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Hotel Harmony - Junagadh Holiday Honeymoon Package

Hotel Harmony - Junagadh Holiday Honeymoon Package
S.T. Road | prisam Complex, Junagadh 3620012, India

  • Rs.1400/-(Room +Breakfast)
  • Rs.1200/-(Room+Breakfast)
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Hotel Harmony - Junagadh Holiday Honeymoon Package

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Hotel Harmony offers you the most spacious rooms & suites among hotels in Junagadh. All rooms and suites are furnished with standards of luxury with complete amenities. Rooms are designed not only for their comfort and style, but also for maximum convenience. Which provides you Good Night's Sleep using premier quality beds, pillows, and bedding material.


How to Reach
By Air

There is an airport in Keshod (37Kms. from Junagadh) and the major domestic airlines run flights between Keshod and Mumbai.

By Rail

Regular trains connect Junagadh to other important cities in Gujarat and India. There are trains for Jabalpur, Pune and Trivenndrum from Junagadh. There is also a meter-gauge service to Delvada and broad-gauge to Veraval and Rajkot.

By Road

The State Transport Corporation runs regular buses to and from Junagadh to other cities of Gujarat. There are a number of private bus services connecting to other cities of Gujarat as well. 


This is the latest temple added in the temple series of Junagadh and one of the marvelous temples built by His Holiness Shri Pramukh Swami Maharaj of B.A.P.S. (Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha).

The temple is spread in a large enclave of garden called Akshar Wadi, situated near Motibaug botanical garden, on the road to Somnath,. The main temple is a replica of the temples of BAPS built in New York, London and New Delhi.

Open: 5 am to 8 pm
Closed: No Holiday
Fees: Free of Charge


This is the main place where the two festivals are celebrated every year. In the month of October-November during the period of five days concluding on the full-moon day of Kartik Month "Parikrama" is held after hoisting of Dhaja on this temple. The parikrama or circular travel goes on for five days, covering a distance of about 40 Kms around the Girnar Mountain. It has got very much importance and is compared to the Lili Parikrama of Govardhan mountain in Vraj. It is believed to be pious because Lord Dattatrey is believed to be staying on Mount Girnar for these five days and his devotees move around the Mount to pay their homage to Lord Dattatrey. For the nature lovers, it is an excursion which brings one in direct contact with nature and nature's hidden treasure. There are some drawbacks from the view point of an environmentalist. The visitors bring plastic bags, bottles and litter them on the way to Parikrama. In order to remove this bad impact, social organizations organize a cleaning Parikrama aft     er the main Parikrama is over. For nature lovers and social servants, Mr. Mahendra Mashru, the honourable M.L.A. of Junagadh conducts a one day Parikrama on the first Sunday of Kartik Month.

In the month of February-March, on the No-Moon-Day of Magha month, the "Maha Shivratri" is celebrated at this temple. There is a fair for 5 days. Many good musicians of religious music gather and people from all walks of life enjoy their music. There are many Ravti's (just like Langar) providing food to the devotees. The main attraction of the fair is the procession of the Naga Bawa's which is held at midnight of Maha Shivratri. More than hundred naked Sadhu's and Sadhvi's join this procession. Many Sadhu's show the strength of their muscles and Sexual Organ's power (e.g. by pulling a van tied to the penis etc.) The procession ends with the holy bath by the Sadhu's in the Mrigi Kund in the compound of Bhavnath Temple and Maha Pooja of the Mahadev at the midnight of Maha Shivratri. The temple was quite old but it has been renovated in 2000 and reopened on 4/3/2000 i.e. on the day of Shivratri.

Closed: No Holiday
Fees: Free of charge

This Kund (Water pond) is on the way to Foot of Mount Girnar. It is considered to be a sacred bathing place. Close to Damodara Kund is Revati Kund. It is said that Revata left Dwarka and moved near Girnar Hill after his daughter, Revati, married Lord Balarama. Near Aswatthama Hill, which is north of Damodara Kund, is the Damodarji Temple, said to have been built by Vajranabha, Lord Krishna's great-grandson.


Near the dam, the steps go up to 2,779 feet (847 m) high to the famous shrine of Jamiyalshah Datar, where both Hindu and Muslim devotees share their faith.

Closed: No Holiday
Fees: Free of charge

The Durbar Hall and Museum has an interesting collection of weapons, thrones, silver articles, costumes, paintings, tapestries, and palanquins on display. It is situated in the old Palace of Nawab (Rang Mahel) near Diwan Chowk.

Open: 9 am to 12:15 pm and 2:45 to 6 pm.
Closed: Wednesday
Fees: For Indian Rs 2/= And For Foreigner : Rs. 50/


An inscription with fourteen Edicts of Emperor Ashoka is found on a large boulder on the way to mount Girnar. The inscriptions carry Brahmi script in Pali language and date back to 250 BC. On the same rock are inscriptions in Sanskrit added around 150 AD by Mahakshatrap Rudradaman I, the Saka (Scythian) ruler of Malwa, a member of the Western Kshatrapas dynasty. Another inscription dates from about 450 AD and refers to Skandagupta, the last Gupta emperor. The edicts impart moral instructions on religion (Dharma), harmony, tolerance, and peace. An uneven rock, with a circumference of seven meters and a height of ten meters, bears inscriptions in Brahmi script etched with an iron pen. It is protected in a small modern building, on the way to Girnar Hill. The edict also narrates the story of Sudarshan Lake which was built / renovated by Rudradaman I, and the heavy rain and storm due to which it had broken.

