Mumbai Food Guide

Mumbai Food Guide - Destination Overview

Mumbai Food Guide

The Mumbai food joints are few of the oldest and most famous ones scattered all across the city. These eating joints consist of both veg and non-vegetarian delicacies. Restaurants of Mumbai are worth paying every penny from your pocket especially when they are not going to burn a hole in your pocket and will prove seriously a rewarding experience to the foodies.

Where Enjoy Delicious food in Mumbai

Apart from Mumbai’s nightlife along with cultural and historical importance the food of here is very much famous, and despite of a number of high class restaurants people of Delhi prefer their street foods that one can get it at very reasonable prices, which makes Mumbai one of the top choices for foodies to look for mouth-watering foods in India.

The Andheri area of Mumbai consists of some mouth-watering dishes like Vada Pao, chats, Dosa and pao bhaji along with delicious non-veg food includes Biryani, chinese and tandoori that one can find in one of the many restaurants here in this area..

Apart from Andheri one can visit Colaba, Bandra and Thane to enjoy authentic Maharashtrian or Continental cuisine. The Ghasitairam sweets is very popular and is visited by food lovers from faraway places.

Popular restaurants in Mumbai

Punjabi Ghasitaram sweets 

This restaurant is at Anna Nagar in Gilbert hill area of Andheri West and is highly popular for Pav Bhaji, Puri Bhaji and Chhole Bhature along with some South Indian snacks.


Contact  - 022 2403 3636

Why visit Punjabi Ghasitaram sweets – One should visit here for the number of varieties of Cakes and patries. This restaurant is famous for its Gulab Jamuns with rose petals and dry fruit surprises inside. Also some of the delicious mouth watering snacks like Pav Bhaji, Puri Bhaji and Chhole Bhature along with some South Indian dishes are available here.

Rates of Punjabi Ghasitaram sweets – Rates of Ghasitaram Sweets are very nominal. A plate of Dosa will cost you around 100 rs and a plate of Pao Bhaji is 80 rs only

Ambience – The ambience is very nice and clean. The order and service is very quick.

Mangia Fuori 

This is a Italian food joint in Vile Parle east popular for its Thin Crust Pizza.


Contact - (+91) 22 66751729

Why visit Mangia Fuori – Mangia Fuori is popular for its thin-crusted pizzas prepared in the traditional Italian style wood-fired ovens using quality Italian ingredients.Chocolate Mousse and Tiramisu are two of the must haves here.

Rates of Mangia Fuori – Mangia Fuori is easy on your pockets without burning a hole. Soups here cost around 250 rs and praws and fish items are a bit costly around 550 rs.

Ambience–Mangia Fuori means a mango tree because the restaurant designed as Shades of mango with soothing hues and beautiful textures of glass impart a light and airy ambience to this restaurant.

Ashok Vada Pao Stall 

Ashok Vada Pao stall is one of the most popular Vada pao joints in Mumbai. Located near Kirti College Lane, Prabhadevi this place is highly crowded with food lovers.


Contact 022 24369003

Why visitAshok Vada Pao Stall- People of Mumbai call itthe best Vada Pav in the city. The food here warm, crisp, textured in both, batter and spice. The chutney is what makes it better to most of the competitors. It's tangy mix of sweet and spicy.

Rates ofAshok Vada Pao Stall – The Vada pao here only costs 15 rs.

Ambience - Ashok's Vada Pav Stall has been serving delicious vada pao in Mumbai for decades now.

Al Tosha’s 

Al Tosha’s is a Mughalai food joint popular for its chicken cutlets and other non-veg food items. The restaurant is in Andheri West near Madersa Nabwiya Building

Contact - +91 9920285513

Why visitAl Tosha’s – This restaurant is very popular for its Russian Chicken cutlets along with Biryani and Butter Chicken.

Rates – The rates are very low compared to the area where this food outlet is located. The rates of Chicken Angara Half is only INR 80 and Mutton Keema Half is INR 90. Chapatis cost you around 6 to 8 rs.

Ambience – There is no dine in but on can stand outside and eat. The kitchen area is clean.

Smoking Pizzas 

This is an amazing restaurant popular for its amazing Pizzas in Sector 10. Pizzas served here are great and better than most of the larger Pizza chains

Contact - 022 64211715

Why visit Smoking Pizzas – For Pizza lovers The Pizza stuffing is and the taste is way better for less price only. The non-veg pizza items here are a must have especially the chicken supreme. The vegetarians can opt for Jain Pizza or Farmhouse.

Rates of Smoking Pizzas – The rates here are very less compared to the bigger pizza outlets. Spaghetti here costs 250 INR and Garlic Bread with Cheese is 50 INR. The pizza too wont cost you must as Chicken Supreme is 450 for a large one and Pasta is only 200 rs.

Ambience – The ambience is nice and the dining area is clean and large. The order time is not that fast but the food served here is amazing.

Gupta Bhelwala 

is a popular chat point located near Kala Ghoda.

Contact – N/A

Why visitGupta Bhelwala – This food joint is famous for its collection of over a dozen varieties of chaat that is as cheap as it gets. This place though is famous for its half-hot-half-cold ragda pani puri and fried dal bhel.

Rates of Gupta Bhelwala–The rates here doesn’t exceed more than 30 rs.

Ambience – An open but clean stall is filled with costumers.


Bagdadi is located right behind Taj hotel in Colaba. Famous for its North Indian style cuisine one must visit this place for its variety of mutton and chicken dishes.

Contact - 022 22028027

Why visit Bagdadi-Bagdadi is the best place for those who want to eat quality food despite burning a hole in their pocket. The place is famous for its extra large rotis that is equal of two and a half roti at a normal restaurant.

