Pattaya Tourist Guide

Pattaya Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
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Pattaya Tourist Guide

Pattaya's in-your-face Night Life tourism can make your eyes pop out but learned ignorance will take you beyond the obvious and you can enjoy a made for leisure holiday. A certain sense of abandon underlies all that you do in this city, be it splashing around in water on Songkran, shrieking as a ghoul tries to get you at the Haunted House, screaming with giggles as the fish attack you at a fish spa, or gorging on spicy Papaya Salads.

The city is a mish mash of many sights and activities. The Underwater World will take you on a journey through a tunnel as divers tempt sharks and rays with food. At Sriracha Tiger Zoo you will see the hard to digest image of tiger cubs feeding off a sow along with her piglets. A crocodile keeper places his head in a crocodile's jaws and you wonder what would happen if the croc decides to snap it shut.

Mini Siam is a tribute to architecture and has miniature replicas of buildings in Thailand and Europe that have mesmerised the world. Other ways of getting around the city are less spectacular: baht buses and motorcycle taxis.

The beaches draw sunbathers and diving enthusiasts. A few coral islands off the shores of Pattaya have some excellent diving ops that allow you to go beyond acrylic tunnels and really feel the life underwater. If you prefer to stay on the water, jet skiing, kite surfing and windsurfing are exciting.

For more spicy and adventurous affairs, take on the Walking Street at night. Hit the go-go bars and beer bars. Fend off advances by raunchy women. Or don't. Then head to the cabaret shows- Tiffany and Alcazar have made quite an impression-for a snazzy, glamorous show by some of the most gorgeous transvestites (kathoey) in fabulous costumes. It is a fitting finale to a holiday in Pattaya.

Places to see in Pattaya

While Pattaya is all glitz at night, the days are all about beaches, parks, temples, elephants and more. If the city gets too much for you, there are some lovely islands that are a short ferry ride away like Koh Larn, Koh Phai and Koh Sak. But not before you've enjoyed its beaches. Pattaya, Jomtien and Naklua are popular city beaches.

A short drive from the city takes you to the Elephant Village. You can go on an elephant trek through streams or watch the friendly elephants perform.

For the best of world architecture albeit on a miniature scale, Mini Siam it is. Apart from the famous buildings of Thailand, you will also see models of European structures. Exclaim over the bizarre, get spooked in the haunted house and be disoriented in the mirror maze. Strike a pose with the wax statues at Madame Tussaud’s Museum. Laser Trek and the Motion Master Moving Theatre will take you to another reality altogether. Outside, grab a drink at a cocktail bar set up in a van.

Parks frequently adorn the grounds around Buddhist temples in Pattaya like Wat Yanasangwararam which is on the outskirts of the city. Close to this temple is the Buddha Mountain (Khao Chee Chan). It is relatively new and was conceptualised to mark the King's 50th anniversary. The image of Buddha, over 400 ft tall, was carved on the face of the mountain in two days using laser technology followed by the more laborious process of filling it with gold. Lotus ponds at the base of the mountain sit at Buddha's feet.


Things to do in Pattaya

Do you like to keep the game on even on a holiday? Canter on a horse or play a tennis set at the Pattaya Sports Club or speed around the loop in go-karts at the Pattaya Karts Speedway. Play big and race around the tracks at the Bhira International Circuit. Put a bullet in your target at the Paintball Park. Hang suspended in the air after the 165 ft bungee jump. Shoot like you mean it at Tiffany's Shooting Range. Watch a Muay Thai boxing match or learn to pack a punch and witness the rigorous training of champs at Kombat Village.

You haven't really experienced Pattaya till you have seen the Tiffany's and Alcazar cabaret shows. The Tiffany's Cabaret Show was one of the first transvestite cabaret shows in South East Asia. The beautiful transvestites in glamorous costumes put on a show that you will never forget. Technology meets culture at the Alangkarn Show which blends acrobatics, laser shows, theatre, music and circus. It delivers a dramatic stage show.

Places to Eat in Pattaya

Food in Pattaya is a mixture of all that is on offer around Thailand. And it shouldn't come as a surprise that it will set your mouth on fire. Street food though not the most hygienic has many tasty options.

Vendors sell Pork Spareribs near Soi Buakaow market. Keep your eyes peeled for vendors selling Kebab with Pita bread, Banana Pancakes and a sweet dessert, Khao Neow Ma Muang, where mango is served with sweet rice and coconut milk.

