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The beautiful hill station of Dalhousie, in Himachal Pradesh has a fascinating effect on ones mind and spirit as Dalhousie has natural beauty as well as rich heritage and history. We assure you best of service and value for money and your holidays at Dalhousie will be made memorable, comfortable and relaxing.

Dalhousie is a honeymooner’s paradise & a very beautiful hill station Himachal Pradesh. It is named after the British governor General of the 19th century, Lord Dalhousie. Dalhousie is a gateway to the ancient Chamba Hill State, now Chamba District of the Himachal Pradesh. Spectacular snow-covered Dhauladhar Mountains are also visible from this enchanting town. Dalhousie was popular with the British Army personnel in 1860's. The town’s varying altitude shades it with a variety of vegetation that includes stately grooves of pines, deodars, oaks and flowering rhododendron drowns. Rich in colonial architecture, the town preserves range from ancient temples to Gothic styled churches.



How to reach Dalhousie


By Air- The nearest airport Gaggal in Kangra district is 140 kms away.


By Rail- The nearest railway station is at Pathankot, 78 kms down in the plains. Pathankot can be reached from Delhi by train. From Pathankot there are buses and taxis that can transport you to Dalhousie.


By Road- A national highway links Dalhousie with Pathankot with regular state roadways and private buses plying on the route. Dalhousie is also connected by buses to Chamba, Dharamshala and Shimla. The arduous journey along steep winding mountain routes from Shimla and Dharamshala can get quite uncomfortable but is also incredibly scenic - so take your pick.




Places to visit Near Dalhousie:

There are plenty of options for sightseeing in Dalhousie. Venture on to the Mall which is divided into three sections, around the Moti Tibba, Potreyn Hill, and upper Bakrota. Winding roads interconnect the focal points of the town on Gandhi Chowk which is the central area, with most important buildings, post office, and restaurants along with a small Tibetan market selling handicrafts items. 


Subhash Chowk has many eating-places. The road goes towards the bus stand and ahead to the information office. There are some pleasant walks off the main road into the forested slopes, with bright coloured modern Buddhist rock paintings that make for good sightseeing options in the area. 


South of Gandhi Chowk is a pleasant walk to Panchpulla – literally five bridges. Next to a small mountain stream spanned by five bridges, stands a memorial to the freedom fighter Ajit Singh, uncle of Bhagat Singh. On the way to Panchpulla there are waterfalls of Satdhara, whose water is believed to have high mica content and can cure several ailments.

Just over a kilometer from Gandhi Chowk is the Subhash Baoli, another mountain spring with splendid views of the surrounding peaks. 

A short distance away is the old Chamba palace of Jandri Ghat. Set amidst tall pine forests, the palace has now been converted into a hotel. North of Gandhi Chowk, going up a steep hill path for about 5 kms is the weaver’s settlement at Bakrota, producing Tibetan carpets. From the Bakrota Round also you can get good mountain views.


Khajjiar also known as “Mini Switzerland of India” is just about 24 kms from  Dalhousie.It is the magical paradise which quickly makes you realize that there is no place like it in the whole world. Khajjiar is one of the "Most charming spots in the Himalayas," derived its name from the ancient Golden-Domed temple of Khajinag, the deity that is enshrined in the temple here which is  built in Himachali Architectural style. The beautiful lake in the centre of the large glad surrounded by deodar trees adds charm to the eyes of the viewer. There is a deodar tree with six shoots of almost same height. The locals believe that these six shoots represent five Pandavas and their common wife Dropadi. Another tree 1km behind Khajjiar is popularly known as 'Mother Tree' of the area as it has 13 shoots of comparable height. Khajjiar offers an unforgettable experience of lifetime with its magical beauty and will simply leaves you speechless. It’s best destination for honeymoon couples, summer holidays or winter sports activities.

Mr. Willy T. Blazer, Vice Counselor and Head of Chancellery of Switzerland in India visited Khajjiar in 1992, he was so fascinated by the serene beauty of Khajjiar that he put a sign board of a yellow Swiss hiking footpath showing Khajjiar’s distance from the capital of Switzerland, Bern-6194 kms.


Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary: This small sanctuary lies in the catchments of the Ravi River, and contains patches of good coniferous and Oak forests. A motorable road to Kalatop leads from the Dalhousie - Khajjiar - Chamba road at the point named Lakkar Mandi. The track from Lakkar Mandi to Kalatop plain and the walk through the dense forest is amazingly refreshing. Himalayan black & brown Bear, Leopard, Cat, barking Deer, Goral, Jackal, Langur, Marten, giant flying Squirrel can be found here. 


Chamba: Chamba town (915m) is  about  50 Kms from Dalhousie and is located  on the right bank of the river Ravi. It was  a princely State & dates back to the sixth century. It is well known for its splendid architecture and a base for numerous excursions. There are several places tro visit in Chamba such as Laxmi Narayan temple,Hari Rai temple, The famous Chowgan, Akhand Chandi Palace, Bhuri Singh Museum-Treasure house of Chamba’s rich past.




Things to do In Dalhousie:

Dalhousie offer best sightseeing options along with an array of activities – Dalhousie is a traveller’s delight. For some stunning views you can take a pleasurable walk to Panchpulla – a scenic spot with water flowing under the five small bridges. After you have admired the striking beauty of Panchpulla, you can also visit a small fresh water spring known as Satdhara – water from this stream is believed to have curing powers. 

If you are an adventure loving person then you will definitely enjoy trekking in Dalhousie. You can follow the famous charismatic trekking trail of Khajjiar-Chamba-Khajjiar. You can also trek to Kalatope Wildlife Sanctuary. 

The market in Dalhousie offers some exquisite variety of Kullu shawls and elaborately woven Tibetan carpets, jeweler, woollens, Chamba slippers among various other things. 

And when all these sightseeing and shopping tires you out, you can drop in to some of the famous restaurants like Moti Mahal or Kwality for a scrumptious meal and in case you want to savour some traditional North Indian cuisine then you can visit dhabas like Sher–e-Punjab or Amritsari Dhaba. 

Pleasant walks off the main road into the forested slopes, with bright coloured modern Buddhist rock paintings, Dalhousie with its picturesque mountains, cascading waterfalls, gorgeous landscapes makes for a memorable holiday experience.