Jaijon Doaba Una Himachal-Abandoned City Tour with Kang Nirwana Resort

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Jaijon Doaba Una Himachal-Abandoned City Tour with Kang Nirwana Resort - Package Overview

Jaijon Doaba Una Himachal - The Abandoned City tour of Rich Past

Nearby cities: Una Himachal, Haroli, Tahliwal, Nangal, NANGAL DAM DIVISION, BBMB, NANGAL TOWNSHIP PB.
Coordinates:   31°20'49"N   76°8'51"E

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History of Jaijon Doaba

Jaijon is the main junction on the border of Una himachal Haroli Sub Division and Punjab ( Mahlpur), Jaijon boasts of oldest broadguage railway station in Himachal, much older than Una Himachal  Itself. Once upon a time, Jajjon was a flourishing town beating all other towns in whole state in Trade and business. It was a major trade hub, The Goods were offloaded in Jaijon and were  
distributed all over Himachal/Punjab over bullocks and camels.

jaijon Una Himachal - Abandoned City (640x640)

This village is famous for pede made by pure milk..One famous shop in the town is khuttan di hatti de pede, This shop is approximatly 200 years old.

Khuttan di hatti de Pade - Best Pede in India - Jaijon Doaba ( Only surviving and Thriving Shop in Abandoned City)

Holidaytravel.co team visited Jaijon to witness its ruins and also visited khuttan di hatti De pede shop, It was really very sad to see the dilapilated and abandoned town streets, houses and ruins. It was hard  to believe that once this was a prosperous rich town, which was abandoned due to unknown reasons.

After walking approx 10 minutes in the City Ruines and deserted streets, we reached the last shop in the city, It was Famous khuttan di hatti De pede shop, Not a big shining glittering sweetshop but a small  shop  with a bholenath ( shiva) temple inside and 2 big tandoors on the opposite side of the shop and hot milk simmering in the big karahs..

khuttan di hatti Peda Shop-jaijon Una Himachal - Abandoned City-

Secret of khuttan di hatti de Pede Jaijon Doaba

Mr. Rattan Sat on the Charpayee in front of the shop, with a big thaal mixing Khoya ( Dried Milk), Shakkar ( Country Shugar) and Ilayachi Powder ( Cardamom Powder), So simple ingredients with no  special, we were wondering as why this simple dish is so famous?

We were offered some pedas to try, hesitantly we tried, What a Surprise!! Peda once inside the mouth was a quite relishing and unbelievably Yummy, We had never eaten such Pedas in our life..It was  quite different from usual Pedas ( Mathura Pedas), The grainy khoya making it a great treat, it was without any floor or maida in it, made only from milk.

khuttan di hatti di Hatti Peda Shop - jaijon Una Himachal - Abandoned City

We asked the owner about its secret, he told that secret lies in the love, blessings of gurus and purity of Milk, Milk is sourced from Himachal from select villages, who are supplying milk from  generations. They make pedas only upto the special milk lasts, they will not make Pedas from any other milk.

Another secret is in the churning process of Khoya, Sugar and Cardamom Power, It is entirely done by hand, you may have a feeling of "yuck" , but all those feelings vanish once you taste the peda..

Khutta Di Hatti - Jaijon

khuttan di hatti's Peda shop still sells approx 50-60 Kgs of Pedas every day and sales are dwindling, however recently sales have picked up because of Recently Opened Kang's Nirwana Resort. 

Delivery of Kahttu Peda Jaijon Doaba

Now a days Pedas are reduced to almost 1/4th of size, and are packaged in dark red sweet boxes, In older times the Pedas were of big size, almost of a cricket ball and were packed in Pitaris (  Similar to Snake charmer's pitari), This used to be the trade mark of Jaijon Peda, but now a days there are no more pitari makers and cost of the product has forced the shop to switch to smaller  
table tennis size pedas..

The owner lemanted that golden times are gone...

Black Dog waiting patiently for Pedas

we noticed that we are not only sole buyers, but there is also a beautiful shiny dog, waiting patiently for the treat, after 20 minutes, owner tossed a peda in air and dog caught it in mid air and  
gulped it. It Vanished immedietly, owner told that every day this dog comes and quietly walks away after getting one peda, quite an un-usual site..

Our Shopping for Pedas

when we reached Shop, Owner told us that it will take approx 30 minutes, and he started the process of making Pedas, we were watching it, entire process was in front of us all by Hand. In today's  
world of sanitation and cleanliness, we were waiting for pedas which were being churned by hand amidst the ruins..

Why Jaijon became abandoned City

There are many theories as why Jaijon - once a bustling town became abandoned, Some people tell that a Mystic after getting angry, gave a curse to the Jaijon that it will be destroyed and get  abandoned eventually, Other theory lies in the faster pace of developments of towns and road network ultimately leading to demise of Jaijon town, With the Jaijon losing its sole place of  distribution hub, the business families left their homes and settled for greener pastures in Una Himachal and else where, but the place is really haunting and few odd shops and houses in the Jaijon  appears to fight a losing battle..

jaijon Una Himachal - Abandoned City-Beautiful Ruins

It was getting dark, and we decided to leave Jaijon, A village girl was standing on the terrace with gloomy eyes, we made eye contact and had a feeling of serendipity, far away in a mountain  temple, we could hear devi mata bhajans echoing in the abandoned houses and near by shivalik mountains..

j                                                                         Jaijon Una Himachal - Abandoned City-Mehraabs

New Hope for Jaijon Town ( Kang's Nirwana Resport)

Among the ruins, abandoned houses, dilaplated houses, if Jaijon has some thing to cheer about, It is its brand New Theme park Resort - The Kang's Nirwana Resort. Built and operated by Mr. Kang ( A  NRI), Resort offers water park, kids zone, Restuarant, Bar, Open feasting, Eco Cabins, Quad Biking. It is becoming a popular joint for rich and upper middle class families to have a get away.  
Nirwana Resort is running on High occupancy and is a hope for rebuilding of Jaijon city..

Kang Nirwana Resort jaijon - Eco Cabins

Why you must Visit Jaijon - The beautiful Abandoned City

You must see visit Jaijon for the following

1. See the ruins of Beautiful Houses and Havelies of Rich Businessmen
2. See the ruins of rich jajijon Bazaar
3. Witness the struggle between Life and ruins, people who want to stay put in the ruins
4. Eat the delicious Pedas of khuttan di hattis
5. Enjoy the Kangs Nirwana Resort.

Kang Nirwana Resort jaijon