Pachmarhi tour Package from Kolkata

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Pachmarhi tour Package from Kolkata - Package Overview

Pachmarhi tour Package from Kolkata

Pachmarhi tour Package from Kolkata: Over view

 In our delightful Holiday package we will provide you a comfortable, memorable and a wonder tour with the local sightseeing of Pachmarhi which is located in center of India, Madhya Pradesh.  The wonderful Pachmarhi is a famous tourist hill station for their ancient caves, temples, lakes, gardens/parks, hills and the beauty of soulful wondering views. We design this package specially for the people of Kolkata in which we are offering Bengali foods, sea food and many more.

Pachmarhi tour Package from Kolkata: Highlights

  • Famous old temples of Gupt Mahadev , Jatashankar Caves, amba mai mandir

  •  Ancient Caves of pandav, asthachal, bharat neer cave, chieftain cave

  • Charismatic views of waterfalls of Pachmarhi

  • Wondering sunset points and attractive natural beauty of hill peaks

Pachmarhi tour Package from Kolkata - Package Rates & Dates
Title Standard Prsice High Season
Apr-01 To Jun-30
Low Season
Jul-01 To Mar-31
NewYear/Festival Time
3N/4D Standard Package
STARiHOTELS Main Road Pachmarhi
Rs 10000 Rs 10300 Rs 9500 Rs 0
3N/4D Delux Package
5 Arches
Rs 14000 Rs 14700 Rs 13500 Rs 0
Pachmarhi tour Package from Kolkata - Package Inclusion

Package Inclusion:

  • 4 nights accommodation in twin sharing basis in a best ranked hotel

  • 4 nights stay in pachmarhi

  • Breakfast & Dinner

  • All sightseeings are provided by Ac car

  • Pickup and drop from Pipria

  • All toll taxes, parking charges and driver night hault

  • All taxes

 Package Exclusion:

  • Lunch

  • Any personal expenses

  • Any entry fee

  • Other than Inclusion

Pachmarhi tour Package from Kolkata - Package Itinerary

 Arrival at Piparia railway station and our representative will take you to Pachamarhi which is known as Satpura ki Rani" (Queen of Satpura).  Upon arrival check in hotel and after get ready you may have lunch at a nearer good restaurant. After lunch you will commence the visit of Pachmarhi local sightseeing from Gupt mahadev temple, Jatashankar temple, Apsara vihar and sun set at Dhoopgarh. Overnight stay in Pachmarhi


Dhoopgarh:  Dhoopgarh is the highest point in Pachmarhi. Earlier it was called as Harvatsa Kot. Visitors can enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset from this point. Nobody miss the chance to be in dialogue with the sun god, when it is innocently cool. Dhoopgarh is 4429 feet above the mean sea level.


Gupt mahadev temple:   This cave is about 40 feet long. The path of Gupt Mahadeo goes from inside the Bade Mahadeo. There is a narrow path which leads to Gupt Mahadeo. There is idol of lord Ganesha and Shivlinga enshrined inside the cave. Only eight persons can pass at a time. An idol of lord hanuman has been enshrined at the entrance


Jatashankar temple:  It was a belief that when the Shiva wants to hide himself due to the fear of Bhasmasur he rested at this place. There is about 108 Shivalinga formed naturally inside this cave Jatashankar (also Jata Shankar) is natural cave, a Hindu shrine located north of Pachmarhi, in Hoshangabad district, Madhya Pradesh, India. Cave is located in deep ravine, with enormous boulders perched above. Cave contains stalagmites revered as naturally formed lingams.[1] Cave serves as a shrine to the God Shiva and is popular destination for pilgrims. Jata means hair and Shankar is another name of Lord Shiva. There are two different types of little pond, fed by springs, found in the locality, one of cold water and the other one of hot water.


Apsara vihar: The water falls continuously upon a small kund creates a magic. Apsara vihar is a bathing pool; here visitors can’t resist them to get away from bathing in this kund. It is about 13 Km from the Pachmarhi Bus stand . Apsara Vihar: Located near Pandav Caves, Apsara Vihar or Fairy Pool is a naturally formed pool with an excellent and little waterfall. The 30 feet high waterfall shapes a shallow pool, which is a prominent outing spot among local people and in addition voyagers. The spot is point of fascination for swimmers and divers.