Open: 9 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm.
Closed: No Holiday
Fees: For Indian Rs. 5/- And For Foreigner : Rs. 100/-


Situated on the first plateau of Mount Girnar at the height of about 3000 steps, these temples of Jainism have marvelous carvings in marble, which can be compared to those of Delwada near Mount Abu. Junagadh city also has a small Jain Derasar in Jagmal Chowk near Uparkot Fort.

Closed: No Holiday
Fees: Free of charge


This impressive mausoleum (Maqbara) has splendid arches, many domes, and towering minarets. The architecture is detailed and opulently done. It has finely carved silver doors. There is a mosque next to it. It is located on Mahatma Gandhi Road, near the railway station and opposite the court. The Maqbara embodies the tomb of Nawab Mahabatkhanji - I. It is visited without fail by the foreigners. Façade Lighting is arranged to make it attractive at night.

Closed: No Holiday

This garden is situated in the campus of Junagadh Agriculture University and is a botanical garden. It has total land area of 754.62 ha and 2485 ha including 17 sub centers and 1500 manpower with annual budget around 28.5 crores. There is a nice Pari Talav also.

Open: 5 am to 7 pm
Closed: No Holiday
Fees: Free of charge



An impressive fort, Uperkot, located on a plateau in the middle of town, was originally built during the Mauryan dynasty by Chandragupta in 319 BC. The fort remained in use till the 6th century, and then it was covered over for 300 years. Then it was rediscovered in 976 AD. The fort was inundated 16 times over an 800-year period. One unsuccessful siege lasted twelve years. The fort had all the resources like water tanks and food grain storage to last for twelve years. Besides there are well known places like Adikadi Vav (A stepped well) and Navghan Kuva (A well with steps surrounding it which could hide a large army) which are believed to have been built during the rule of the Solanki of the Chalukya Dynasty in 11th and 12th Century. Dhakka Bari (The window to punish the offenders by throwing them off in the valley) is now closed for public access and can be seen only from the outside of fort. There is a palace of Ranakdevi which is presently in a devastated state and converted into Jama Masjid. Near t     he palace, two canons named Nilam and Manek, brought from Diu after conquering it in 1962, have been arranged pointing to the picturesque view of the city. The first canon Nilam is fifteen feet long and made in Egypt in 1531. It was abandoned by a Turkish admiral opposing the Portuguese forces at Diu in the Sixteenth Century. There are also Rock Caves believed to be Buddhist Caves having stone carvings and floral work carved as early as 500BC. There are also the Khapra Kodia Caves north of the fort, and the Babupyana Caves south of the fort. The fort is worth visiting for the seekers of historical places and forts.



The dam is built on the river Kalwa at the foot of the hill from where it originates. It was built as a reservoir for drinking water for the people of Junagadh. It was named after Lord Willingdon, the then Governor of India. Near the dam, the steps go up to 2,779 feet (847 m) high to the famous shrine of Jamiyalshah Datar, where both Hindu and Muslim devotees share their faith.

Closed: No Holiday
Fees: Free of charge


Total Area 1412 square kms 
Core Area : 259 square kms
Distance from our hotel: 1 hour
Established : 1965 
National Park status : 1975 
Nearest railway station : Sasan – 1 km, Junagadh – 65 kms

Sasangir is located in the Junagadh District of Gujarat, near the Kathiawar Peninsula. Part of the erstwhile estate of Junagadh in Gujarat, this forest was brought under protection by the Nawab, whose initial efforts kick-started the government’s campaign to protect the last remaining Asiatic lions. The Gir National Park is the only place outside Africa where you can see wild lions. The MALDHARIS, a tribe, and their cattle live inside the forest and pose a serious problem as they are often in conflict with the lions which find easy prey in the form of the cattle.
The forest has many attractive geographical features that include hilly tracts interrupted by rivers and lakes. Vegetation is sparse, covering only about 10 percent of the total area. The temples of Kankai mata, and Tulsishyam are ancient structures. Tulsishyam is also known for its hot springs. 


First jyotirling of Lord Shiva
Beautiful Somnath Beach
1.30 Hours From our hotel 


  • We are felling Pleasure to offers below of services to our Guest.
  • 23 AC / NON AC Rooms.
  • Pure vegetarian A.C Restaurant 
  • 24 hours In House Pure Veg. Pantry service.
  • Driver Accommodation available at free of cost.
  • Internet chamber facility is available
  • Mini Freeze and split A.C available in each room.
  • LCD TV set with Cable Connection in each room.
  • Shower panel in all suit and Deluxe Room.
  • Secured Large Parking Space with Securities.
  • Lift Available for reach to hotel floor.
  • Special rooms available for differently able Individuals.
  • Car Pick-up and drop down facility available on request.
  • Sightseeing arrangement on Request or with package.
  • 24 hours running Hot & Cold Water available in each Room.
  • 24 hours R.O. filtered water in rooms.
  • In house Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service.
  • Car & bus Rental available on Request at Reception Desk
  • Bus, Railway and Air booking available at Reception Desk.
  • Complementary verity of Toiletries in each room.
  • Medical facility available on request. 




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* All Gove. Taxes Levied as applicable

* Check in time 12 Noon 
* Check out time  11 AM


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