Basic Computers & MS Office & Internet Course

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Basic Computers & MS Office & Internet Course - Package Overview

NAC Presents Computer Training in Himachal ( Una)

HURRY!!!Limited Seats


Course Offered - Basic Computers and MS Office and Internet Training in Una HImachal

  • Computer overview (Hardware+ Software)
  • MS Office ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Internet Technologies (IE, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google, IP Address, DNS) Web Technologies etc..)

Total Duration = 18 DAYS ( 1 hour every day)

COST @ Rs 1000/-only

*Transport (Pick-Drop) Available within Una City @ Rs 300/-Only.

*Outside Una city - Transport available at extra charges

*Professional Teacher

Contact – NewAge Corp, Arvind Marg , Una, Himachal

office – 01975-223185, Mobile – 9418093019, 8894577555

Email –

Website –


Introduction - 2 Days :- CHAPTER-1


 1.1 what is computer, its hardware components & various parts

 1.2 The Need of Operating System

 1.3 Function of Operating System

 1.4 CPU, RAM, Hard-Disk, IO port, USB, Serial/Parallel Ports

 1.4 User Interfaces ( Key board)


 1.5 MS – DOS commands

 1.10 Directory Structure of MS –DOS

 1.11 Concept of Path

 1.12 Wild Cards

 1.13 Some Dos Internal Commands

 1.13.1 File Commands

 1.13.2 Directory Commands

 1.13.3 Miscellaneous Commands

 1.13.4 External Commands;

2 days - CHAPTER-2

Graphics User Interface  (GUI)


 2.1 Introduction

 2.2 Introduction to windows operating system

 2.2.1 The desktop

 2.2.2 The window.

 2.2.2 A The application window

 2.2.2 B The document window

 2.2.2 C The Dialog Window

 2.2.3 The Icons

 2.3 Explore Your Computer

 2.3.1 The Start Button and Taskbar.

 2.3.2 My Computer

 2.3.3 Windows Explorer

 2.4 Starting and Closing Programs

 2.5 Managing File and Folders

 2.5.1 Creating Folders

 2.5.2 Finding Files and Folders

 2.5.3 Opening Files and Folders

 2.5.4 Renaming Files and Folders

 2.5.5 To Move or Copy a File or Folder

 2.5.6 To copy a File to Floppy Disk

 2.5.7 To Delete a File or Folder

 2.6 Creating Shortcuts

 2.7 Using Clipboard

 2.8 Shutting Down the Computer


2.9 Using System tools

2.9.1 control panel add remove program user creation network tools

2.9.2 hard disk defragmentation

2.9.3 disk cleanup

2.9.4 system back up & restore

2.9.5 Paint brush

Day-5 –  Practice Class for Chapter 1 & 2

3. The Internet - 3 Days - Chapter -3

Day -6

3.1 Introduction -

 3.2 Computers and Communications- Some Concepts

 3.3 Networking

 3.3.1 Need for Networking

 3.4 Components of Network

 3.5 Modem

 3.6 Types of Network

 3.6.1 Local Area Network (LAN)

 3.6.2 Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

 3.6.3 Wide Area Network (WAN)

 3.7 Introduction of Internet

 3.7.1 World Wide Web (www)

 3.7.2 Uses of Internet

Day -7

 3.7.3 Network Addressing & IP Address

 3.8 Types of IP Addresses ( Class A, B, C)

 3.9 Electronic Mail

 3.9.1 E-Mail Address

 3.9.2 Advantages of E-Mail

 3.9.3 Email account creation ( Gmail)

 3.9.4 Composing & sending email ( Gmail)

 3.9.5 Gmail Chatting

Day -8

 3.10 Search Engines ( Google, Yahoo, Bing)

 3.10.1 Finding Information Using Search Engines

 3.10.2 How Search Engine Works

 3.10.3 Some Searching tips

 3.10.4 what is facebook

 3.10.5 Creating facebook account

 3.10.6 What is twitter

 3.10.7 Creating twitter account

 3.10.8 what is website

 3.10.9 how website works

 3.10.10 what is domain name

 3.10.11 How domain is booked

 3.10.12 how website is created.

 3.10.13 How website is hosted

Day-9 - practice Class for Chapter-3

4. MS WORD - 3 Days - CHAPTER 4

Day -10

4.1 Introduction

 4.2 What is MS word?

 4.3 Getting Started With MS Word.

 4.4 Opening a word file, creating a word document

 4.5 saving a word document

 4.6 writing document

 4.7 common word commands like ( format, font, bold, italic, Print)

 4.8 Inserting Tables

Day - 11

 4.9 - Inserting Clip art

 4.10 - Inserting shapes

 4.11 - Inserting charts

 4.12 - Editing Document

 4.13 Finding and Replace

 4.14 Formatting the Document

 4.15 Printing and Getting Help

 4.10 Spell Check

 4.11 Inserting Graphics in the Word

 4.12 Some Advanced Tool of Word

Day - 12 - practice Class on Chapter – 4

5. MS EXCEL - 3 Days - CHAPTER 5

Day -13

5.1 Introduction

 5.2 MS Excel Basics

 5.3 Editing Cell Contents

 5.4 Command For Worksheet / Workbook

 5.5 Some Useful Functions

 5.6 Formatting Data

 5.7 Charts in MS Excel

Day - 14

5.8 Insert/Delete/Name/Move Worksheets

5.9 Cells, Moving Around Workbooks, Exiting

5.10 Basic Copy/Cut & Paste

5.11 Pasting Using Paste Special

5.12 Inserting Rows, Columns and Cells

5.13 Using the Undo and Redo Feature

5.14 Using the Format Painter to Copy a Cells Format

5.15 The Basics of Excel Formulas ( Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, division)

5.16 Excel Auto Calculate. Calculate Without Formulas

5.17 Inserting Charts

Day 15 - practice Class on Chapter - 5

MS Power Point - 3 Days - CHAPTER 6

Day - 16

Getting Started with PowerPoint A.Explore the User Interface

Navigate and View a Presentation

Use Microsoft Point

Save a Presentation

Create a Presentation

Add Slides to a Presentation

Arrange Slides

Work with Themes

Adding Graphical Objects to a Presentation

Insert Clip Art and Pictures

Day - 17

Draw Shapes

Insert WordArt

Adding Tables to a Presentation.

Format Tables

Insert a Table from Microsoft Word

Inserting Charts in a Presentation

Edit Chart Data

Modify a Chart

Paste a Chart from Microsoft Excel

Day 18 - practice Class on Chapter - 6

Course Closure

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