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What To Eat

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What to eat 

  • The food item called paniyaram is famous here

  • Everyone should try out the tasty and spicy Roadside Pani poori and chilly chicken.

  • Millagaivadai will be available during evening hours in Dharmapuri town streets

  • Dharmapuri city is famous for Mango. You can get more than 50 varieties of Mangoes in market one must Taste it.

  • Many Food items, Street food ranging from Idlis, Deep fried fish and Chicken are awesome here.


Drink: In Dharmapuri Balan Tea Shop, is famous for their Good Tea with Hot Bonda is available. Don’t miss it


There are some good places to eat in Dharampuri with TA rating:

  • Hotel Sri Rama: 5.0 - TA rating

  • DNC Lodging House: 4.5  - TA rating

  • Adhiyamaan Palace: 4.5  - TA rating

  • Hotel Anand Restaurant: 4.5  - TA rating

  • Saisangeet: 4.5  - TA rating


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