British Columbia

British Columbia - Destination Overview
  • Location: British Columbia,Canada -
  • Nearest Airport: Vancouver International Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Pacific Central



There is nothing more calming than lavishing time soaking in a natural geothermal hot spring with a panorama of the Pacific Ocean. At the Hot Springs, you have two hours to soak your stress and other disturbances away in the stream of pools. As the tide approaches in some pools get cooler while others are far enough away to stay pleasantly warm. After two hours of some significant soaking, you walk back to the dock to and meet your driver. The hot spring cove is only accessible by boat or plane. You boat back to Tofino. Whales are not promised on this tour but we frequently see Grey Whales, Sea Lions, and Sea Otters on this tour. The Hot Springs Cove Tour is provided year-round, depending on weather and sea conditions

How to reach: Water taxi trip or plane flight from Tofino.

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The magnificent secret location is located on a hike to Echo Lake, which is just over the gateway of the Squamish River. Styled to fit into the mesmerizing natural beauty of British Columbia, this charmingly curved infinity pool is the gem of the backyard.  A perfect custom blend of colored plaster creates the mirage of a natural body of water which is further enhanced by the surrounding faux rock and spillover water feature. To outreach the natural infinity pool, tourists have to rappel down; the rappel is anchored off of two bolts on the right wall and it is a 42-feet drop. With that being said, only experienced mountaineers should brave the drop. The sweet reward offers pure relaxation and an unbeatable beautiful view.

How to reach:  Drive a car and then walk.

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Galiano Island enchants some breathtaking geological formations, lush forests, and an immense range of wildlife. The shores of Galiano Island are bordered with sandstone, and the formations on the shore are magnificent - the sandstone wears down over centuries and creates beautiful patterns that are a real testament to Mother Nature.

This cave hidden in Retreat Cove is located just a little walk from Retreat Cove Road, and it is easy to see how the caves are a social media sensation! These brilliant structures are a sight to behold, with their smooth curves created by waves consistently wearing down the sandstone

With their creamy sides worn to smooth curves, these sandstone caves are charming places to stroll through. And while Galiano Island isn't exactly a hidden place, these caves are certainly a more remote place to enjoy British Columbia's wilderness. Further, Galiano Island is home to some wonderful geological formations, pristine forests, and a range of wildlife. You'll be able to spot curious deer in the woods, majestic orca whales in the ocean, and numerous species of birds overhead.

How to reach: Short walk from Retreat Cove Road.

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Mystic Beach is situated at the end of a hike in the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park on Vancouver Island. One of the beach's most famous activities is a majestic rope swing located right by the ocean. It is the largest one on Vancouver Island and is therefore hugely famous on Instagram. Of course, the pictures are pretty, but there's nothing like feeling the cool ocean breeze as you swing freely at the beach.

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Vancouver Island has the highest concentration of caves in North America. It has over 1,000 caves because nearly 4% of the island was formed by the erosion of soluble rocks. One of the most fascinating caves, however, is the one known as the 'smiling Buddha room,' located in the Horne Lake Provincial Park. It doesn't take a great deal of creativity to spot the image of Buddha sitting serenely above a reflecting pool.

Many people get together to Vancouver Island to enjoy its beautiful beaches, picturesque towns, and lush forests. However, the area is also home to some unusual and incredible topography. With over 1,000 known caves, Vancouver Island has the excessive concentration of caves on the continent. It is usually referred to as the "Island of Caves."

Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park is located in Central Vancouver Island and offers several spectacular caves to discover. Visitors may have the opportunity to see birds, bears and deer, and eagles feast on trout during the fall.Though the park has two small caves visitors can explore on their own, a guided tour of one of the bigger caves offers more diversity and a chance to know about the cave's unique geology and history. On one of the tours, participants will also have the chance to enter the "smiling Buddha room."The "smiling Buddha room" is dearest of visitors because of how much the natural rock formation looks like a serene Buddha - he even has his reflective pool. 

How to reach: Drive from Vancouver or rent a taxi.

