Top 10 attractions in USA

Top 10 attractions in USA - Destination Overview
  • Location: New York,United States -
  • Nearest Airport: New York

Top 10 attractions in USA        

Denali National Park

Denali National Park is a national wildlife arena with large lakes, ponds, and wild animals like wolves, bears etc.


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Location: Located in the interiors of Alaska, Denali National Park is one of the best wildlife zones in United States.

How to reach: There are two ways you can view this rich natural beauty. First, is via the flight seeing, where in the complete overview of the park along with the glaciers etc is seen from above, sitting in an aircraft. Second, is to travel all the way via roads from Alaska downtown to the interiors and then have a look to this scenic beauty.

Best Season to visit: Since, it is all surrounded by high mountains and glaciers; the best season to visit this place is icy cold winters, so that you can enjoy the real sense of its belonging.

Entry Details: This is an open location which costs only 10$ per person and 20$ per vehicle. Open for all the seven days, travelling to this place also incurs an additional charge of helicopter or roadway vehicle.

Nearby Accommodation: There are many hotels near this place. One at the heart of the national park is Denali National Park Hotel.  Few of the other hotels include: Denali Backcountry Lodge, Denali Bluffs Hotel, etc.

Times Square


Times Square is the most famous street of the New York City which incorporates all the shops, clubs, restaurants, bars and malls. It is the best place for the tourists to spend their time under a good deep ambience of modern America.

Location: This Street is located in the USA’s most populous city of New York.

How to reach: To reach Times Square is way equivalent to reach NYC. Once you are in this city, Times Square will be at your steps. The best way to reach NYC from any other country is via airways. Every country has a flight running to NYC. The nearest airport to reach here is the John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Festivals: This Square is a much crowded place and it appears like every day is a festival in itself. Though, one of the most famous one include the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival.

Best Season to visit: There is no season to visit Times Square. It is the all time available arena in NYC.

Entry Details: This market is open every day and has no entry fees or something. It is much like a street shopping area where everyone is allowed to roam about without any security check etc.

Nearby Accommodation: Times Square is the heart of NYC and every hotel or restaurant is located in this area only. The major ones include: Hotel Pennsylvania, Park Lane Hotel etc.

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood is the fame light spot in Los Angeles, California. Known for its theatres and boulevard arena and wall of fame, Hollywood is known for its amazing Hollywood Sign on the huge terrains.


Location: Located high above on the huge terrains of Mount Lee on the Hollywood Hills in LA, Hollywood Sign defines the identity of Hollywood all across the world.

How to reach: To reach this Hollywood sign, the best way is to hike the way out. Just start over and going through these hilly terrains, reach the destination via hiking. 

Festivals: Hollywood is always filled with an excitement and passion to act and play. And, numerous numbers of festivals are hosted here on a regular basis like film festivals, theatre shows, comedy nights and various other musical festivals.

Best Season to visit: There is no season for visiting Hollywood. All season land, it invites people to its cross legs the whole of the year.

Entry Details: Hollywood sign is a symbol of pride and prestigious world of Hollywood. There is no fee for you to have a look to this sign; neither do you have to wait for any particular day or hour to visit the same.

Nearby Accommodation: There are many cheap hotels available in the area between Hollywood and the downtown LA. Some of the famous ones are: Best Western Hollywood Plaza Inn, Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City etc.

San Juan Islands

Referred to as the Island paradise, San Juan Island, an archipelago, is very famous for all the adventurous activities like biking, hiking through the forests etc.


Location: Located in Washington, USA, this archipelago consists of many islands out of which only 4 are accessible via the Washington Ferry. This piece of land is stretched between the US Mainland and Canada.

How to reach: It could be reached by any conveyance mode, car, ferry or airways.

Best Season to visit: The summer or the dry season is the best season to visit this land. Far from the icy cold neighbourhoods, the warm land gives immense pleasure. 

Entry Details: There is no entry fee to enter this island and is open 7 days a week.

Nearby Accommodation: The Resort at Deer Harbor, Friday Harbor Suites, and HILLSIDE HOUSE BED BREAKFAST etc. are some of the nearby accommodation places.

Mendenhall Glacier Caves

An extra ordinary cave built completely of glaciers is what that defines Mendenhall Caves. These caves are melting day by day making a large pool of Mendenhall Lake and unearthing ancient plants etc.


Location:  Located in Alaska, USA, these are the most distinct type of caves ever seen.

How to reach: It is 19 miles from the Alaska downtown and the only way to get to this caves is via walking or hiking or biking. The nearest airport to reach Alaska is Anchorage Airport.

