Prashar Lake - High Lands of Eternal Beauty

Prashar Lake - High Lands of Eternal Beauty - Destination Overview
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About Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake is the lake of Gods and is rated as one of the Most Beautiful Destination in world, Parashar Lake is situated  about 44 kms from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India.  Parashar Lake is actually a small himalayan rainwater fed lake on the top of the mountain at 2730 meters. The lake and the temple is very sacred to the Villagers and is dedicated to sage Prashar who meditated there. The temple at parashar lake was built in the thirteenth century.


The Miracle of Floating Island of Parashar lake

The lake has a floating island in it, If you compare the pictures taken at various intervals, you can see that circular island is changing positions. the Parashar lake is very deep & it is still unclear how much is the depth of the Parashar Lake. Temple is very sacred & villagers make a bee line to the temple for visiting temple priest and to seek divine help from the temple gods.




Road Trip tp Parashar Lake

It Takes approx. 3 hours trip from Mandi to Parashar Lake. You take the Mandi palampur Road & make a detour to Kamandh ( The New IIT is situated at Kamandh). The road trip to Kamandh is very scenic but little dangerous, kindly be careful while descenting to IIT mandi at kamandh. After Kamandh the road is fine & almost straight till Baghi Village. The Road upto Baghi Village is well defined & motorable. After Baghi Village, the ascent to parashar lake through mountain dirt road starts & it is about 22 kms from Baghi Village with many small villages enroute to Parashar.

The Route from Mandi to Parashar Lake is as follows

Mandi -> Kamandh (14kms) -> Katola(21 kms) -> Katindhi -> Baghi -> Parashar

In the Baghi, you cross the bridge to come to the mountain on the top of which is Parashar Lake, In land slides of 2013, the Baghi concrete bridge was washed away by big boulders, now a days the bridge is under construction.

The 22kms dirt road from Baghi to Parashar can be navigated by any car, jeep, however the speed is to be kept very slow.

Administration has tried to make the road uptill Parashar lake many times, but heavy snow every year destroys the road.