Marari Beach Resort Guide - Mararikulam Pilgrimage Tourist Guide

Marari Beach Resort Guide - Mararikulam Pilgrimage Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
  • Package Prices
    Staring from Rs 19999/- including 2 nights/3 days hotel stay and full Mararikulam site seeing and excursions
  • Location: Kerala,India -
  • How to reach: Just One hour drive from Kochi International Airport ( COK)
  • Season to Visit: Best Season to Visit is from October to March.

Marari Beach Resort Guide - Mararikulam Pilgrimage Tourist Guide

Enjoy at Marari Beach Resort, Go to Temple Trails including Major Hindu Temple - The Mahadeva temple

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Mararikulam or Marari Beach Beach is another fascinating place that sports a serene environment. Play with the cool waters or just laze around and enjoy the cool breeze. Kerala in South India is admired for its backwaters.

Tourist attractions in Mararikulam also include experiencing the real thrill of these backwaters. Mararikulam is a beach village in the district of Alappuzha. Mararikulam is the fertile land of communism and it has a very beautiful beach which is known by the name Marari Beach or Mararikulam beach.

Marari Beach Tourist Guide

Mararai Beach is one of beach village in the district of Alappuzha-Kerala-India,located just 11 km from Alappuzha (Alleppey) town. 

It is rated as the most beautiful destination in Kerala, and was rated as one of the worlds top five hammock beach by National Geographic survey. Marari is a nature lover's paradise.

At Marari Beach, you can unwind completely with aimless walk on a path strewn with wildflowers, Spending Or an hour spent with a Monarch butterfly, Or a glowing afternoon on a near-empty beach, watching the waves change colour?

At Marari Beach, can throw away the to do list and be free to enjoy

Why you must Visit Marari Beach

Beautiful and Best Beach Just over an hour south of Cochin
Perfect place to relax on the beach at the end of a tour of Kerala or after a journey aboard a traditional house boat.


Things to do at Marari Beach

  • Yoga session in the early morning 
  • Enjoy rejuvenating Ayurvedic Massage
  • Cooking Lessons at your resort :- Learn the exotic spices
  • Savour The day’s catch: always the centerpiece at all Marari restaurants
  • Enjoy the Wonderful sunset views across the Indian Ocean

Best Hotels Resorts at Marari Beach

1. Marari Beach Resort - Managed by CGH Earth Group

Marari Beach Resort is the best resort and Best hotel option at the Marari beach.

Marari Weekend Package - at Marari Beach Resort

Day One
Reach The beach resort from Cochin. Enjoy the resort lawns, lotus ponds and thatched roofed villas. A coconut grove touching the beach dotted with hammocks will invite you for a day of doing nothing!  

In the evening participate in meditation. Later, learn to tie the traditional saree/dhoti for yourself, followed by a cooking demonstration by our chef. 

Day Two - Yoga, Ayurveda, temple Trail - Beach in the evening

Delight in a session of yoga, or take a morning stroll with one of our naturalists - a fine way to introduce yourself  to the Malabar coasts' rich flora. After breakfast, it's time to get going on the Temple Trail (trip to 5 major temples around Alleppey) including Mahadeva Temple. Luxuriate in an ayurveda massage, late in the afternoon. Have some energy left? Visit the organic farm, ayurveda garden or butterfly garden. In the evening explore the fishing villages on a bicycle or take a dip in Marari's waters.
Day Three - Afternoon Check out after Relaxation
Enjoy a leisurely morning out on your personal verandah. After breakfast drive back to the airport.


Mararikulum Mahadeva Temple Visit - Marari Beach

Mararikulum Mahadeva Temple is very famous and big as well as quite and peaceful. The architecture of the temple is amazing. It is worth to visit.

It is believed that Sree Mahadeva resides here in this bhava as MARARI  and Devi resides in SWAYAMVARA PARVATHI, wishing to marry Sree Mahadeva .Both Idols are self originated (Swayambhu),in Mahamuni’s Ashramam .

