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Events Cinque Terre In Italy

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The Lemon Feast, in Monterosso al Mare

The Lemon Feast is an annual event held on the Saturday preceding Ascension Sunday, celebrated with a contest of the biggest local lemon, a contest of shop windows decorated with the most beautiful lemons, as well as live music throughout the day.


Corpus Christi in Monterosso al Mare
Celebrated yearly on the second Sunday after Penacost. During the afternoon, the streets and alleyways of the historic center are ornately decorated with lovely designs all created by numerous colorful flower petals on which the evening procession crosses over.


Fireworks in Monterosso al Mare
A spectacle of lights set off from the beach over the sea.


Band Festival in Monterosso al Mare
A musical event in which bands from all over Italy participate.
Walnut Tournament in Monterosso al Mare
Traditional game recovered from days long gone. It is played in the streets of the historic center.
The Salted Anchovy and Olive Oil Feast in Monterosso al Mare
Celebrated each year over the second weekend of September.


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