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Top 13 Char Dham yatra tour packages | Gomukh & Saptrishi kund tour packages | Devotional Yamunotri Yatra tour packages | Religious Badrinath yatra tour packages | Char Dham yatra with sightseeing tour packages | Devotional holidays with Char Dham yatra 



About Chardham Yatra tour Package:


The pilgrimage of the four most revered Hindu destinations of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath is known as the Chardham Yatra. For centuries, saints and pilgrims, in their search for the divine, have walked these mystical vales known in ancient Hindu scriptures as 'Kedarkhand'.Chardham it’s also known as Chota Chardham . It’s an important Hindu pilgrimage circuit in the north india. Located in the Garhwal region of the state of Uttarakhand, the circuit consists of four sites Yamunotri , Gangotri , Kedarnath and Badrinath . Chardham yatra Package helps you to book your Chardham tour package as well as different package as as we already mentioned in our web site.


Char Dham Tour Holiday Package from Haridwar 

Duration:9 Nights-10 Days

Char Dham Tour Holiday Package from Delhi 

Duration:11 Nights-12 Days


Char Dham Tour Holiday Package from Chennai

Duration: 12 Nights-13 Days

Char Dham Tour Holiday Package from Mumbai 

Duration:12 Nights-13 Days


Gangotri Yamunotri Tour Package Form Delhi

Duration:6 Nights-7Days


Kedarnath Tour Package Form Delhi

Duration:5 Nights-6 Days

Chardham Yatra  Information

Shri Badribath Dham
Badrinath is considered the holiest of the four important shrines. The town is at an altitude of 3,133 m. above sea level, situated on the left bank of river Alaknanda and exactly between the two mountains Nara and Narayan. The shrine is dedicated to Vishnu, the preserver and falls in the religious itinerary of every devout Hindu.

Gangotri Dham
Gangotri, the source of the river Ganges and seat of the goddess Ganga. The river is called Bhagirathi at the source and acquires the name Ganga from Devprayag onwards where it meets the Alaknanda. The origin of the holy river is at Gaumukh, which is an 18 km trek from Gangotri.
Submerged in the holy river here is the self-manifested Shivalinga.Shri Kedarnath Dham
Kedarnath hosts one of the holiest hindu temples and is a ever most popular destination for hindu pilgrims and tourists from all over the world in a scenic spot at the origin of the river Mandakani, the shrine of Kedarnath is most venerated amongst the hindu pilgrimes.

Yamunotri Dham 
Yamunotri, the source of the Yamuna River and the seat of the goddess Yamuna, is one of the four sites in India's Char Dham pilgrimage. The temple of Yamunotri falls on the left bank and was originally constructed by Maharaj Pratap Shah of Tehri Garhwal. 
Inside the temple, there is a statue of Goddess Yamuna imprinted in black stone that is mainly worshipped.


How to reach Chardham


By Road: All these destinations can be reached quite easily by road, and there are several buses operated by the respective state transport authorities for the convenience of travellers. Tourists can also opt to take taxis to these religious sites.

By Rail: Apart from Badrinath, there are trains to all the other three destinations from various cities in India. Some of the connected cities are Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore.

By Air: All of the four holy destinations do not have airports of their own; however, there are prominent airports nearby. Delhi and Dehradun being the closest to Badrinath and the one in Bhubaneswar is closest to Puri. Jamnagar is the nearest to Dwarka and Madurai is the closest to Rameshwaram. 

Shopping in Chardham


Each of the four destinations has wonderful shopping areas and the local markets are filled with things that are typical of the particular region. So, while tourists can pick beautifully embroidered clothes in Dwarka, they find pure silk in Rameshwaram. Shops in Badrinath sell sacred rocks of Lord Vishnu and in Puri, tourists will find stone statues of Lord Krishna. 

Weather in Chardham


Each destination has a slightly different climate - while Badrinath can get quite cold towards the end of the summer, Rameshwaram and Puri tend to be humid, owing to the proximity to the sea. Dwarka also witnesses a little bit of humidity and the weather is slightly on the hotter side here.


Important Tips for Chardham Yatra


Char Dham Yatra Travel Tips.

1. Alcohol or non vegetarian food is not permitted during Char Dham Yatra Tour.

2. While visiting mythological sites, shrines and temples, one should remove shoes and cover head with a piece of cloth before entering the premises. 

3. The Char Dhams of North India are accessible only for six months (May to October/ November) a year. The Hilly region becomes inaccessible during the other half of the part of the year due to snowfall. 

4. Tourists planning their trip to Char Dham in October-November, need to bring heavy woolens to protect from freezing cold. 

5. Though self-managed tours happen to be economical, it is advisable for your Char Dham tour to go for a guided tour arranged by an expert tour operator.

6. It is belived as per Hindu traditions, a Char Dham Tour should be undertaken from west to east : Yumnotri - Gangotri - Kedarnath - Badrinath.

7. One should carry woolens , small carry bag, Stick ( Available in Haridwar Market), Extra socks, sports shoes, Lemon drops, water bottle, cap etc.


Importance Of Chardham Yatra

Chardham Yatra have a great importance and significance especially among the people of Hindu religion. Pilgrims believe that Chardham yatra washes away all sins and opens doors for “Moksha”. Every human being should consider visiting these four Holy places at least once in their lifetime.

Millions of devotees visit this auspicious holy yatra and pay homage to the temples every year. It is commonly believed that undertaking a journey to these Pilgrim locations remove all sins as a human being whatever you have done in your past life. If anyone need calm, peace, soul, body to attain salvation and nature beauty so you must plan for Char Dham Yatra. The yatra offers you sense of belonginingness, heart Purity and act of self actualization in life.

Chardham Yatra is associated with four Pilgrimage sites including Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. All these holy destination are situated in "Land of God" commonly known as Uttarakhand. This CharDham Yatra or Chota Char Dham is famous because it is easily covered in a stretch of 10-11 days. Chardham yatra has captured an important place and so even today thousands and thousands of people from all over the world visit this sacred site every year during the pilgrimage season.


Opening And Closing Of Char Dham Yatra

The Spiritual Chardham yatra begins from April-May and continues till Oct-Nov each year. April to June is the best time for Char Dham Yatra, as you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the environment with most comfortable weather and climate.

Note: Char Dhan Shrines are open for 6 months only. During winters the temples are closed and inaccessible due to heavy snowfall.

Traditionally Chardham Yatra start from west to east in Clockwise Direction, this means the yatra starts from Yamunotri, proceeding to Gangotri, Kedarnath and then terminates at Badrinath. All these four holy places Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri have their own Significance, Legends, Mythology and history. Devotees believe a person should experience chardham Yatra atleast once in their life.


When is Yamunotri Dham opened and closed?

The Yamunotri temple open on Akshay Tritiya and closes on Yama Dwitiya (the second day after Diwali)

When is Gangotri Dham opened and closed?

The Shrine of Gangotri on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya. The temple closes on the day of Diwali.

When is Kedarnath Dham opened and closed

The opening of date of Kedarnath Temple is fixed and depends on the occaion of Maha Shiva Ratri and decided by priests in Ukhimath. The closing date of Kedarnath is fixed on Yama Dwitiya (second day after Diwali).

When is Badrinath Dham opened and closed?

The opening date of Badrinath Temple is fixed on Basant Panchami by Raj Purohit and closure date is fixed on Vijaydashmi by Mandir Committee.