Don't miss out on fried bugs and worms dipped in hot sauce. You can eat scorpions and cockroaches that are deep-fried. For dessert, try the grasshoppers. If that is too much to take, play safe with Noodle Soups that are everywhere.

Som Tam, affectionately known as Papaya Pok Pok because of its noisy preparation, is a lovely salad. Green papaya is tossed with peanuts and dressed with honey, red chilli peppers, fish sauce and shrimp paste. Tom Yum Goong is a delicious soup with lemongrass and shrimps. Almost all soups are flavoured with coconut milk. The sauces often make a big difference and are available in three varieties - red, green and yellow.

Shopping in Pattaya

The relaxed atmosphere in Pattaya encourages shoppers to browse though its markets and shopping complexes and most don't leave empty handed. Soi Buakaow Market is as authentic an experience as you can have in Pattaya. Mostly locals visit this crowded market and the prices are reasonable. There are pretty artificial flowers. If you like it real, you can buy fresh flowers, plants and even an adorable puppy. Take a break at the food and cold drinks stalls. Made in Thailand Night Plaza is a day market where you can bargain.

For a more regular shopping experience, malls like Royal Garden Plaza, Tesco-Lotus,, Central Festival Centre and Mike's Shopping Mall are good. Gem's Gallery is huge and includes a toy train ride and a lesson in gems

The floating markets and night markets give shopping a whole new angle. The Pattaya Floating Market or Damnoem Saduak is the place to go for fruits, silks, handicrafts and food. The open air Thepprasit Night Market and the Naklua Sunday Market are packed with stalls selling knick-knacks.

Traveller Tips for Pattaya

  • If you are facing any trouble, get in touch with the Tourist Police in Pattaya. It is a special taskforce set up to assist tourists. Their minivan offices are found at tourist hot spots like Second Road.
  • Prostitution is rampant. Steer clear of Beach Road especially at night.

Pattaya, Thailand Tourist Guide

Useful tips for a Pattaya visit.

Pattaya in Thiland is  truely a paradise in Far east, it is one of the liveliest part of world.There is so much to do in Pattaya, right from relaxing in water to hanging out with girls, sunrise to nightlife, go go bar visits, hanging out with most beautiful girls in world, stress relieving massages, Shopping malls etc..

Where to stay in Pattaya:

1. North Pattaya: North Pattaya is a much quieter area and the beach here is very big, broad and cleaner. Though you have bhat buses running but people interested in night life, or who want to hang out with girls, might not be interested to stay here.Most of the premier and expensive resorts are here.

2. Central Pattaya: This is the place which is most convinient to stay and there is a wide variety of hotels/resorts to choose from depending on every type of budget. Try to stay as near the beach road as possible as everything is accessible by walk.The good hotels here are SEA ME SPRING, Sawasdee Seaview, Bella Villa Express, Siam Bayview, Stay hotel etc

3. South Pattaya: A little extra crowded but this is the place where all action is. From nice hotels to good restaurants, close to nightlife, night bazaars, go go bars, Night Life joints, night bars, massage centres etc

Every Saturday night there is a night market in pattaya which is not to be missed.

Fire Festival in Pattaya: The fire festival starts in winters and is for 3-4 days. Anyone planning to visit pattaya in winters should try to cover this as the fire crackers are wonderful and the crowd amazing;)

Things to do in Pattaya:

1. Must visit coral island, beaches in coral island are a not only clean but also swimmers paradise. With lesser crowd (if visited on weekdays) and a clean beach, you would not like to come out of it.You get a ferry from Bali Pier in south Pattaya which is much cheaper and takes you to the island in roughly the same time as the speed boats take a long time at the para-sailing area.

2. Ripleys believe it or not in Pattaya

his is a wonderful way to spend 3-4 hours  in pattaya. It is Located at the central festival mall , RBION has 5 sections- Infinity Maze, 5D movie, haunted house, Madame Tussads wax statues and the Screm house. All the 5 sections are superb and you would love each and every part of it. The whole package for 5 sections costs 1000 bhat and each and every penny is worth it.

3. Under water World in Pattaya

It is located about 7 kms from pattaya is the Underwater world where they have built a water tunnel and you see all sorts of sea creatures flowing above your head. It is worth a visit.

4. Noong Nooch Tropical Gardens Pattaya

They are refered as the largest gardens in Asia and are truely breathtaking. They are immensely creative and structured in a wonderful manner. A treat to the watcher. The cost for them is 300 bhat per person.

