Shopping in Mcleodganj

Shopping in Mcleodganj - Destination Overview
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    Shopping Guide for Mcleodganj, Shop for World Famous Singing Bowl, Soveneirs while your visit to Mcleodganj
  • Location: Himachal Pradesh,India -176219
  • Altitude: 2082
  • Longitude: 76.3212780 East
  • Latitude: 32.2425758 North
  • Nearest Airport: Gaggal
  • Nearest Train Station: Chamunda Devi Marg

Mcleodganj Shopping Guide for Tourists| Things to Do in Mcleodganj

McLeodGanj is a famous tourist Shopping centre in Himachal and many tourists come here to study Tibetan Buddhism, culture, crafts etc.Mcleodganj is specially famous for Trendy Styled Clothes, Tibetan handicrafts, thangkas, Tibetan carpets, garments and other souvenirs.colorful handicraft shops and stalls along each step, which will encourage you to shop till you drop.. There’s lot of stuff for young girls like jewelry, handbags, shawls or stoles etc..

In Mcleodganj, you find Tibetan aromatic candles, oils, and incense sticks. Silver and gemstones or semi-precious stones, prayer flags, Tibetan artifacts, bronze statues, thangkas, small prayer wheels, cham-dance–masks which look quite interesting.

If you need Good Luck Budhas, Head to Mcleodganj, Different types of Budha Statutes are available at Mcledoganj. Varous types include Health Budha, Sleeping Budha, Peace Budha etc. Apart from variation is sizes.

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Bargain Hunting in Mcleodganj

You may find price difference between prices offered by various shops for similar stuff, Hence please do bargaining and also check stuff from road-side kiosks to have an Idea about pricings. You will find that some times you can bargain for 1/3 or half the price. Cheapest Shops you will find in the main market near to Dalai Lama's Residence.

Clothes Shopping in Mcleodganj

Apart from Soveniers, Mcledoganj Market is also popular for cloths among foreigners & Indians.

Apart from the Bargain Hunting Shops, You can also buy things to Support Tibetan Community from Standard Shops ( No Bargaining Here)

Tibetan Handicrafts Centre

THC Employs newly arrived refugees in the weaving of Tibetan carpets. visitors are welcome to watch the weavers in action. For made-to-order clothing, including Tibetan dresses, blouses and waistcoats head over the road to the tailoring section across the road.

TCV Handicraft Centre

TCV Has a huge range of Tibetan souvenirs at fixed prices, including good value T-shirts and traditional wall hangings. Sales benefit the Tibetan Children’s Village.

Stitches of Tibet

This organisation offers a similar tailoring service to that of the Tibetan Handicrafts Centre of Tibet, providing work for newly arrived women refugees.

Green House

Here you can buy products of Himalaya Herbal Teas.

Books Buying and Reading in Mcleodganj

Due to the large number of international travelers visiting Mcleodganj, Book collection in Mcleodganj Shops is excellent. They offer multi-lingual books in German, French, Spanish, Japanese books. Mcleodganj has Many cafes, which offer free wifi with collection of Books also, e,g Mandala and Moonpeak - next to each other on Temple Road - offer free wifi provided you spend 100 rupees on food or drink. Another good Cafe is Common Ground having good reading collection, Cafe offers food choices.

Good Book Shops include BookWorm,

The Dharamshala Community Library

Dharamshala Community Library is a perfect place for a library to be located - it offers brilliant view of the Dhauladhar mountains. In Dharamshala, there is a huge presence of books everywhere.. in cafes, in bookshops, etc. But these books and stores cater mainly to the tourists who visit the town.

 Shopping for Singing Bowl of Mcleodganj

One thing which you definitly need to shop from Mcleodganj is the Singing Bowl, It is a unique artifact which has healing powers & the magical sound touches your core within.


About The Singing Bowl - Famous Thing in Mcleodganj

According to tradition, the Singing bowls are made of seven metals with each metal representing one of the Planets:-

  • Gold - the Sun
  • Silver - the Moon,
  • Mercury - Mercury
  • Copper - Venus,
  • Iron - Mars
  • Tin - Jupiter
  • Lead - Saturn

To the ancient philosophers all visible things were the symbols and representations of invisible powers, thoughts & ideas of the 'Gods' out there in the heavens above. Therefore forms of singing bowls, Tibetan bells, gongs or tingshaws, would alchemically give rise to Sound which would connect the listener with the far reaches of the 'divine forces' and bring the mind of the listener into alignment with unity of everything.

                                                                                                        Handmade Singing Bowls Mcleodganj

Secret Art of Making Singing Bowl

Hot metal was poured onto a flat stone and when cool, was beaten into the shape of a bowl. In modern times, the nomadic smiths seem to have disappeared and sadly, the secret knowledge handed down is dying out with them. Singing bowls produce as many different sounds as there are variations in their metallic content.

Each Singing Bowl is Unique
Every metal manifests its individual sound and harmonics - each offering it's own exceptional medicine of sound - giving a sense of great peacefulness, space and paradoxically profound silence.

Each bowl has a life of its own and sings it's unique song. The resonance flows around and through the body, sympathetically tuning it.  You can hum or intone directly into the resonating bowl. The voice reinforces what the ears are hearing & creates a circuit connecting the ears with the voice, resulting in a more focussed listening mode. The difference between hearing & listening now becomes obvious. Two of the advised guidelines for meditation are the focussing on breath or alternatively on sound. The vibratory sounds of the Singing Bowl are ideal for stilling the mind & bringing it into a centred clarity.

How Singing Bowl ‘Sings’

  • Place the bowl in the palm of your flattened hand. Gong it softly with the wooden mallet and with your eyes closed, absorb the sound. Listen not only with your ears, but also get in touch with how it makes you feel. The sound and harmonics is always a unique experience for each person.
  • Then, strike the bowl lightly again and with pressure rub the mallet firmly around the top outer edge. It starts to sing quietly and increases in volume with successive rotations. Do not force the sound louder than it wishes to vibrate, otherwise it will rattle unpleasantly. Persevere and you will get the knack of it.
  • Sound becomes visible when you rub your bowl, which has been filled with a little water. It hums and sometimes the vibrations even cause a fountain of tiny, sparkling droplets. These sounds patterns the water much like a mandala.

SingingBowl Therapy Mcleodganj

                                                                                     Courtesy Kailash Yoga

Costs of the Singing Bowls in Mcleodganj

Price of the singing bowl depends & Vary according to weight, height, diameter, wall thickness & quality of sound.

  •  Each bowl is individually priced and has its own unique sound.
  •  On average they range between R530.00 & R1300.00