Jabalpur Tourist Guide

Jabalpur Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
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The Grand Canyon of India - Jabalpur - MP - 23° 10'N; 79° 57'E


Jabalpur Main Attractions

  • World famous Water Fall and Marble Rocks at Bheraghat
    • Also Known as Grand Canyon of India
    • Also known as Niagra Falls of India

World Famous Jabalpur Waterfall known as Dhuandhar

Dhuandhar ( Niagra Falls of India) : It is a waterfall in adjoining part of Bhedaghat. It has a great force of water flow and a very photogenic spot. Here Narmada river passes through narrow passage and produces fog and sound. Dhuandhar can also be viewed from overview thorough rope-way drive. One can also do shopping of marble show-pieces in Dhaundhar local market.

Famous_Marble-rocks--bhedaghat - Jabalpur

Bhedaghat or Bheraghat : Most popular site attraction of Jabalpur city is Bhedaghat. It is 25 km away from main city and is a must visit spot for tourists visiting Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Here one can enjoy boating in Bhedaghat on Narmada river in between gleaming marble rocks. Many bollywood movies has been shooted here like Ashoka, Jis Desh Me Ganga Behti Hai etc.

Best Time to Visit Jabalpur

The best time to visit Jabalpur is during the winter months, from October to January. The temperature ranges between 4°C and 29°C during this period making it conducive to explore the city, and enjoy outdoor activities. Summer season is hot and dry, with temperature reaching almost 47°C. Avoid visiting this place during the summer season, from March to May. Jabalpur experiences maximum rainfall in the month of August so if you want to explore Jabalpur avoid visiting it during the monsoon months.

Jabalpur - Bhedaghat

Jabalpur Bhedaghat is a brief stop over enroute Kanha National Park, It is worth a stop over to see the World famous Marble Rocks, Boating in the Narmada River, Roap way trip across narmada & waterfall.

Things to do - Jabalpur Bhedaghat

1. Watching the Dhuandhar Waterfall from the elevated platform.

2. Have a roapway Trip across the waterfall and river to see & capture the magestic fall in full swing as well as marble rocks glistening in sun.

3. Take a Boat ride across Narmada river to witness the breathtaking marble rocks and listen to the juicy tales of Mallah who will tell the tale of events across the majestic narrow passage across marble rocks. Identify the various types and colors of marble rocks and witness the spots of famous movie locations shot here.

4. Proceed on the opposite side through roapway to have a quite lunch overlooking the Waterfalls and Bhedaghat.

5. Buy for soveniers at the souks near by the waterfall & marble soveniers near the boating point.Must recommended is the name engraving on the soft marble.

6. Tour to Barghee Dam to see massive water dam built across the narmada and forests around it. If time permits, tour to Mandla Motel to have fun with kids.

Trip to Dhuandhar Waterfall Jabalpur Bhedaghat

1. The Prime attraction of Jabalpur Bhedaghat is the majestic Dhuandhar Waterfall.
2. You can watch it from from mutiple points, on the right hand side, there are multiple platforms to see waterfall., You can also take a roapway to go to the other end and while on the roapway take photoshots and admire the beauty of the whole place.
3. The height of the waterfall is not much, however the width of the fall is very long and water falling over the marble rocks is the added attraction.

Roapway trip Across Waterfall Bhedaghat

A roapway is built across the Bhedaghat dhunadhar falls suspended from 3 towers and across the 500 meters span. Travel is roapway offers majestic views of the waterfall and marble rocks from the top. It is an excellent photo opportunity to shoot the massive volume of narmada river cascading down the rocks. The roapway return drive costs Rs 75 and is a recommended option. Roapway connects old Bhedaghat with hill on the new bhedaghat. You can have snacks on the Gopala restuarant and enjoy the views. Roapway closes at 6:00 PM, hence ensure to comeback before 6 PM.

Tips for Boating in Jabalpur Bhedaghat Narmada Marble Rocks 

If you visit Jabalpur, the most important activity after visiting the Bhedaghat dhunadhar waterfall is to do boating in Narmada. Following are the main points and attractions covered in Boating in Bhedaghat

Boating in Narmada Bhedaghat - Top 10 Attractions Points & Recommendations

1. It is recommended to go for one hour Boating, which costs Rs 800 + Rs 50 tip, In this one hour boating trip only you witness white marble rocks, where lots of shootings of movies has taken place. It is a really amazing place, you pass through pure white marble rocks on both sides in absolute peace and calm. On a full moon night, the place looks amazing with moonlight reflecting from the marble rocks and reflection of mable rocks in water makes the whole place look amazing.

2. While you navigate, the Mallah sings and does local poetry to tell the various events, it is fun to listen to them and worth the salt.

2. The half an hour boating costs Rs 400/- and boat takes you upto a rock on which shivling is erected. It is said that shivling was esteblished by a devotee on the rock about 1950s.

3. Half an hour journey starts with Sky blue rocks on the Left hand side, then followed by Pink marble rocks, shiva, Ganesh Natural statues.

Best Hotels to Stay in Jabalpur Bhedaghat

1. Hotel Marble Rocks - MP Tourism - It is the best hotel to stay in the area due to quality of stay, Rooms, Food and environs. It is safe as well as within the reach of the Waterfall, only 5 minutes walk to boating area, waterfall point and other attractions.

Hotels to Avoid in Jabalpur Bhedaghat

Vrindavan Resort - 

This resort is located on the opposite side of the Narmada River on the hill. The resort overlooks the Falls, have open air restaurant and kids play area, however due to below points, the resort can be avoided.

1. It takes approx 30 kms round trip to reach resort or you need to take a boat ride to reach Resort.
2. Family travelling with laguage will not be accomodated in Roapway and have to take a long journey to resort.
3. Approach to resort is not good, it passes through many small villages including Bandarkudni village.some times you do wonder that you are on right trek.
4. Resort though big, is poorly maintained in terms of rooms quality, staff and food. 
5. Resort is aloof and there is absolutly no market or happening areas nearby, even for small items you need to ride 30 kms to Bhedaghat.
6. Boating point is far away and you need to take roap way or drive long distance to see all attractions.
7. Dress of the staff is very poorly maintained, does not give an impressive picture.