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The mysterious Andaman Islands, located 960km off the east cost of India, are made up of a jigsaw scatter of more than 200 islands. Andmans can be reached by taking flights from Kolkatta & Chennai to Portblair. The islands, which share history and traditions with each other, are inhabited by ancient tribes that today remain some of the most traditional in the world.

Holiday Travel is offering a number of packages with wide range of options to choose a perfect vacation for everyone.


Andaman Tour Package - 6 Nights 7 Days with 2 Nights Havelock Stay and Day Trip to Baratang & Neil Island
Duration: 6 Nights / 7 Days


Andaman Honeymoon Package - 6 Nights/7 Days
Duration: 6 Nights/7 Days


Andaman Honeymoon Package from Mumbai
Duration: 7 Nights / 8 Days


Exotic Andaman - 4 Nights / 5 Days Family Holiday Package
Duration: 4 Nights / 5 Days


AndamanTour Package from Chennai
Duration: 3 Nights / 4 Days


Andaman Tour Package from Kolkata
Duration: 4 Nights / 5 Days


Andaman Tour Package from Delhi
Duration: 3 Nights / 4 Days


Andaman Tour Package - 3N/4D with Havelock Stay & day Trip to Neil Island
Duration: 3 Nights/4 Days


Andaman Tour Package - 4N/5D with 1 night Havelock Stay
Duration: 4 Nights/5 Days


Andaman Tour Package - 3N/4D with 1 night Havelock Stay
Duration: 3 Nights/4 Days


Andaman Tour Package - 3N/4D with Day Trip to Havelock Island
Duration: 3 Nights/4 Days


Andaman Tour Package - 4N/5 D with Day Trip to Havelock & Baratang

Duration: 4 Nights/5 Days

Andaman Tour Package - 4N/5D with 2 nights Havelock Stay and Day Trip to Neil Island
Duration: 4 Nights/5 Days


Andaman Tour Package - 4N/5D with Havelock stay and Day Trip to Neil Island
Duration: 4 Nights/5 Days


Andaman Tour Package - 5N/6D with 1 Night Havelock Stay and Day Trip to Baratang & Neil Island
Duration: 5 Nights/6 Days


Andaman Tour Package - 5N/6D with 2 nights Havelock Stay and Day Trip to Neil Island
Duration: 5 Nights/6 Days

Andaman Tour Package - 6N/7D with 2 Night Havelock Stay and Day Trip to Baratang & Neil Island
Duration: 6 Nights/7 Days


Name:Andaman Tour Package - 5N/6D with 3 nights Havelock Stay and Day Trip to Neil Island

Duration: 5 Nights/6 Days


Port Blair - Andman's capital, offers civilised restaurants along with gorgeous rainforests and unspoilt beaches. Havelock is a popular destination in Andamans, which hosts asia's 7th most beautiful beach - Radhanagar Beach.

Other famous destinations in Andamans are Neil Island, Viper Island, Ross Island, Baratang Island etc.

Holiday Travels offers a wide range of holiday packages for Andman. All our packages are tailor made & one can choose any package according to your needs. Whether you are going on Honeymoon or Family Vacation or LTC Tour, we can customize the package according to your needs.


Places to Visit in Andman


Havlock Island

Havlock island is the most visited of the islands, with the most (although still minimal) infrastructure. Beautiful beaches, great snorkeling and scuba diving. Havelock Island hosts Asia's 7th beautiful beach - Radhanagar Beach, where you can spend your day relaxing or swimming in crystal clear water.

Neil Island


If you are looking for peace, isolation and near-deserted beaches - Neil Island is a good place to get off the ferry. It is Much more quieter than nearby Havelock Island, Neil island is the place to lie on the beach, jungle-walk, snorkel, cycle through paddy fields and farms and much more.


Cellular Jail


Cellular Jail is a former British prison that once jailed British political dissidents. It is also known as Kala Pani. The Cellular Jail National Memorial is worth visiting to understand The Freedom Struggle of India.

It was built over a period of 18 years in 1890, the original seven wings contained 698 cells radiating from a central tower. Like many political prisons, Cellular Jail was the most feared and people were scared of Kala Pani.


Ross Island


Ross Island is just 20-minute boat ride from Port Blair, visiting Ross Island feels like discovering a jungle-clad Lost City.


Ross Island in its day was fondly called the ‘Paris of the East’ (along with Pondicherry, Saigon etc etc…). But vibrant social scene and tropical gardens were all wiped out by 1941 earthquake and the invasion of the Japanese, who left behind some machine-gun nests.


