International Tourism and Flight Connectivity to Himachal India

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International Tourism and Flight Connectivity to Himachal India - Package Overview

Why International Travellers should visit to Himachal Pradesh

What do international travelers look before they plan their travel, Does the place has air connectivity? Is it safe?  How much is costs, is it cheap? Are there good hotels and accommodations? Is there any adventure involved?

Well, dear international travellers, the Answer is Yes, The picturesque state of Himachal Pradesh In North India, nestled in Himalayan ranges between 4000 meters and 7000 meters, with spectacular, panoramic landscapes and vistas is welcoming you with open arms.

What else do you need, Himachal Pradesh is blessed with high snow peaks, beautiful river valleys where you can fish and enjoy, high-low altitude and trek able mountain lakes, and magnificent Buddhist monasteries, ancient civilization temples etc.

Activities for International Travelers in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a ultimate destination for all international travellers, it caters to all genres of travellers, relaxing to adventurous travellers (para gliding, skiing, river rafting ) to trekkers to spiritualistic to eco travellers, trekking, mountaineering.


Your accommodation options range from luxury hotels to Mid-range lodges to Village Home Stays, where you enjoy the nature fully and pay directly to the villages, thus contributing in the local economy.

International Tourism in Himachal Pradesh:-

International Tourism is given high priority by the government of Himachal Pradesh. To attract more and more domestic and international tourists, Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department is heavily focused on development of infrastructure, Eco-conservation and massive afforestation drive, and on the top of all – Safety and wellbeing of International tourists.  

Travel to Himachal Pradesh by Air:

Himachal Pradesh has three airports ( Domestic) :-

1. Gaggal airport Near Dharamshala (15 kms from dharamshala, 23 kms from Mcleodganj)
2. Bhuntar airport near Kullu, Manali (10
kms from Kullu and 50 kms from Manali)
3. Jubbarhatti airport near Shimla (23
from Shimla)

  1. Shimla Airport is Closed for renovations for the time being ( no flights land in Shimla since 2013-2014)

Note :- Presently no international flight lands directly at these airports, but these are well connected to Delhi and Chandigarh via regular flights by Indian Airlines, Spice Jet etc which

More Details about Airports in Himachal Pradesh:-

Bhuntar Airport Kullu Manali :-

Bhuntar Airport is situated in Bhuntar, near Kullu and Manali. Manali is the main popular destination for international travelers specially for Rohtang Pass ( The highest motorable pass in the world, recently profiled by discovery channel for extreme driving destination) and Malana Village trekking etc..It is situated at a distance of 50 km from Manali and 10 km from Kullu. You can easily get flights from New Delhi to Bhuntar Airport. Details below :- 

Gaggal Airport Kangra Dharamshala:-

Gaggal Airport is situated in Gaggal, near Dharamsala. It falls under the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a main destination for International travellers for visiting Dalai Lama in Exile Mceodganj, Dhauladhar adventures trekking like Triund, Indrahar pass trek, Kareri lake trek, trekking of Bara banghal etc.  It falls at a distance of hardly 13km from Dharamsala and 8km from Kangra. Spice Jet and Air India offers daily flights to this airport 

Jubbarhatti Airport Shimla :-

Jubbarhatti Airport is situated in Jubbarhatti and mainly caters to the rush of travelers visiting Shimla. The airport is located approximately 23 km away from the beautiful hill station. It is presently closed for renovations as of late 2014.

Description of Flights to Himachal Pradesh:

Flights to Dharamshala & Kangra:

The picturesque valley of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh is a haven for all international travellers. Kangra Valley perfect refuge to all travellers to break free and it offers at least 6 months at stretch vacations for any traveler, it means that even 6 months of continuous vacations are not enough to Explore the beauty of Kangra.

Holiday Travel prior knowledge of the Flights to Kangra will be particularly useful. Only recently the size of the Gaggal Airport, the only airport in Kangra has been increased to enable the landing of fifty seater planes, which was not possible earlier. Infact, the Gaggal airport is relatively small compared to some of the other domestic airports in India.

Flights to Kullu Manali:

Dear International Travelers, The green meadows, the rippling streams, the meandering rivulets, the lofty snowcapped mountain peaks  and wonderful people of  Himachal Pradesh await you in Kullu Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

Alluring Kullu will surely provide you with that much needed break from the drudgery of everyday existence. Before planning this dream holiday, firsthand knowledge on the Flights to Kullu may prove to be very useful. It is also of immense value to the business travelers. Flights to Kullu are restricted only from Delhi, the country capital, and Shimla, the state capital. There are no international Flights to Kullu or from other major cities of the country.