5. Walking Street Pattaya

Walking street is a must visit in pattaya, Its the nightlife the pattaya is famous for! If you go to pattaya and not visit walking street its a sin! Just visit this everyday and yes for family people, you can also go there, you would not feel isolated.

6. Alcazar show Pattaya

Alcazar show is a Very beautifully created show. It Gives insight into thai culture and various traditions. Lights and costumes are wonderfull. The cost for this is 600 Bhat which includes a welcome drink which is a glass of cold drink.

7. Sanctury of truth Pattaya

Nice to see but too much for the price, so can be viewed from outside!

8. Pattaya Hill

A must visit as it gives a wonderfull view of the bay and whole pattaya, its wonderfull during sunset!


Best Restaurants in Pattaya

There are many indian restaurants in pattaya at every corner. Vegetarians do not have to worry and some great wonderfull Vegetarian restaurants are available in Patraya.

Indian Restaurants in Pattaya

  • Madras Darbar (2nd road opp Siam Bayview hotel),
  • Bombay Palace( walking street),
  • Zaika (2nd road),
  • Aladin (opp basaya beachview resort),
  • Shahi Indian restaurant,
  • Maharani restaurant (with live mujra! towards south pattaya) etc.

There are also McDonalds, KFC, Burger Girl, Pizza hut available. Also many other sort of food is available.

9 Street food in Pattaya

you get all sort of sea food which is simply amazing readily on streets and the beach road in pattaya is full of it

10 Fruits in pattaya

In Pattaya you would find the fruits being sold on streets and with high level of hygeine. The favourite among them being Pineapples, water melon, musk melons, guava, apples!

Getting Around in Pattaya

Getting around Pattaya is pretty easy to figure out, as its three main roads are called Beach Road, Second Road, and Third Road, with the main tourist street called Walking Street.

The beach in the main part of town is pretty dirty and not very appealing for swimming, you can rent some beach chairs and an umbrella for about $2 USD and can enjoy the view with some cheap drinks. Eating is also cheap, as there are a lot of great, affordable restaurants down Beach Road as well as countless food stalls.  For those who prefer a cleaner beach for swimming, ferries are available to the nearby island of Ko Laan which features clear water and white sand beaches.


Pattaya Night Life Guide

During the day, Pattaya seems to be like every other beach town in Thailand, but by night it turns into another world.  A world completely driven by world's oldest tradition.Night Life tourism has turned Pattaya into a most popular destination for over 5 million annual visitors every year..

It’s important to note that prostitution is illegal in Thailand. The Girls carry ID cards to prove they are at least 18.

On the Walking Street in Pattaya, Life is also in full swing, but much more organized, efficient, and profitable. 

There are only two things to do on Walking Street (other than walk): go-go bars and seafood.  Many of the people walking along have no interest in the go-go bars, other than to peep at them from the outside. 

There are over 100 go-go bars on this street and in the nearby alleys.  Each bar has a theme to it as well. 

There is Moulin Rougue where the girls are European and not Asian, Escape from Alcatraz where girls wear striped convict outfits,

The Airport Bar where girls are dressed as Night Lifey stewardesses .. you get the idea.  The bars all have girls standing outside in matching outfits, many also with signs, trying to lure guests into their bar.

You can visit go-go bar with the cheapest beer, of course, and settle in for some ultimate people watching entertainment.  The go-go bars look similar to strip clubs on the inside, except there are many more poles and platforms scattered throughout the bar instead of just one or two stages.  Unlike at an erotic-type bar in the U.S. where girls are dancing with some level of skill and professionalism, these girls are basically just walking in place.

Pattaya go go bar Guide

Night Life Tourists, in Go Go Bar, must first agree on a price first, then head to the bartender and pay a release fee.  

At the back of the bar, there is a big, erasable light-up board with 30 or so numbers written on it.  The girls who have been spoken for have their numbers crossed off, as if it’s a game of Keno or something. 

Final thoughts on Pattaya Go Go Bars and Night Life Girls

There is a strict no photography policy inside all go-go bars in Pattaya.  Getting caught taking a picture is a good way to get either your face or your camera broken. The girls in Pattaya legitimately look like they enjoy what they are doing and want to be here.  The truth is, many of these girls were not given a choice of career paths, and others just didn’t know any better. 

The smiling and laughing with customers may be real in the moment, but in reality these girls are having their lives stolen from them one foreigner at a time, in a city that prides itself on that process.

Pattaya offers Vibrant Night Life to Tourists with other tourist attractions like beautiful gardens, temples, and beaches nearby.