Mainpat Tourist Guide

Mainpat Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
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    Staring from Rs 9.999/- Per Person for 3 night 4 days including site seeing
  • Location: Chhatisgarh,India -
  • Nearest Airport: Raipur
  • Nearest Train Station: Raipur
  • How to reach: Manipat is best reachable from

Mainpat Tourist Guide- The Shimla of Chhatisgarh

Mainpat is the famous Hill station of Chhatisgarh located on a platue. It is approx 180 kms from Raipur. Mainpat is famous of dense forests, Tibetan Settlements, Good weather, Water falls, Tribals and Aboriginals, Monasteries, It is one of the crown jewels of Chhattisgarh. You must visit Mainpat to realise the beauty of central Indian Hinterland and lush green indian jungles.

Tourist Attractions of Mainpat

  • Mainpat is also known as 'Mini Tibet' is a pictursque hill station located on a plateau in Forest.In Mainpat, Indian Government has settled Tibetan Refugee after wake of Chinese invasion of Tibet. 
  • Mainpat has 7 Tibetan settlements with around 2000 tibetans living in Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries.
  • Mainpat is home to Aboriginals & tribes like Manjhi, Manjhwar, Kanwar and Pahadi Korwa
  • Mehta Point and Pharphatia are scenic points
  • Mainpat has beautiful water falls, like Tiger Point where tigers roam and Machali or Fish Point as the river here was known for a type of fish. 
  • A strange sight includes the bouncing swap of Jaljali and charming Chota Jharanā tucked away in a pocket of jungle with a small waterfall with beautiful scenic views. 
  • Beautiful Buddhist Temples on this remote jungle plateau and attractions such as Bageecha and Zalzala as well as much more.
  • There are two good resorts in Mainpat, one luxury resort owned by Tourist Department, and other one is Murcury resort.

Why you must Mainpat

  • Mainpat is known as Shimla of Chhatisgarh or Mcleodganj of Chhatisgarh
  • Mainpat has breathtaking beauty of dense freen forests & high Platue of 1000 meters. Tour to Mainpat offers scenic drive
  • Dhakpo Monastery: This is a Gelug monastery and unlike all other monasteries, this monastery is small.
  • Fish Falls: This waterfall is near the Tibetan camp number 6. This is a beautiful place and a must see place. The place got its name from a particular kind of fish found in the place.
  • Tiger Point: This is another waterfall near the Tibetan camp number six and a good place for picnics. There are steps leading to the falls. The other waterfalls are Sarbhanja and Kings Waterfalls. Tiger Point is also the gateway to Mainpat.
  • Tibet Refugee Camp: The camp 3 is worth visiting.
  • Mehta Point and Pharphatia: These places are good places to view the entire surrounding areas.
  • Jaljali: The place is a unique one. Jumping at this place, one can create an earthquake.
  • Tatapani: It is in the same district and is famous for the hot water reservoirs.

What to do in Mainpat

  • Haven for trekkers
  • Adventure sports like Para sailing, para-gliding, rappelling, mountain climbing, river crossing and tracking.
  • Visit Monasteries
  • Meet & Interact with Tibetans and Tribals
  • Have total Relaxation and Enjoy good weather
  • best place for a quite holiday