Top 10 Attractions in UK

Top 10 Attractions in UK - Destination Overview
  • Location: London,England -
  • Longitude: 51.5000° N
  • Latitude: 0.1167° W
  • Nearest Airport: London

Top 10 attractions in UK

1. Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds located in the city of London, is the world’s most unique museum. This museum has all the prominent personalities standing firm in wax. Giving a sense of real belonging, these wax models are the perfect form of the art piece ever made.


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Location: Located in various cities of London in different branches, this museum is spread all across the town.

How to reach: Located on the Marylebone Road we can reach Madame Tussauds via tube, car, metro or bus. The nearest airport is the Heathrow Airport and from there it is few miles of walking.  Furthermore, if you travel via tube, then from the Baker Street Tube Station it is a 10 minutes of walking to the museum.

Best Season to visit: Open in every season, there is no particular time of best visiting. It is open always with the same aura every time.

Entry Details: The tickets for entering this museum can be purchased either online or directly from outside the museum. The in-hand ticket costs 42 British dollars per person while the online booking saves 3 British dollars per ticket. Entry fee for children is lower than that of the adults, which is 39 Dollars offline and 31 Dollars online. Many a time there are various discounted offers available.

Nearby Accommodation: There are many accommodation hotels available near the museum as well as the nearest airport. One of the nearest being the Hotel Heathrow and thus, the most famous one too.

2. Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a pre historic monument which has many stones erected in some mannerly fashion. It is believed that this place was used for some religious connotations.


Location: It is located in Wiltshire, England and is spread across a wide area which provides the tourists with some fun.

How to reach: Bournemouth Airport (BOH) and Southampton Airport (SOU) are the two nearest airports to this place. These airports are 35 miles away from the exact location.

Best Season to visit: There is no season to visit Stonehenge. It is the all time available arena.

Entry Details: This place is open 7 days a week but only between mornings 9.30 to evening 5.00. And, the entry fee for the same varies between 8 British Dollars to 14 Dollars depending upon the category of the person, i.e. child, student or adult.

Nearby Accommodation: There are many hotels near this beautiful and sacred place. Few of them are: Milford Hall Hotel, Qudos, Mercure Salisbury White Hart Hotel etc.

3.    Big Ben Clock Tower

The third largest free standing clock tower, Big Ben is not the name of the tower but the bell present inside this tower, under the name of Benjamin Hall. It has now become an identity of London and one of the best tourist spots.


How to reach:  It is located at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London, United Kingdom.

Festivals: The tower of Big Ben has a festive mood at the time of any special occasion like New Years Eve, Christmas Eve, etc. 

Best Season to visit: The best season to visit this tower is any occasional season like festivals. Be it a new year Eve or a Christmas Eve, the tower is illuminated with sparkling lights and continuous fireworks in the background.

Entry Details: There is no fee charged to see this beautiful building. It located in an open area which is visible to every person in London.

Nearby Accommodation: There are a number of hotels near this clock tower such as Marriott London County Hall, The Sanctuary House Hotel etc.

4. Hylands House and Estate, Essex

Spread across 574 acres of land, Hylands House is the oldest Manson house in Essex, London.


Location: Located on London road, Hylands house is exactly situated in Chelmsford, Essex, London.

How to reach: Near to the international airport of London, this estate building is located inside the Chelmsford Council and thus, connected directly to the airport.

Best Season to visit: There is no such special season to visit this place. Though, at the time of local events of London, there are some festive mood and celebration time in this house too.

Entry Details: The entry fee is 14 Dollars per person to enter this estate building and have a look to this financial centre.

Nearby Accommodation: Atlantic Hotel, Ivy Hill Toll, Chelmsford Hotel are some of the nearby accommodation houses.

5.    Edinburgh Castle

Scotland is known for its historic times and Edinburgh, being its capital has the same importance. This Edinburgh Castle is one such monument from those historic times.


Location:  Located at the heart of the city, this castle is situated in the capital itself. Edinburgh is the place where this castle is situated, just in the centre, the heart of the city.

How to reach: BAA Edinburgh is the nearest airport to reach this castle. Also, for tourists coming by railways, the nearest station is Waverly Station.

Best Season to visit: The best season to visit Edinburgh Palace is from May to September. These are the peak months to visit this place in that various events are held for the tourists in this season.