Today the old English architecture is gettting slowly swallowed by a green wave of fast-growing jungle. Landscaped paths cross the island and most of the buildings are labelled.


You can also visit to Viper Island, where you’ll find the ruins of gallows built by the British in 1867, but it’s a fairly forgettable excursion.


Rutland Island



Rutland Island, is pristine, non-polluted and least visited island. Beautiful Mangrove forest and coral reefs welcomes you to the 274 island. There is also a 45 acre Totani Resort which has quaint little huts which can be used as a base camp for exploring the island. It is the ideal place for eco-tourists.




A relaxed destination in it's own right, but known more as the gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. There is a newly setup luxury resort called Sea Princess Beach Resort. Easily reached, and near the Wandoor jetty is Anugama Resort, the newest property there. Baratang Island, Mud volcano, Limestone caves, and Mangrove creeks in back waters.

Barren Island, an island with the only volcano in all of India.

Long Island, great if you're looking for Robinson Crusoe style camping. Nothing exists here, so you must bring all of your own gear and food.

Little Andaman, once popular for surfing, it was devastated in the 2004 Tsunami. Ask around in Port Blair to find out the current situation.


People of Andamans


The original inhabitants are various aboriginal tribes who exist more-or-less out of the mainstream. There are some tribes who have had no contact whatsoever with the rest of the world. Of nearly 600 islands, only 9 are open to foreign tourists, and all of these are in the Andamans.


North Sentinel Island & Its Inhabitants

Among the many islands that make up the archipelago, North Sentinel Island is somewhat unique in that it is illegal to visit in order to protect the indigenous Sentinelese tribe. Despite numerous attempts at contact, the Sentinelese have resisted outside influences, and as a result the Indian government has decided to not pursue further attempts. Today, it is illegal to visit the island, both to grant the tribe their privacy and to avoid accidentally introducing disease into the native population.


The Andaman Islands are the home of some of the last un-contacted tribes of Eurasia. These tribes have resisted modernization for some time. An example is the Sentinelese tribe, who inhabit North Sentinel Island. They maintain their sovereignty over the island and are hostile towards outsiders. However, as a tourist, you will go nowhere near them, so this is not really an issue.


How To Reach Andamans


By plane


For now the only way to reach the Andamans by air is from the Indian mainland to Port Blair. Flights can fill up in peak season and immigration are not pleased on people arriving without confirmed flights back, so book a return ticket and change the flight date if you decide to hang around longer.


Indian Airlines - fly from Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.
JetLite - flies from Chennai to Port Blair, and from Delhi via Kolkata.
Spicejet - offers a flight direct from Chennai to Port Blair.
Go Airlines - now flies daily from Kolkata to Port Blair, and from Delhi via Kolkata.


Flights to Port Blair are not really "low-cost", if compared to the same airlines' mainland India flights, but still cheaper than any other way to get to islands. Price varies significantly with date, so if your travel dates aren't fixed, you can save significantly by choosing the right day to fly. Advance booking (available on respective airline's website) at least several days before trip is recommended.


Port Blair's Vir Savarkar Airport is probably one of the most quaint and idyllic airports in India. There is a scenic view point where the whole airport can be seen.


Note :-There are no night flights as the airport is handed over to the Indian Air Force after 3pm.


Reaching Andman & Nicobar Islands by Sea


It is possible to take a ship from Kolkata (Approx 60 hrs), Chennai or Visakhapatnam which takes almost 4 days to arrive in Port Blair. It is less expensive, however for Rs 3000/-  Facilities are basic, though and many prefer to sleep on the deck rather than in the cramped bunks. The ferries can take up to five days to arrive depending on weather and various other variables... this can be quite frustrating for many.

Getting around in Andmans


Andaman and Nicobar are a vast archipelago, and aside from some erratic, infrequent and expensive helicopter shuttles and a pricy seaplane service to Havelock Island, passenger ferries are the only way to get between the islands. There is also the Infiniti Live aboard that makes trips to destinations such as Cinque, Barren, Narcondam and other islands.


All passenger transport in the islands is handled by the government-run Directorate of Shipping Services (DSS), which also runs the ferries back to the mainland. The DSS operates basically two kinds of vessels: small "tourist" ferries, and larger "local" ferries. Despite the names, fares are more or less identical on both, at Rs.150-200 one way from Port Blair to Havelock Island.


Tourist ferries seat about 100 people in padded bucket seats in a notionally air-conditioned cabin (which can still get sweltering hot). While you can access the top deck, there are no seats, shade or shelter outside. These boats are faster and seaworthy, but top-heavy, and sway quite a bit in high seas. There is no canteen on board, so bring snacks or at least drinks.


