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April Events In Himachal

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April Events in Himachal

It is a Great Time to Visit Himachal in April, Make Sure that you are present in Himachal on The 13th April - Baisakhi, which is THE One of Himachal's most important festivals. On This Day, Himachal bids a final farewell to winter. 

Celebrations and Tourist Events of Baisakhi in April in Himachal

  • Take Purifying Dip at Holy waters of Tattapani near Shimla
  • Take Purifying Dip at Holy waters of at the Rewalsar 
  • Take Purifying Dip at Holy waters of Prashar lakes near Mandi, 


Watch Numerous village fairs complete with wrestling, dancing and archery events in Baisakhi. 

Watch Baisakhi In April in Kinnaur

In Kinnaur, the festivals is known as Beesh and is also the time when the deities are taken out of their temples in Tribal Temples.

Become a part of Tribal Culture and Particiate and Celebrate Sui Mela in Sui Mata Temple - Himachal At Chamba, the Sui Mela is thronged by women and children and at the village of Taraur.

participate in Mahu Nag fair in April in Mandi. 

Celebrate the holy Markandaya fair in Bilaspur and the Rohru Jatar is held in honour of the deity, Shikru. 

Most Important, For Fishing Enthusiasts and Adventurered, April is the time when you will indulge in angling and low altitude trekking. 

participate and CelebrateThe Spring Festival in Kullu Manali from April 28 to 30.


Dharamshala - Mcleodganj

Immerse in rich culture and tradition of Tibet at a 10-day opera that is organised by Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) in the month of April. Various folk dances and performances are also organised during this period.