekers, Investors, Business Men.

14 Days Dubai Tourist Visa

  • Visa Fee : AED 460

  • Security Deposit : AED 1,000 (Refundable)

  • Ticket Advance : AED 400

96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

  • Visa Fee : AED 250 per person


Required Documents for Dubai Visa

  • Clear passport copy of guarantor employed in UAE with visa page (2sets),    with a minimum 3 months validity of passport and visa.

  • Clear passport copy of the visitor (2 sets), with a minimum validity of 6 months.

  • 3 passport size clear color photo of visitor with white background.

Required Documents for 96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

  • Clear copy of passport, front and back page.

  • Clear color photo.

  • Ticket copy only for transit passengers travelling via

  • Sharjah in Air Arabia.

  • Flight detail (GCC to GCC is not allowed) the return ticket must not be same as the origin. (Origin and destination should be 2 different countries)

  • Processing time will be 3 to 4 days, and the validity of the visa is

  •    14 days after visa issuance.

Dubai ( UAE) Tourist and Visit Visa Guidelines

  • Getting visit visa for Dubai and other emirates in the UAE including Abu Dhabi, RAK, Sharjah.

  • Sponcering family or Non family member for a visit visa to the UAE.

  • what are difference between tourist and visit visa.

  • Dubai visit-Touist visa on arrival

Where to Stay - Long Term Visa and Stay in Dubai

For long Term tourists and Business men, as well as job seekers,  Budget serviced apartments in Dubai are becoming an increasingly popular. These are self-contained apartment units that provide most home like amenities like kitchen, television, internet and washer-dryer.These fully furnished residential apartments are perfect for short term and long-term stays and best suited for job seekers and business set up seekers. These also include services such as laundry and dry-cleaning facilities, broadband and high-speed internet.

These Serviced apartments provide a home-away-from-home type of feel at affordable rates. You end up paying less than hotel room.

Great Food/Cheaper Food while staying long term in Dubai

These service partments provide great flexibility when it comes to food. These are equipped with fridge, microwave and cooking range, you can opt to cook meals at home if you feel like it, order take-out or go out for dinner. This is an excellent option for saving money for the traveller on a longer trip or families with kids who want to give home food to their kids.

Which area to stay - Job Seekers in Dubai

Bur Dubai or Karama

The Very Centre of Dubai and lots of service apartments of all types and lots of food joints as well as indian markets. The advantage of staying here is that it is well connected by Metro. If you are on a job seeking trip to Dubai, Staying at this palce will help you a lot as many placement consultants are also located in Bur Dubai and Karama areas


The heart of Dubai, Deira is a popular location for long term stay and long term tourists due to affordable accommodation and food options available in its mid-range restaurants and residential complexes. Also many placement consulatants are located in Deira

Dubai Visit Visa only from Rs 5,999/- for 2 Weeks

Dubai Visit Visa - News Flash - 2015 Updates ( Extra 12$ Surcharge)

Further to the previously advised information pertaining to rate changes for UAE Tourist Visas, please note the following for the latest update:
The UAE - Immigration Department has announced a revision in the Tourist visa charges with effect from 01st Jan 2015. Accordingly, additional USD 12 per visa will be applicable to all the new Tourist visa application requests for the following scenarios;

1. All new bookings with new visa requests received post 31st Dec’14 1800hrs onwards, irrespective of arrival date.
2. All new visa applications with complete documentation  received after 31st Dec 1800 onwards, for existing bookings.

The new visa charges (Current visa cost + supplement of USD 12) will apply for these bookings

All other UAE Entry Visa Terms & Conditions remain unchanged. Please feel free to write or call for any further clarifications required.

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Now Bring your family & friends through at affordable prices. Tourist visa for one month further extendable for one more month and visit visa for 3 months are available.


  • Tourist Visa Valid for 30 Days 

  • Visa Fee : AED 245 +  Medical Insurance

  • Security Deposit : AED 1,000 ( Refundable )

  • Ticket Advance : AED 400

Medical visit visa or medical tourism visa - overseas patients can get a 90 day (or 3 month?) medical tourist visa, extendable twice up to 270 days (or 9 months?). Only for Dubai though. A new initiative by the Dubai Health Authority and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). Applies only to patients attending hospitals with international accreditation (or applying for accreditation) for example Joint Commission International (JCI) (news reports November 2012).