Mararikulam Sree Mahadeva temple is the most important and ancient Shiva temple in south India with origins dating back to centuries of years. The temple lies about 1 KM west from the NH 47,and is about 14KM from Alleppey.The temple is unique as this is the  only temple where Sree Mahadeva and Parvathi Devi sit facing each other as in swayambhoo.Arattu ceremony in relation  to the temple festival being held at the Arabian Sea.

According to Legend, Sree Mahadeva lies here in a stage of deep meditation, he is sad after the departure of his wife Sathi devi,and Sree Parvathi sits here in Swayamvarabhava, wishing to get Sree Mahadeva as her husband

According to Mahashiv Purana, Sree Sathidevi, the wife of Lord Shiva, sacrifices her life by jumping herself into the Yaagagni, after her father Dhaksha Prajapathi insults her husband ( Lord Shiva) at the Dhaksha Yagam .On hearing the news, Bhadrakali and Veerabhadra arises out of Shiva’s Thirujada and killed Dhaksha.Shiva, who is in deep grief after the loss of his wife , moves to the Himalayas and engage himself in deep meditation . Sathi devi rebirth as Parvathi , the daughter of Himavan comes to Shiva daily and  worshiped him.

At this time , Tharakasura has over thrown Devendra from  his kingdom ,and takes over the control of Devalokam .They therefore engage Kamadeva to induce romance in Shiva . Thus Kamadeva reaches Himalaya to induce romance in Sree Mahadeva , and disturbed his meditation . Sree Mahadeva  who gets annoyed at Kamadeva , kill him by opening his third eye .
The place name of  Mararikulam  is originate from the word MARARIKKALAM ,it means place of enemy of Kamadeva

Kerala, otherwise called "Divine beings Own Country", is to a great degree rich because of the various Hindu Temples. These sanctuaries of Kerala have their own importance since antiquated period.

The popular sanctuary festivals in Kerala in this area that are not be missed by the travelers are 

  • Arattu at SreePadhmanabha Swami Temple, Thriruvananthapuram 
  • AmbalapuzhaArattu Temple, Alappuzha 
  • Ashtami at Vaikom, Kottyam 
  • Ettumanoor festival,Kottyam 
  • There is a important Siva festival, one could hear the chanting and festival from afar.
  • Mahadeva Temple provides a rare contrasted among the Christian churches dotted over the south Kerala. 

Places to visit Mararikulam

Tourist places in Mararikulam

Shiva Temple

Mararikulam Shiva Temple, the shrine of Lord Shiva and Sree Parvathy, is exceptional in its architectural magnificence. The Cherthala Karthiyani Temple is an ancient temple with Devi Karthiyayini as the presiding deity. Kanichukulangara is famous for the shrine of goddess Bhagavathy.

Kokkamangalam Apostle St. Thomas Pilgrim Centre

According to legends St. Thomas formed a Christian community at Kokkamangalam and built a church here. This shrine is one of the major pilgrim centers in Kerala.


Aroor has an industrial park renowned for sea food exports. The major landmarks include St. Augustine's Church, Kartyayani Devi Temple and Pavumpayil Sreekrishna Swamy Temple.


Arthunkal is an important pilgrim centre in Cherthala. St .Andrew’s Church, popularly known as ‘Arthunkal Church’, is located about 8 km south–west of Cherthala town facing a beautiful shoreline.



The main attractions at Poochakkal include Nagari Sree Dharmasastha Temple, Sreekandeswaram Mahadevar Temple, Elikkattu Sreedharmasastha Temple, Thevarvattom Masjid and Manappuram St.Theresas church.


This serene village is located near Cherthala. Trichattukulam Mahadevar temple, Nalpathenneeswaram temple and Odampally temple are the major attractions in Panavally


Velorvattom near Cherthala is known for ‘Velorvattom Mahadeva temple’ dedicated to Lord Shiva.


Best Time To Visit :

Best time to visit Mararikulam October to May.

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