Sanchi Stupa Tourist Guide - Most Ancient Buddhist Stupa in world in 3BC

Sanchi Stupa Tourist Guide - Most Ancient Buddhist Stupa in world in 3BC - Destination Overview
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    Sanchi Stupa Packages starting from Rs 6999/- from Sanchi including full site seeing and excursions
  • Location: Madhya Pradesh,India -174303
  • Nearest Airport: Bhopal
  • Nearest Train Station: Bhopal
  • How to reach: Sanchi Stupas are best approachable from Bhopal , these are located at just 50 kms from Bhopal
  • Season to Visit: Best Season to Visit Sanchi is during Monsoon Season and Winters.

Sanchi Stupa Tourist Guide - Most Ancient Buddhist Stupa in

world in 3BC 

Sanchi is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. It lies at a distance of approximately 52 km from the capital city of Bhopal and 10 km from Vidisha.

Why Sanchi Stupas are so special 

Mahatma Budh never visited or travelled through sanchi, King Ashoka the great made the Sanchi Stupas, These are most ancient stone architecture in India built in 3 BC under king ashoka patronage. Sanchi was built a famous trade route, One of the queen of King Ashoka named Devi's home was nearby in Vidisha. Actual stupa made by King Ashoka was of mud bricks and was half the size, also the platform was made of wood., then from 2nd BC till 1at BC during Sungha Dynasty, it was expanded and stone balustrade was built and harmonica was put on the top. It has diameter of 40 meters and height is 16.5 meters.

Gateways- Torans of Sanchi Stupas

There are 4 gateways during reign of Satvaanah Dynasty. It completed the sanchi stupa project. The fine art done on pillars was done by ivory craftsmen of vidisha. These gateways also called Torans, Lord Budha life was depicted on these Torans as well as jatak kathas. Lord Budha had 550 incarnations, in Jatak kathas he is depicted as elephant having 4 tusks. It is a place for meditation. It is an excellent place for showing initial architecture 2000 years before. Size of these gateways is big enough to let an elephant pass. Sanchi was prominant till 12 centuray AD, many more chaityas and Viharas were built, which were very beautiful.Even after 2000 years the paintings crafted on these gateways still look beautiful. thats is the surprise even today.

Interesting aspect of Sanchi Stupas

Sanchi has no stone mountains nearby, the stone actually came from Vindhyan ranges, it is also called chunaar stone, which can be easily carved after drenched in water. The concept of Ashlat masonary is used in the sanchi stupas. Stones are fixed without any flux or Lime, Sanchi was first site like this.

Major Attractions of Sanchi

The major attractions of Sanchi include a number of Buddhist stupas, monasteries, temples and pillars.Sanchi is famous for outstanding specimen of Buddhist art and architecture, belonging to the period between the third century BC and the twelfth century AD. The most important of all the Sanchi monuments is the Sanchi Stupa. Stupas are large hemispherical domes, containing a central chamber, in which the relics of the Buddha were placed. The Sanchi Stupa is one of the best preserved early stupas in central India. The Sanchi Stupa is surrounded by a railing with four carved gateways facing all the four directions.

Sanchi Stupa Tourist Guide: Rates & Date

Package Duration: 1 night 2 days
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Peak season Rates (Oct to Mar) Off Season Rates (Apr to Aug)
Standard Gateway Retreat Sanchi  Sachi Rs.8,999 Rs.5,499

Package Inclusion:

  • 2 Nights Accomodation
  • 2 Breakfast
  • Ac vehicle for 3 days
  • All siteseeing
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Sanchi Stupa Tourist Guide: Itinerary

Day 1- Old Bhopal Attractions Tour + Sanchi Stupa + Udaigiri Caves
Today you will proceed to Sanchi, an UNESCO World Heritage Site and Udayagiri Caves.Pick up from your hotel in Bhopal city at 9:00 am and proceed on a full-day tour of Old Bhopal attractions and next to Northeast Excursions of Islam Nagar, Sanchi, Udayagiri Caves.
The Magestic 'Great Stupa’ at Sanchi is the oldest stone structure in India dating back to 3rd century. It is located on a hill dotted with a group of stupas, monasteries, temples and pillars. Later visit Udaigiri Caves - a historical Hindu ritual site. Udayagiri that  literally means the 'mountain of the sunrise' consists of a substantial U-shaped plateau immediately next to the River Bes.