Duchess fall: Dutchess Fall is one of the most interesting treks down steep hills where after arduous1.5 kms. After breakfast you will get enjoy the wondering views of Reechgarh, Beefall  famous for the fantastic and the Irene pool  and which is very beautiful .later you may have lunch at nearest hotel. After lunch you will visit for the other attractions like Jamuna  Pratap fall, Duchess fall,and the most attractive and peaceful  PriyadarshinI Sunset point . Overnight stay in hotel.


Reechgarh: Due to the type of construction it gives an appearance of Fort to Reachgarh. It has 3 entrance gates. It is surrounded by the hills from all the three sides. Reech Garh gets its name from In beginning of the day after breakfast visit for the other exiting and wonderful places of exquisite Pachmarhi named Bee falls, Irene pool, Jamuna Pratap water fall. After lunch next visit for Reechgarh, Priyadarshini sunset point and Duchess fall. Later come back to hotel and overnight stay in Pachmarhi.


Bee fall: The height of this waterfall is about 150 feet. It is also known as Jamuna Prapat It gives a feel of Milky Way when water comes down. It is one of the most spectacular water falls of Pachmarhi. No visitor can resist the temptation of the taking a bath in B Fall. Bathing pools here are very popular among the tourist of all age groups


Irene pool: Irene Pool is a bathing pool, which was discovered by Irene Bose, wife of Justice Vivian Bose. On the upstream there is a cave from which the stream goes underground and then descends in the form waterfall


Jamuna pratap water fall: Duchess fall: 21 kms from city center 8 out of 8 Places To Visit in Pachmarhi One of the most beautiful cascades in Pachmarhi, the Duchess Falls crash over a hundred meters creating a majestic roar. The beautiful waterfalls bifurcate into three different cascades and a tourist has to travel for 4km to reach the base of the first cataract.

journey you will see a perennial fall with deluge of water. You can actually see the water coming out of the hill. This waterfall is the remotest as well as the most beautiful. There are Doctor Fish in the pool made by the waterfall. The road to this waterfall is extreme, with very steep inclinations.




 Priyadarshini  sunset point: This cave is about 60 feet Long.  It is a mythological belief which says that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Mohini Killed the demon King Bhasmasur here. Large idols of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and Lord Ganesha have been enshrined inside the 60 feet long cave. 



After breakfast interact with the other stunning beauty of Chouragarh peak, Pachmari catholic church, Pandav caves, you may have lunch at nearer food zone. Later visit for awesome  local sightseeing places like Bharat neer cave, Asthachal cave. Overnight stay in Pachmarhi.

Chouragarha peak: This the second highest peak. It is a pilgrimage site with Lord Siva's temple at the top. There is a Chauragarh fort there built by the king Sangram Shah of Gond dynasty It is also a very well known spot for sunrise viewing. The sunrising scene seen here is breathtaking and climbing 1300 steps to reach the point makes it worth.

Pandav caves: The Pandav Caves is also has its mythological Belief. The caves were supposed to be constructed around 6th to 7th century. These renowned five caves are carved out of sandstone rock. Amongst all the five caves, 'Draupadi Kuti' is the cleanest and well-ventilated. Bhim Kothari, which was the cave of Bhima, toughest of five brothers, is the darkest .

Bharat neer cave: Bharat Neer Cave is one of the cave shelters of Pachmarhi, a hill station 195 km away from Bhopal. Lying at an altitude of nearly 1000 m, Pachmarhi (literal meaning - five caves) is a popular destination among tourists. This cave shelter located in the Satpura Ranges is also known as Dorothy Deep.

Asthachal cave:.Asthachal Cave Shelters are also known as Monte Rosa Caves.There are four shelters having various paintings consisting of early linear drawings depicting the lifestyle of that period . Majority of the paintings are white or our outlined in red.These paintings are like pages from our history books and to witness these early works of mankind is a fascinating experience.


After breakfast checkout from hotel and drop to pachmarhi railway st.

Tour end.

Pachmarhi tour Package from Kolkata - Package Other Details

How reach pachmarhi from Kolkata:

By Air : Bhopal is the nearest airport and is about 210 kilometres from Pachmarhi.

By Rail : Pipariya is the closest railhead to Pachmarhi, which is about 47 kilometres away.

By Road : Pachmarhi is well connected by road to Nagpur, Bhopal and Pipariya.

Best Time to Visit

 Pachmarhi can be visited throughout the year, though the best time to visit Pachmarhi is April to June. The summers are pleasant followed by moderate showers during the monsoon which leave the weather very attractive and enjoyable . The winters can be slightly harsh with temperatures dropping to almost 4 degree Celsius. One might also want to plan a visit around Bastar Dusshera and Navratri celebrations which can fill your experience with more light, colour and excitement.