Entry Details: It costs 16U.S.D. per person to enter this castle and for children this price is 9U.S.D. Special discounts are given to the family and the school students.

Nearby Accommodation: Grass market hotel, The Knight Residence, Apex City Hotel Edinburgh are some of the cheap accommodations.

6. Chester Zoo

With 110 acres of land, this Chester Zoo is the house for more than 10,000 inhabitants. It is one of the largest organic farms with one of the most beautiful butterfly house inside.


Location: This famous farm or park cum Zoo is located in Cheshire, a small part in England.

How to reach: There are many ways to reach here but the best way is to use the railways. You can board the following trains to Chester station, Merseyrail, Arriva, Virgin and Northern Trains.

Best Season to visit: the best season to visit this place is from the month of April to November. This is the peak time where all the animals and species are available to be seen easily.

Entry Details: Costing 20$ per adult and 16$ per child, this zoo is open 7 days a week. 

Nearby Accommodation: There are many hotels and rest rooms near this zoo.  Ba Ba Guest House  , Chester Court Hotel, etc. are the best resting places.

7. Windermere Boat Cruises, Bowness

Windermere is the England’s largest lake and this cruise is set from the shore of this beautiful and calm lake.


Location: Located in Bowness, South Lakeland, Cumbria, England, this lake is situated within the bounds of Lake District Park. 

How to reach: The nearest airport to reach this place is Lake District. Though, the international airport of London is also not far from this place, it is not much favoured.

Best Season to visit: There is no particular season to visit this cruise. The only thing that matter is the climate. Try to book your ship on a bright, windy and cool day.

Entry Details: The ticket to claim the cruise service varies with the type of cruise selected by you. There are various types of cruises depending upon the duration of travel and the quality of travel. The lowest price being 10.50 U.S.D. per person, the price varies drastically.

Nearby Accommodation: Cedar Manor Hotel, Merewood Country House Hoteletc. are few of the nearby accommodation places.

8. Flamingo Land Theme park and Zoo

A combination of zoo and an amusement park, this theme park is full of rides, bars, restaurants and more than 100 species of animals. The first inhabitant being the pink Flamingo, this park is called the same.


Location: located in Malton, north Yorkshire, Britain, this zoo is situated at the heart of the city.

How to reach: the best way to reach this place is to get down the Yorkshire airport or Humberside airport and take a walk or some public transport. These are the two nearby airports from this zoo cum park.

Best Season to visit: There is no particular season for visiting this place, open daily; yet, it is preferred to come on a cool day so that you can enjoy the ambience of this park.

Entry Details: Entry fee of $20 per person is charged for every entry. There are some special discounts for the senior citizens.

Nearby Accommodation: The White Swan Inn, the Wentworth Arms - Inn

Etc. are some of the nearby hotels to stay in.

9. London Tower

Initially a residential place and a prison, this tower of London today stands firm as an identity of the royal London.


Location: Tower of London is located on the north bank of River Thames in Central London.  

How to reach: The easiest way to reach here is to get down the international airport of London and take a bus or car.

Best Season to visit: There is no such special season to visit this place. Always open and visible to the general public, it is more like a public master piece.

Entry Details: Though, the exteriors could be seen by anyone free of cost, to get in and enjoy the perks you need to pay 17$ per adult and 9$ per child. There are many shows, or ceremonies that are conducted inside the premises which may incur some additional cost.

Nearby Accommodation: Grange Tower Bridge and Hotel Indigo London Tower Hill are the two most famous accommodation places.

10. St Paul's Cathedral

This cathedral is a much popularised cathedral of all in that it has the funeral of Mr. Winston Churchill and also, the most royal of all the weddings, the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was conducted in this cathedral only.


Location: It is located on the Ludgate Hill which is situated in the Central London.

How to reach: Heathrow Airport is the nearest airport to reach this cathedral. Though, there are many other ways to reach here, but people prefer walking some distance from the airport.

Best Season to visit: There is no special season for visiting this cathedral. It can be visited at any point of time.

Entry Details: The entry fee for this cathedral is 12$ for the adults and 4$ for the children.

Nearby Accommodation: Grange St. Paul's, Crowne Plaza London the City, Club Quarters St. Pauls are some of the famous hotels.

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