Flights to Shimla:

Tourists pour in particularly in the summer months. If they choose to come by air, a forehand knowledge of the Flights to Shimla can prove to be immensely useful.The nearest airport is at Jubbarhatti, at a distance of about 25 km from the main city. This domestic airport is unique and has been built after cutting away the top of a high hill. There isn't any international Flight to Shimla. Foreign tourists will have to take a Flight to Delhi and then avail of any of the connecting Flights to Shimla. Delhi is fairly well linked to different parts of the country as well as the world and Shimla is in turn very well connected to Delhi. So any one interested to reach Shimla by air, will have to halt at Delhi and take a connecting flight to Shimla. ( However no flights working as of now)

Why Road Travel is preferred to Flights to Himachal ( Shimla, Kullu Manali, Dhramshala)

There is no flight service to Shimla, however Alliance air ( Air india code share) offers flights to Dharamshala and Kullu and Spicejet offers flight connectivity to Dharamshala. Holiday Travel recommends you to avoid Flight connectivity to these places ( unless you have absolute emergencies) due to following reasons :-

1. Unpredictable weather systems in Kullu, Manali Dhramshala, which might result in flight cancellations at last minute ( It has also happened several times during IPL tournaments, when players were forced to travel by private cars)

2. Small Capacity Planes running on these routes ( Air India runs 48 seater and Spice jet offers 78 seater)

3. Very Odd Timings of the flight, Some flights run at 06:00 AM, which might be tough for you to board specially mandatory 2 hours check in before the flight time.

5. Non-Profitable route resulting in lack of interest f Airlines in these routes ( Kingfisher stopped, Air India service to Shimla stopped due to bad state of the Shimla Airport)

4. Road trip offers much more fun and enjoyment, excursions, enjoying the natural beauty, mingling with local cultures en- route to pristine destinations in Himachal.

5. Finally you will be safe with Holiday travel always.

6. It is Cheaper than flight Travel ( The most economical is always Road trip) because even if you managed to get the cheap airline ticket to himachal, you have to pay heavy taxi charges when you exit the airports towards your hotel. So travel to Himachal Smart and safe..

For your reference, Flight Details to Himachal are as given below

Dharamshala Flights ( DHM) and Connectivity from Delhi (2 Daily Flights from Delhi)

  • Air India - AI9813 Flight ( Run by a codeshare partner - Alliance Air)

  • Depart : 9:45 Hours

  • Arrival: 11:35 Hours

  • DEL to DHM via Flight - Approx 1:50 hours Flight to Dharamshala

  • From :- Delhi - Indir Gandhi International Airport, Terminal 3

  • To :- Dharamshala - Gaggal Airport - Kangra

  • Average Economy price of Delhi to Dharamshala by Air is Rs 12600/- ($200)

  • Air Craft Type used on Dharamshala Route - Aerospatiale/Alenia (48-seater turbo-prop ATR)

Kullu Manali Flights ( KUU) and Connectivity from Delhi

  • Air India - AI9805 Flight ( Run by a codeshare partner airline - Alliance Air)

  • Depart : 06:00 Hours

  • Arrival: 07:20 Hours

  • DEL to KUU via Flight - Approx 1:20 hours Flight to Kullu Manali

  • From :- Delhi - Indir Gandhi International Airport, Terminal 3

  • To :- Kullu - Bhuntar Airport - Kullu

  • average Economy price of Delhi to Kullu Manali by Air is Rs 13600/- ( $225)

  • Air Craft Type used on Kullu Manali Route - Aerospatiale/Alenia (48-seater turbo-prop ATR)

Spicejet Flights to Himachal ( Shimla, Kullu Manali, Dhramshala)

  • Dharamshala Flights and Connectivity from Delhi (2 Daily Flights from Delhi)

  • SpiceJet - SG2191 Flight

  • Depart : 12:00 Hours

  • Arrival: 13:30 Hours

  • DEL to DHM via Flight - Approx 1:30 hours Flight to Dharamshala

  • From :- Delhi - Indir Gandhi International Airport, Terminal 3

  • To :- Dharamshala - Gaggal Airport - Kangra

  • average Economy price of Delhi to Dharamshala by Spice Jet Air is Rs 9100/- ( $175)

  • Air Craft Type used on Dharamshala Route - Bombardier Q400 aircraft - Capacity of 78 passengers