Dubai Property owner Visit visa -

Dubai Property owners ( above One million Aed property) are eligible for multi-entry, Renewable 180 days or 6 Months Visa ( It might be revised for one year)

About Dubai Tourist visa -

it is normally given for 2 weeks but valid for 30 days, renewable once, available to most nationalities, sponsored by an airline , travel agent in the UAE, or hotel in the UAE.

About Dubai Transit visa -

It is not really a visit visa but might be an easier option for short stays of less than 4 days.

About Dubai Visit visa on arrival -

Dubai Visit Visa on arrival is valid for 30 days, "renewable" (new visa issued each time) indefinitely, available to some nationalities only, obtain at passport control on arrival at any UAE border entry point (airport, land, or sea), new visa can be issued immediately after exit (30 day waiting period outside UAE not required).

About UAE Normal visit visa -

30 days or 90 days, not renewable (usually), sponsored by company, relative, or friend (sometimes).

About UAE visit visa sponsorship

For visitors not from one of the countries like India can obtain a visit visa on arrival, they need to find a UAE based sponsor to apply for a visit visa for them.

Friend sponsorship for UAE visa - Minimum salary is  10,000 dhs for apply under this catagory

Relative sponsorship for visa - Very Easy for first degree relatives (mother, father, son, daughter, husband or wife, brother or sister), more difficult for second degree relatives - will probably require special permission from the immigration department.

Documents and requirements for Sponcering Dubai visit visa

  •     Resident's passport with valid UAE residence visa.

  •     Resident's labour contract or salary certificate as proof of minimum salary.

  •     Proof of relationship of family member, documents will probably need to be attested.

  •     Proof of medical / health / accident insurance for the visitor.

  •     Copy of visitor's passport (should be valid for at least 6 months after expected date of entry to the UAE).

  •     Visa application form - obtain at the typing center at the immigration department (DNRD in Dubai, or other UAE immigration office).

  •     Relevant visa fees.

  •     Refundable deposit (might be AED 1000 or AED 2000 - different information seen).

  •     Minimum salary requirement as follows (treat figures as approximate):

Minimum Salary for sponcering Dubai Visit Visa

  • first-degree Relatives- Minimum Salary AED 4,000-5,000

  • second-degree relative  - Minimum Salary AED 6,000-7,000

  • friend - AED 10,000

Finding a Job while on a visit visa in Dubai UAE

It is acceptable to find a job in Dubai or UAE while on a visit visa, and many expats do exactly that. It is also a good idea to visit the UAE if you have been offered a job, before accepting the job. But Please don't actually start working while still on a visit visa. The penalties if caught are harsh, and can involve a combination of fine, jail sentence, deportation, and immigration black list for the UAE preventing future entry.

Now come to dubai - UAE for tourism, Look for a job or invite your friends and families, Contact us for the visa assistance. With minimal documentation. We provide visa services as easy as Possible

Special Features for our Visa services

  •     No Deposits for families

  •     No need to present salary certificate or rental agreements

  •     Easy Documentation

  •     No cash deposit required

  •     Emergency visa services also available

Requirements for obtaining a visit visa for Dubai vary depending on your nationality. Indians need visit visa/Tourist Visa to enter UAE, citizens of listed countries below can get a visa on arrival at Dubai International Airport. Dubai visit visas are valid for either 30 days (extendable for further 30 days) or 60 days (not extendable), however first degree family member visas are valid for 90 days. Dubai Tourist visas are issued for 14 days.

The Nationalities that can get Dubai visas on arrival are listed below:



    Holland (Netherlands)
    Hong Kong


    New Zealand
    San Marino


    South Korea
    United Kingdom
    United States
    Vatican City

Dubai Visit Visa services from Holiday Travel

  • 30 Days Dubai Visit Visa - Rs. 6,000/-

​OTB Charges extra @ Rs. 600/-

Documents Required for Dubai Visa

  • Scanned copies for first & last page of Passport.

  • Passport size photograph scan copy.

  • Return air tickets to Dubai.

​* Service Tax Extra