Rates of Bagdadi-Eating at Bagdadi is very cheap, one can order a plate of Chicken fry for just 95 rs and a plate of mutton masala or curry will cost you only between 90 to 100 rs.

Ambience -Ambience of this restaurant is average but the Service is fast and the eating and kitchen areas are clean. There is no parking available

Punjabi Tadka byCrystal

A popular food joint that is located in Lower Parel. The food served here is piping hot, fresh and yum and one can have sumptuous meal for very less price.

Contact - 022 24990099, 022 24990077

Why visit Punjabi Tadka byCrystal–This restaurant is popular between both vegetarians and non-vegetarians for its amazing food especially Paneer Butter Masala, Mutton Roghan Josh along with Aaloo palak, Veg pulao and Boondi Raita at are delicious.

Rates of Punjabi Tadka byCrystal–Tandoori roti here will cost you some 20 rs and Aalu Paratha is 50 rs only. Main course meal such as Chicken Biryani is 190 rs along with warps that will cost you around 120 rs only.

Ambience – The restaurant is air conditioned and dine in space is available.

Chit Chat 

The Mini Food Court –Chit Chat is located in Vile Parle east that is famous for its fast food items at reasonable low prices.


Contact - 9029011520

Why visitChit Chat – The Mini Food Court – This place is a popular fast food joint that serves a variety of Jain food too.

Rates of Chit Chat – The Mini Food Court - A4-Course Meal With Sizzling Brownie will just cost you Rs.270

Ambience – This is an open space food outlet but is kept clean and with proper ventilation.

Café Madras 

This is a very popular South Indian restaurant located in Matunga East that is popular for serving up delicious South Indian breakfast.

Contact - 022 24014419

Why visit Café Madras–For those who are big fans of the south Indian food for them cafe madras is the best place to visit. The place is so popular that there is a minimum waiting time for 10 minutes.Food items like ghee dosa along with sambhar and medu wada is very much recommended. The varieties of sheera is also worth having.

Rates of Café Madras – The rates of Café Madras is very low and nominal. A plate of steamed idli costs you 35 rs and the butter idli costs 60 rs. A plate of Masala Dosa will cost you 50 rs along with Tuppa Dost that is must try is 45 rs only.

Ambience–The restaurant has a proper serving and dining area still there is a huge waiting time but still the service is quiet fast.

Raja Refreshments  

This is a pure veg restaurant in Girgaum area popular for its vegetarian food items like Chinese, Maharashtra and North Indian. The restaurant’slower section is a Non AC and the upper section is AC one.

Contact - 022 33487901

Why visit Raja Refreshments – This restaurant is popular for its typical South Indian dishes like Idli, Dosa, Wada & Uthappa along with Punjabi veg food and Chinese noodles and fried rice.

Rates of Raja Refreshments–Price of Medu Vada per plate is 40 rs Sczhewan Dosa is 65. Pizzas will cost you around 150 rs and Pao Bhaji is 90 rs.

Ambience – This restaurant has a large seating area with hygienic atmosphere divided in two parts. The restaurant’s lower section is a Non AC and the upper section is Air Conditioned.


Bansl is a street food join located in Malad West known for its Vada Pao.

Contact - +91 8108318200

Why visit Bansl–Bansl is known for its Vada Pao and Samosa as the primary snacks they serve. Their samosas were crispy and the fillings tasty.The vada fillings are yummy.

Rates of Bansl – The limited menu is very suitable for your tastes, Samosa Pav and Vada pav both will cost you 12 rs.

Ambience–The eating area is clean and the cooking area is kept hygienic.

B. Merwan 

B. Merwan is an old restaurant located in Grant Road one can visit here for a quick , light and awesome breakfast.The mava cakes and mava kharis are a must try


Contact - 022 23093321

Why visit B. Merwan – B Merwan is legendary for its Egg Omelet dishes that includes Omelets pao. The mava cakes and mava kharis are signature food items and a must try.

Rates of B. Merwan – The omelettes made with onions and chillies and served with three slices of pao will only cost you 24 rs.

Ambience – This Irani food joint retains its 100 year old ambience and the limited menu.

Royal Sindh 

This is another of the popular restaurants located in Andheri West, it is popular for good sindhi food at fairly low prices.

Contact –N/a

Why visit Royal Sindh – For those who have a taste for good sindhi food this place is a must visit, especially for its delicious currys and pakodas. Both Veg and non-veg food is available here.

Rates of Royal Sindh – Pakodas costs around 120 rs, starters both veg and non veg won’t cost you more than 150 rs. The pahadi Kabab is a must try and it costs 160 rs. A chicken roll will cost you 100 rs. The main course curry items are also reasonably priced that ranges from 120 to 160 rs. Sindhi Baigan and Chicken Sindh masala are a must try.

Ambience – The ambience is great. The seating area is clean and air conditioned and the kitchen area looks good too.

6th Street Yogurt

This is a small but amazing dessert place located near Chinoy Mansion in Kemps Corner. The cranberry watermelon is very popular here along with the flavors of original Yogurt.


Contact - 022 23611808

Why visit 6th Street Yogurt– This is very popular FroYo place that serves sweet toppings combinations with Yogurt. The hazelnut chocolate spread is a must have here. Their cranberry melonis also popular and highly regarded.

Rates of 6th Street Yogurt–A small cup of Yogurt costs 60 rs and a large cup is 280. The toppings vary from classic, premium and exotic that costs 20, 30 and 40 rs each.

Ambience–The seating area is clean and so is the preparation area,

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