Other attractions

Handi Khoh: Handi Khoh is an adorable gift of nature with breathtaking panorama and is unequivocally associated with the myths and endowments of Lord Shiva. It is a standout amongst the most delightful ravines in Central India situated in the modst of thich firests at an altitude of 300 ft and is well known for its tranquility and its old-world appeal.

Bison Lodge: Bison lodge is one of the oldest building & attraction in town. In 1862, the forest department of the Central Provinces, was started in a building known as Bison Lodge. The department was founded in 1861 by Captains G.F.Pearson & James Forsyth. the original building had to be demolished & the present building, also called Bison Lodge, was constructed on the site of the earlier one.

Rajat Prapat: Also known as Big Fall, Rajat Prapat is a gigantic waterfall located at Pachmarhi in the Hoshangabad District of Madhya Pradesh. With a elevation of about 350 ft, it is almost half a km towards the east of Apsara Vihar. Pearl drops provoked from water fall emerge like shining pearls floating in the air. It happens to be more beautiful in rainy season.

Dutch Fall: it is another beautiful waterfall in Pachmarhi. The beauty of waterfall gets many more times at the time of rainy season. The fall can be visited from near. You can experience the water droplets coming at you when you go close to the waterfall.


Echo Point: Here the people can experience the presence of the voice in the nature and can feel the moving spirit in nature.

Amba Bai Temple: Situated on Pachmarhi – Pipariya road. It is very near to Begam Palace Satpura National Park. The rare species from the cat family is sited in Satpura National Park.

Rock Painting: The rock painting at Mahadeo provides a glimpse about the artistic sense of our ancestors. Figures of warriors have been painted in red and white colors years ago still look fresh


Rajendra Giri: This hilltop was named as Panorama girl in honor of the visit of Dr. Rajendra Prasad. A Sapling he planted there is now a grown tree.  Clearly visible from here are the hill of satpura range in their inviting gesture. Ravishankar Bhawan here was constructed for the comfortable stay of Dr. Rajendra Prasad. It is also called VIP Bhawan.

 Christ Church: It is one of the religious places in Pachmarhi, which was built by Britishers in 1875. The glass panes adorning the walls and rear of the altar were imported from Europe. This church has a hemispherical dome on top with its ribs ending in faces of angels. Moreover, the Nave of the church is not supported by any pillar

Chauragarh temple: This is a popular pilgrimage centre, which is situated at an altitude of 1326 metre. It basically comprises a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is located 4 km away, at the end of a steep climb of 1300 steps from Mahadev. Devotees have to make a strenuous climb carrying a trishul as an offering to Lord Shiva. This ritual of carrying three to four quintal heavy trishul to the shrine is prominent during Shivaratri. At the shrine, there is a Dharmashala where devotees can stay and relax

Things to do in Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi is a great destination for trekkers, hikers and bikers as the Satpura range is in the vicinity. Enjoy the trek through the lush green forests of Pachmarhi. Start from the Pandav Caves and go right up to Dhoopgarh taking in the spectacular scenic beauty around as also passing by the gushing waters of the Big Falls.

parasailing: If you are interested in aerial sports, go parasailing. The parachute is attached to a jeep and as the jeep picks up speed the chute is lifted into the air and one has the exhilarating experience of being carried up by the wind.

Games: A whole world of land sports activities in Pachmarhi promises never-ending thrills. Be it, tennis, football, and badminton, or cricket, hockey, and golf, the huge variety of land sport activities of Pachmarhi will give you ample scope to act out your fantasy of 'all play and no work'. In fact, this is just scratching the surface in terms of fun things to do in Pachmarhi.

Trekking: Trekking in Pachmarhi is one of the most popular of the available land sports activities in Pachmarhi. After all, the rugged trails, verdant greenery, and the cool crisp breezes all connive to create the perfect conditions for trekking around Pachmarhi. As you go trekking near Pachmarhi, the surrounding landscape will treat you to some of the most scenic and memorable sights of your life. Sometimes, trekking is wrongly written as treking.

What to eat in Pachmarhi

 Eating out in Pachmarhi is all about savouring traditional Gujarati, Maharashtrian and Jain food. There is Chunmun Cottage near Beefall, which is one of the best places to eat and the restaurant here serves Continental, Chinese and Indian food cuisines