Mcleodganj The Food Lover's heaven in India

Mcleodganj The Food Lover's heaven in India - Destination Overview
  • Package Prices
    Starting from Rs 5999/- Including 3 times 3 course meal in Top Restaurants in Mcleodganj
  • Location: Himachal Pradesh,India -
  • Altitude: 2082
  • Longitude: 76.3239 East
  • Latitude: 32.2386 North
  • Nearest Airport: Gaggal (Dharamshala)
  • Nearest Train Station: Una & Pathankot (Broad Gauge) Chamunda Devi (Narrow Gauge)
  • How to reach: By Air: The nearest airport is Gaggal Airport, an hour's drive from Dharamshala. By Bus : Many buses of all classes (deluxe, air-conditioned, and regular) drive daily between Dharamsala and major cities such as Chandigarh, Delhi, and Shimla. Several buses each night connect McLeod Ganj with Majnu Ka Tila, the Tibetan settlement in Delhi. By Train : The nearest broad gauge railway station is in Una , 2.5 hours from Dharamshala and well connected to the rest of Northern India. There is another narrow gauge railway line from Pathankot & nearest railway station is Chamunda Devi.
  • Season to Visit: The best-time to visit Mcleodganj is between March and June and then again between mid-September and November.

Mcleodganj Restaurant Guide|Why Mcleodganj is Food Lover's heaven

Warning for Food Lovers in Mcleodganj - Extremely Low Cost & Ultimate Quality

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                                                                                                    Mcleodganj Momos the best momos in world

Mcleodganj is not only the Tibetan Capital in Exile &abode of the Dalai Lama in India, but McLeodganj is very famous for another thing apart from scenic places, That is Food..Mcleodganj is unique food heaven which nourishes both soul as well as the body.

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Shopping Guide for Mcleodganj

Mcleodganj is also called "Little Lhasa" decorated with multi-coloured prayer flags, its streets lined with food stalls selling ethenic Tibetan food, Italian Food, Punjabi/Indian Foods.In mcleodganj, Namgyal cafe with in temple is famous for vegetarian food, tofu, sprouts-veggie salad and cheese- spinach pizza. cafe offering are very generous in size.

                                                                                                Mcleodganj Lunch Break with heavenly food

McLeodganj is also a food lover's paradise, with an exciting range of cuisine from Europe, Tibet, Bhutan, India and Japan at affordable prices. Mcleodganj is best explored on foot as all the restaurants/hotels are centred around the main bazaar area. 

A Typical meal for two in Mcleodganj would cost around Rs 350-Rs 500. Apart from these, there are many more dhabas in Mcleodganj places which offer staple dal-roti-rice meals. Keeping in mind the Buddhist traditions, most of the restaurants are vegetarian.

Mcleodganj is the right place to relax. McLeodganj is the place to go to when you wish to do nothing, think nothing and say nothing But Eat and drink heavily with eyes closed and pockets happy:) 

Suggested whole Day Food Options in Mcleodganj ( Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snacks & Dinner)

Breakfast  option 1 in Mcleodganj - Try usual punjabi style Aloo parathas and Masala chai in any typical Mcleodganj Restaurant enjoying the cool & misty breeze.

Breakfast Option 2 in Mcleodganj - Try French cafe restaurtant with exceptional ambiance, Try French breakfast of toast, assorted jam and sauces, farmer's sandwich, croissants, Danish pastry & with some fine tea.

Lunch option 1 in Mcleodganj - In Snowlion restaurant, One can enjoy Tibetan lunch of tasty momos, Tingmo (made of refined flour rolled like a ball and steamed), Bakleb (Tibetan style samosas) and Thukpas (a meal of soup and noodles). For dessert,the delicious Lemon Cheese cake.

Lunch Option 2 in Mcleodganj :-  Try Restaurant Pemathang, which is one the best pizzeria, Start with pasta followed by Macaroni and Penne In Arrabiata sauce,thin 'melt in your mouth' crust pizza with spinach and cashew, finish your meal with carrot cake.

Lunch Option 3 in Mcleodganj :- Try Kokonor Restaurant on Bhagsu road. Here they serve excellent authentic Italian and Tibetan food. Try your hand on some fantastic Bakleb accompanied by fruit teas, followed by Spinach Ravioli and the best Gnocchi in town, finally finish your meal with divine Bananas In Chocolate sauce.

Afternoon Snack - At English bakery at Nowrojee junction, One can enjoy pastries, cookies,lemon tarts, Black Forest cakes, chocolate mousse, gateaus with a mug of cappuccino.

Dinner Option 1 in Mcleodganj - ANick's Kitchen, with open terrace overlooking the valley below, Pizzas are flavoured with natural herbs and baked in wooden ovens. One can enjoy authentic Italian food at dirt cheap prices. Try thin crust pizzas with white wine. For the main course, One can have Penne In Alfredo Sauce, Tagliatelle With Spinach In Olive oil and Risotto With Mushrooms. End your day with Tiramisus.

