Vienna Tourist Guide

Vienna Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
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Vienna Tourist Attractions

Vienna or  popularly called as Wein by the local Austrians belongs to the Imperial Habsburgs which was  the longest ruling dynasties in the world. 

Vienna - The Musical History

Vienna also homes some of the most sublime western classical music in the world. From Mozart to Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss and Brahms - all these musical bigwigs have furrowed their brows in creative consternation under a Viennese ceiling at one point or another. 

Vienna  “World's Most Liveable City”is also the capital as well as the smallest state of Austria. Located on the Danube in the center of Europe, near the north-eastern extension of the Alps, the large part Vienna is surrounded by the Vienna Woods. Vienna is famous for its magnificent imperial heritage, for Schönbrunn Palace, the Belvedere and the Imperial Palace.

The city is appreciated around the world for its top-notch music and cultural offerings in concert halls, in museums and on stage – from the large Musikverein Hall to the prestigious Museum of Fine Arts to the Vienna State Opera. 

Places to visit in Vienna

Hofburg Imperial Palace

The indelible home of the Hapsburg dynasty, the Hofburg was for a time, the most formidable seat of power in the world. The Imperial Palace certainly bears all the trademarks of such a lofty title, with interior residences, museums, a grand library, chapels and a national theatre all available to see on tour. Most famously, the palace was the birthplace of Marie Antoinette.


Schonbrunn Palace

Designed by von Erlach is the splendid Schonbrunn Palace on the southwestern edge of the city, which is the site of state occasions, international conferences and historic treaties.


St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Vienna’s cityscape is replete with eccelsiastical masterpieces but St. Stephen’s Cathedral may be the one real must-see of the bunch. The Gothic Romanesque cathedral sits on the traces of a church built in the early 12th century and in addition to peerless physical beauty, has been at the heart of some of the most important events in Austria’s history. As such, St. Stephen’s is one of the few landmarks in Vienna that one can characterize as a genuine symbol of the city and indeed, the nation.


Schonbrunn Zoo (Vienna Zoo)

Vienna Zoo, with its giant pandas, not only claims to be the world's oldest and most beautiful, but was recently declared Europe's best by Anthony Sheridan, zoo expert. The zoo has three entrances, the least crowded is in the palace gardens, just to the right of the Neptune Fountain.



This is the main shopping street of Vienna, comparable to Fifth Avenue in New York City. Its shops display some of the world's most glittering merchandise.



The Naschmarkt is Vienna’s most popular market and a real hot spot. Whether you want to go out for lunch or after work-cocktails … one of the many bars/restaurants will suit you for sure. You can also buy yummy fresh fruits and vegetables from around the world, exotic herbs, cheese, baked goods, meat and seafood.