Best Season to visit: The glaciers are melting at a much faster pace and thus, no season matter to visit because what matters at present is to visit it as soon as possible, until all the glaciers would be melting and nothing will be visible thereafter

Entry Details: It costs 3U.S.D. per person to enter the caves and is open 7 days a week.

Nearby Accommodation: Hoteli blizu Ledenjak Mendenhall, Hotel bij Mendenhall are some of the cheap accommodations.

Antelope Canyon

These are red canyons which are divided into two types, the upper antelopes and the lower antelopes.


Location: located in Arizona, these canyons are made from dust and sand, which are, with time, flooding and eroding.

How to reach: To reach this place the nearest airport is Antelope Canyon Airports and other ways are to use roadways or shuffles. Out of these three the airways is the best suited method.

Best Season to visit: These Arizona Canyons looks beautiful in the rainy season but at times it’s very dangerous to visit it during this season.

Entry Details: Costing 8$ per person, above the age of 8years, this canyon is open 7 days a week.

Nearby Accommodation: There are many hotels and rest rooms near this canyon. Motels 6, Page Boy Motel etc. are the best resting places.

Thor’s Well

This is an extraordinary well which is located in the middle of Oregon Coastline. It is a deep hole which is more like a hot water fountain and it appears that hot boiling water directly from the geysers is coming out.

Location: This beautiful and marvellous sight is seen in Oregon, along the coastline. This coastline is commonly referred to as Cape Perpetua.

How to reach: The nearest airport to reach this place is Oregon City. After that there are various modes of conveyances to reach the exact location

Best Season to visit: The best season to visit Thor’s well is the icy cold winter season with high breeze so that, the steam producing could be felt like some fantastical world of smoke.

Entry Details: There is no entry fee to see this marvel. It is located in open natural area which belongs to the only Almighty with no charges.

Nearby Accommodation: Timbers Motel, Express INN and Suite and Inn at the 5th are few of the nearby accommodation places.

International UFO Museum

It is the world’s best science museum which is specific to the aliens and the UFO system. It displays various facts and figures and also regular discussions etc. take place on a regular basis.


Location: Located in Roswell, New Mexico, this museum is one of the most idiosyncratic museums of all.

How to reach: The best way to reach here is to take a taxi from the Mexico Airport. It is located on the west side of Main St., just south of US Hwy 380 and thus, taking roadways down town till here will be the best direction possible.

Best Season to visit: There is no particular season for visiting this museum, open daily; this museum provides the world’s best information regarding UFOs.

Entry Details: Entry fee of $5 per person is charged for every entry. These negligible charges are for the maintenance of the museum.

Nearby Accommodation: Fairfield Inn & Suites Roswell, Days Inn - Roswell, Town place Suites Roswell etc. are some of the nearby hotels to stay in.


Often referred to as Orange Country, it is one of the most famous amusement lands in California. Filled with fantastical characters and amazing rides, Disney land is the best spot for kid’s amusement.


Location: Anaheim, California, is the place where this beautiful cartoon land is located. This is a complete resort.  

How to reach: The two closest airports to Disneyland are Long Beach Airport and John Wayne Airport. From these airports, the main land is not far.

Best Season to visit: Disney land has something special every month of the year. So, the visitors have this advantage of visiting this land in any season and find exciting shows and surprises.

Entry Details: The entry fees for Disneyland varies according to the offer availed by the visitor depending upon the number of days and period of time devoted by the visitor in the Disney world. It varies from 90$ to a maximum of 700$, as a membership passport amount.

Nearby Accommodation: Town place Suites Roswell and Tropicana Inn and Suite are the two most famous accommodation places.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, as the name justifies is the combination of three different falls, The American Falls, The Bridal Veil Falls and The Canadian Falls.


Location: Located on the Niagara River, which connects five Great Lakes, this Niagara Falls serves as an international border between USA and Canada.

How to reach: Niagara Falls International Airport is the closest airport which connects any location to this destination spot. There are many other ways to reach here but, airways being the best.

Best Season to visit: The best season to enjoy the cold and icy water of the fall is the summer and the dry season. Though, many visits are also made in winters but some of the facilities like Jet Boat etc are not available in winters.

Entry Details: 39$ for adults and 29$ for children is what this fall charges with complete 7 days a week entry.

Nearby Accommodation: Sheraton on Falls Hotel, Michael’s INN, crowne Plaza Niagara Hotel are some of the common accommodations available.