Excursion Tour from Old Bhopal Side - Afternoon

  • Islam Nagar
  • Sanchi Stupa
  • Vidisha
  • Udaigiri Caves

Proceed to excursion to Udayagiri Caves and Sanchi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The journey will take 1 hour 30 minutes each way (35 miles/60 km).
Sanchi Visit : - First you will visit Sanchi located 45 km northeast of Bhopal and visit stupas, monasteries, temples and pillars dating from 3rd century BC to 12th century AD. Sanchi is an ancient place of pilgrimage for Buddhists and its uniqueness lies in the fact that Buddha is not represented through figures, but through symbols. The lotus represents the Buddha's birth, the tree signifies his enlightenment and the wheel represents his attainment of nirvana (salvation). Buddha's presence is marked by the footprints and the throne. Sanchi was rediscovered by a British officer in 1818 and later in 1912 restoration work at the site was done in earnest.
Udayagiri Caves Visit :- After Sanchi, Proceed to the Udayagiri Caves (approx. 15 km from Sanchi). The Udayagiri Caves are an early Hindu ritual site located near Vidisha region. They were extensively carved and reworked under the command of Chandragupta II, Emperor of the Gupta Empire, in the late 4th and 5th century AD. These caves are currently a tourist site under the protection of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Udayagiri consists of a substantial U-shaped plateau immediately next to the River Bes. The caves here are a series of rock-cut sanctuaries and images excavated into hillside. The figure of Viṣṇu in his incarnation as the boar-headed Varaha i amongst the more impressive artistic sculptures. The site has important inscriptions of the Gupta dynasty. In addition to these remains, Udayagiri has a series of rock-shelters and petroglyphs, ruined buildings, inscriptions, water systems, fortifications and habitation mounds, all of which have been only partially excavated.
Overnight stay at Sachi


Day -2 Sachi to Bhopal Tour - Full day Tour + Boating in Upper Lake

After breakfast, you will visit for Bhopal for local siteseeing 

  • New Bhopal Tour - Morning Tour - 
  • New Market
  • Bidla Mandir
  • Vidhan Sabha
  • Balavh Bhavan
  • New Bhopal Tour - Afternoon Tour
  • Chinar Park
  • Gandhi Bhavan
  • Shamla Hills
  • Museum of Man
  • Bharat Bhavan
  • Van Vihaar

History of Sanchi Stupa

 Sanchi, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is globally renowned for its many stupas, monasteries, temples and pillars dating from the 3rd century B.C. to the 12th century A.D. The most famous amongst these, the Sanchi Stupa 1, was built by the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka, the then governor of Ujjaini. His daughter and son, Sanghamitra and Mahindra respectively, were sent to Sri Lanka where they converted the king, queen and the local people to Buddhism.

Some of the important monuments in Sanchi are: - 

The Great Stupa No.1- 36.5mts in diameter and 16.4 mts high it is one of the oldest stone structures in India. With a massive hemispherical dome, the stupa stands majestically. The paved procession path around it has become smooth by centuries of pilgrim's visit. Built originally as an earthen stupa by the Emperor Ashoka, it was rebuilt in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC. The last of the additions to this remarkable stupa are the elaborate and richly carved four gateways or Toranas. The first of the four gateways to be erected was the one at the Southern Entrance, followed, in chronological order by the Northern, the Eastern and the Western Gateways.

Suggested Package Itinarary for Sanchi 

Day 01 Arrival at Bhopal -Sanchi

Morning Arrival at Bhopal. Pick up & Transfer to Hotel. Check in to Hotel. After fresh n up departure to Sanchi. Sightseeing of Sanchi -The World Heritage Site” Visit Stupas, Monasteries, Temples and Pillars.. Arrive at Bhopal. Sightseeing of Bhojpur and another World Heritage Site “Bhimbetika caves”. Overnight stay at the Bhopal hotel. 

Day 02 Bhopal- Ujjain

Morning Departure to Ujjain- Arrive at Ujjain. Check in to Hotel. Visit to some Famous temple Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir, Harsiddhi Temple, Sandipani Ashram etc. N/s at Ujjain Hotel.

Day 03 Ujjain-Mandu

Early Morning visit to Mahakaleshwar Temple to attain the “Bhasm Aarti” – Departure to Mandu.

Full Day Sightseeing of Mandu The Darwazas, The Royal Enclave Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal , Hoshang Shah's Tomb , Jami Masjid, Roopmati's Pavilion, Rewa Kund - N/s at Mandu.

Day 04 Mandu-Omkareshwar

Morning Departure to Omkareshwar, On the Way Sightseeing of Maheshwar Temple. Arrival at Omkareshwar Visit to Omkareshwar & Mamleshwar Jyotirlinga Have a holy Bath in Narmada River of Omkareshwar temple. Eve departure to Bhopal. Local Sightseeing places like Bhopal Lake, Birla Temple & Museums. Night stay at Bhopal hotel.& Morning drop to railway Station.

How to reach Sanchi

How to Reach Sanchi by Air: The nearest airport is Bhopal the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal is an important domestic airport in central India, which is served by several airlines. Regular flights connect Bhopal to key Indian cities like: Delhi, Mumbai and so on.

How to Reach Sanchi by Road: Sanchi is located close to important cities in Madhya Pradesh. A good network of roads connects Sanchi to Bhopal (46kms), Vidisha (10kms), Indore (232kms).

How to Reach Sanchi by Rail: The nearest Railhead from Sanchi is also located at Bhopal. A well-laid rail network links Bhopal to several Railway Stations in India. so you can reach Bhopal from any part of the country.