Dinner Option 2 in Mcleodganj :- Try restaurant Ashoka. The ambience is 'Old Delhi' style -- crowded with closely arranged tables. This restaurant serves Tandoori as well as good Lebanese food, You can enjoy Hummus, Falafel, Tabbouleh accompanied with some fluffy Pita bread and Tahini. wash all down with beer..


Top Recommeneded Restaurants in Mcleodganj


McLlo Restaurant Mcleodganj

  •     Location :- City Centre Bus Stand
  •     Price Range of Mcllo Restaurant :- Rs 75-195
  •     Restaurant Timings :-  Hours 10am-10pm
  •     Holiday Travel review for McLlo Restaurant :- Cheap & Best, Recommended to visit for a casual drink/dinner., Good Ambiance, Great variety of  Food Menu including Indian, Chinese cusine, Italian Food including Pizza and Pasta.
  •     Holiday Travel Recommendation :- Butter Chicken with Butter Nan

Taste of India Restaurant Mcleodganj


  •     Taste of India Address:-  Jogibara Rd
  •     Price range of Taste of India Restaurant :- Rs50-100
  •     Holiday Travel review for Taste of India :- Not Very Clean but Food is tasty and Spicy. Not to be visited with Family. Good for back packers.
  •     Holiday Travel food Recommendation for Taste of India:- Tandoori Chicken , Indian Lentil, Dal Fry

Oogo’s Cafe Italiano Mcleodganj

     Holiday Travel review for Oogo’s Cafe Italiano :- Suitable for Light Snacks and Italian Dishes. Enjoy meals with Books.

Lung Ta Restaurant Mcleodganj

  •     Lung Ta Address :- Jogibara Rd
  •     Lung Ta Price range :- Rs30-50
  •     Lung La Opening Hours :- Noon-8.30pm Mon-Sat
  •     Holiday Travel Review for Lung Ta :- Best and only Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Himachal Pradesh and Mcleodganj. Must Visit for enjoying Japanese Cuisine

Moonpeak Espresso Restaurant Mcleodganj

  •     Moonpeak Espresso Address :- Temple Rd
  •     Moonpeak Espresso  Price :- Rs30-60
  •     Moonpeak Espresso Hours :-  7am-8pm
  •     Holiday Travel review for Moonpeak Espresso :- American taste & Ambiance in Mcleodganj. Must visit for quick coffee.

MoonPeak Thali ( Special Himachali Thali in Mcleodganj)

Address :- 1st. Floor Near Dalai Lama Temple , Temple Road , McLeod Gunj , Upper Dhramsala, Dharamsala, India

Enjoy Average Priced food ( Not low cost), special Himachali Vegetarian Thali ( 150 Rs) , Famous Mutton with Rice. Baiscally a small joint with 5 - 6 tables, a hole in the wall type. Famous for ginger/lemon honey tea, delicious soups,chicken Thali, Niçoise omelette,Dal Bori in Spinach Gravy, muesli fruit curd,chicken tikka with garlic naan, chicken poached sandwiches with carrots

About Nicoise Omellette

Enjoy the fluffy omelette here, serves omelette with 2 slices of brown bread. The stuffing include olives and mushrooms.

Closes Early ( Depends on Customers)

Namgyal Café Restaurant Mcleodganj (part of the Tsuglagkhang Complex)

  •      Holiday Travel Review of Namgyal Café Restaurant:- Only Restaurant inside a Temple, Best Cakes,  ideal for Romantic Atmosphere, Budget Travellers
  •     Namgyal Cafe Address :- Temple Rd City Centre
  •     Namgyal Cafe Price snacks:-  Rs30-80
  •     Namgyal Cafe Restaurant Hours :- Hours 10am-10pm Tue-Sun

Nick’s Italian Kitchen Mcleodganj

  •      Nick’s Italian Kitchen Address Bhagsu Rd
  •      Nick’s Italian Kitchen Price meals Rs50-100
  •      Nick’s Italian Kitchen Hours 7am-9pm
  •      Holiday Travel review for Nick’s Italian Kitchen :- Tasty vegetarian pizzas, pasta and gnocchi.  Excellent desserts like chocolate brownies with hot chocolate sauce. Eat inside by candlelight or out on the terrace with excellent valley view.

Khana Nirvana Restaurant Mcleodganj

  •     Khana Nirvana Address Temple Rd
  •     Website
  •     Holiday Travel review for Khana Nirvana :- Ideal for serving healthy vegetarian breakfasts, soups and salad, pita sandwiches, burritos and organic tea. A Relaxing place just to idle out.