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Hornby Island's Flora Inlet is a rugged reef that is one of the very few places on the planet where divers can swim with six-gill sharks. Besides, the spectacular waters are home to Stellar Sea Lions as well as a recital of other captivating marine inhabitants. These sharks usually disburse their time in exceptionally deep water, and divers are unable to handle the pressure. At the Flora Inlet, however, they squander their summers in the shallow waters along the reef, which allows an ideal depth for viewing. These deep-water marines ranging in length from 3-5 meters or more steps in for unknown reasons.  They breathlessly range back and forth over the ridges and overhangs until one by one they leave, only to return the same time the following year. It is not recognized to be aggressive; their 2-5m impressive size makes them an extraordinary highlight of any dive vacation.

How to reach: Reachable by ferry from Vancouver Island.  Fly to nearby Comox Airport or arrive at Ford Cove by boat or float plane.

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 The Othello Tunnels are absolutely a sight to behold. The tunnels are made up of a series of five tunnels and multiple bridges in between. The cliffs are cut through the straight granite, at an enormous 3,000 feet tall.  The Othello tunnels are Located north of Hope. The tunnels have concrete and wood backing from the inside. Once inside, visitors can hear the powerful rapids as they cash through the ravine. Tunnels pass over the wild Coquihalla River. The Coast Mountain Range demonstrated quite a challenge to build a railway through and walking over the bridges in the Othello Tunnels area, it becomes quite obvious how difficult it must have been. The sheer rock cliffs, the violently rushing water below, and the expanse makes it seem incredible that any infrastructure could be built in such an environment, let alone over 100-years ago with narrow engineering equipment.

How to reach: The easiest route to drive to the Othello Tunnels is to take Exit #183 Othello Road from the Coquihalla Highway.

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The fascinating lazy river in Maple Ridge ends in an alluring swimming hole with crystal clear, aquamarine waters flowing gently in the summer breeze. It's one of the less famous swimming spots in Metro Vancouver, and therefore you won't be competing with massive crowds. You'll start your drifting adventure at the Upper Maple Ridge Park river, and cruise on down toward the great stuff. While the drive down is not especially long, it can be a little rough, so make sure you exercise caution. The river flows hastily, so children shouldn't be left unsupervised.

Once you visit the swimming oasis, the water is deep enough to immerse yourself in a refreshing dip. Also, there are plenty of rocks and grassy surfaces to sit on under the sun while you dry off.

How to reach: You can drive a car to Davidson’s Pool.

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Emperor Falls is the largest waterfall on the Robson River in the Mount Robson Provincial Park. It is situated a short distance downstream of and southwest from the outlet of Berg Lake. The falls are approximately 150 feet high and they are 5300 feet above the sea level. The emperor falls are majestic. From there, it's descending flow strikes the cliff face down, which creates a breathtaking spray. It is located in the Rocky Mountains; the falls are set against a dazzling backdrop.   Mount Robson Provincial Park is highly desired after the campground. The surrounding area is truly incredible, with over 217,000 hectares of mostly peaceful wilderness.

How to reach:  To get to the falls, hike along the Berg Lake trail for 15 km.

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Cabana Desolation Eco Resort is a compatibly designed, an exclusive eco-resort located on an uninhabited island in the Desolation Sound, British Columbia. Established on the uninhabited island, the resort has a maximum capacity of 10-12 guests at a time. Due to this reason, visitors are managed with an exclusive and peaceful retreat. Warm Pacific waters, lively marine wildlife, and towering Coast Mountains provide an awesome setting for a truly incredible experience on the west coast of British Columbia. It is inspired by the eco lodgings of Costa Rica and designed and constructed with a west coast blaze. Cabana Desolation is a place to enjoy wonderful foods, relax without any stress, and to explore one of the world's most beautiful places.  Visitors chill and immerse in the majestic scenery of Desolation Sound.   Cabana Desolation Eco Resort bestows experience that is unique, wonderful, breathtaking, relaxing, and adventurous.

Hotels nearby:

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