Local ferries are considerably larger, seating up to 400 in two levels: padded "bunk" or "luxury" seating upstairs, and plain old benches on the "deck" downstairs. Neither class is air-conditioned, but ocean breezes keep temperatures tolerable, and a canteen dishes out chai, samosas and bottled water. Due to their larger size, they're more stable in heavy seas, but take about twice as long as tourist ferries to get anywhere. There's a new a/c catamaran ferry from Port Blair to Havelock. Tickets are 650, 750 or 1000 (which gets you a leather seat and your own tv) and can be booked from a dedicated ticket booking window at Port Blair, thus avoiding the queue barging, and through your guesthouse (or wild orchid, emerald gecko & andaman bubbles) on Havelock. In high season demand often exceeds supply, so book your tickets at least one day in advance, either through a travel agent or directly at Port Blair's harbour. Ferry ticket booking has now been computerised. This means you can book any ferry from any jetty - i.e. Rangat to Havelock from the Diglipur ferry jetty. This obviously depends on the computers working!


Services may be changed or cancelled at short notice due to inclement weather, notably cyclones in the Bay of Bengal. If you're prone to sea-sickness, pop a pill an hour before you get on board.


Transport Within the Islands


Auto-rickshaws are available in Port Blair and on Havelock Island. Taxis are available in Port Blair. Drivers double up as guides. A/C taxis are also available.

Scooters & Motorcycles used to be available for rent in Port Blair, however, its not very easy to get one now. Auto-rickshaws may be the best way to move around the city. However, in Havelock Island they are the best option to enjoy a ride to the Radhanagar beach or around. It may cost you around Rs. 150 - Rs. 250 per day with a security deposit of around Rs. 750 - Rs. 1000.


Diving and Sea Sports in Andmans


Havelock Island is the main dive destination, but the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park has reopened. South Cinque Island is another possibility, enquire at Anugama Resort at Wandoor. One of the dive shops on Havelock was talking about opening a shop in Diglipur soon, which would open up newly discovered sites.


The best dive sites in the Andamans are in very remote locations and accessible via a liveaboard.. The dive sites around.


Havelock are actually very ordinary by Andamans standards. The best diving in the Andamans is: Barren Island (an active volcano), Narcondam Island (an extinct volcano), Invisible Bank (an extensive seamount approx. 100 miles Southeast of Port Blair) and 4 spectacular but un-named sea mounts off the west coast. There is also a good wreck dive just south of North Brother Island. There is one regular liveaboard in the Andaman Islands - the Infiniti Liveaboard, and it is the best way to get around. Its brand new & fully equipped, though a little expensive but well worth the money for the comfort & adventure.


Snorkeling - is a fun, popular activity done at North Bay, MuaTerra Beach and Havelock Island.The equipment is cheap, and can be bought or rented. Surfing is great on Little Andaman Island.


Eating In Andmans & Nicobar Island


Tandoori fish at Lighthouse Residency, Port Blair

Seafood is the order of the day. From upscale restaurants in Port Blair to local dhabas on Havelock, fish abounds. Be prepared to pay a little more for good fish and seafood dishes than for standard indian food, but it's well worth it. Basic Indian food is also available, and as cheap as on the mainland in most of the small dhabas. Resort restaurants on Havelock can also whip up a limited set of more or less Western dishes, but the resort restaurants are pretty expensive for Indian standards.

Drinking In Andmans


Fresh coconuts are popular and widely available.

Alcohol is available in some restaurants and at 'English Beer & Wine Shops' in Port Blair and on Havelock Island. The beers will not be cold when purchasing across the counter,except in local bars.


Local bars are dingy and for some odd reason is very poorly lit giving it a very eerie feel to it. There is no Pub culture or even a Dance Club.

Accomodation in Andman Island


There are a variety of hotels around the islands which are run by Andaman & Nicobar Tourism. You can book all tourism hotels both in person at tourism in Port Blair.

Stay healthy in Andamans


Andaman and Nicobar are malaria infested due to tropical climate, Hence tourists are requested to be careful of mosquitoes.


Attiquates in the Andamans


Tourism is still relatively new on the Andamans and as such the traveler has a special responsibility in guiding its developement.

  • Donot wear bikinis/beachwear outside beach.
  • In India local women are very conservative in their attire.
  • Alcohol should be consumed on the premises of your hotel/resturant only.
  • The quiet and peacefulness of the islands are one of their best assets; help to maintain these.