Los Angeles Tourist Guide

Los Angeles Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
  • Location: Los Angeles,United States -
  • Altitude: 377 ft
  • Longitude: 118°14?37? W
  • Latitude: 34°03?08? N
  • Nearest Airport: Los Angeles
  • How to reach: There are many flights from India to LA and back. Most of the Indian cities are directly connected to LA. The major ones are the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai etc. The approximate distance from India to LA is 13,000 km and daily flights run from these cities. The cost of flight varies according to the slight variation in the distance of the states from one another.

Los Angeles Tourist Guide

United States of America is surely a very big country with more than 300 cities incorporated within it. Los Angeles is one such place in the city of California. Located 34°03′08″ N of latitude, 118°14′37″ W of longitude and at a height of 377 ft above the sea level, Los Angeles is popularly abbreviated as LA. Known for its fame and lime light characteristics, LA is the second most populous nation in USA after NYC. This city is amongst the most visited tourist’s destination.


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Let us know what the major places of attraction in LA are:

Major Excursions

  • Shopping Centres

LA has large number of shopping complexes and malls. Some of the most famous centres include Beverley Centre, California Market centre, shopping in Boulevard Hollywood etc.

  • Beaches

Beaches are a major part of LA. With beaches like Marina del Rey, Santa Monica etc. LA gives various options to the tourists to experience the natural beauty and water sporting fun.


  • San Diego Area

It is a place in LA which has its own importance and marvel. There are many places in this location which are the major tourist attractions. It includes: San Diego Safari Park, San Diego Zoo, Sea World San Diego, Belmont Park etc.

  • Hollywood

LA is the city of fame light and thus, The Hollywood. This zone of LA has a number of tourist attractions. It includes the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Boulevard Arena, Walk of fame etc. There are many theatres in this area which include, Chinese Theatre, Dolby Theatre, Egyptian Theatre, and Golden Age Theatre etc.


  • Fun Zones

LA has a number of amusement parks and other venues for fun activities. It includes Los Angeles Amusement Parks, Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles Zoo, Pacific Park, Castle Park, Magic Mountain, Aquarium of the pacific, Paintball Parks and last, but not the least DISNEYLAND, also nomenclature as the Orange Country.

  • Museums

LA is filled with museums. These museums depict not only the traditional and cultural art pieces and exhibitions, but there are many other interesting museums in LA which signifies the wide aspect of LA’s history and creativity. Some of the famous ones are: Guinness Book of Records Museum, Hollywood Museum, Hollywood Wax Museum, Museum of Death etc.

  • Events and shows

LA is famous for live concerts and shows. The genre varies from a stand up comedy to a musical event to a live exhibition. Some of the most famous and frequently visited shows by the tourists include: Philharmonic performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall, Comedy night with Jimmy Kimmel etc.

  • Night Life

Every American nation has an amazing night life and LA’s night life is no less. With many bars and night clubs, LA gives its people beautiful and exciting night hours. There are hard Rock cafes, Comedy Clubs and Laugh Factories for the same. Now, we must know where we should be staying and spending our sleeping time. Thus, these are some of the recommended hotels in LA.


How to reach LA from India

There are many flights from India to LA and back. Most of the Indian cities are directly connected to LA. The major ones are the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai etc. The approximate distance from India to LA is 13,000 km and daily flights run from these cities. The cost of flight varies according to the slight variation in the distance of the states from one another. Some of the major flights include:

  • Delhi-LA
  • Mumbai-LA
  • Chennai-LA
  • Kolkata-LA

The five day Itinerary

Los Angeles is a much bigger tourist destination in that it needs somewhat more number of days to complete its charm. The minimum duration needed for a perfect holiday in LA is five days. Let us take a day by day look to how to proceed and have fun in LA.

Day 1:

After landing at the airport, LAX, you have various options for selecting a hotel as mentioned above, under the recommended hotels section. But, the most preferred location for booking your hotel will be the area between the Hollywood and the downtown LA, because of its exciting life and cheaper rates. After settling, start your day with a tour to Hollywood Boulevard visiting all the theatres, Hollywood shows, etc. Towards the end of the day devote some time shopping in this boulevard arena and then finally end your day in some night clubs or pub.

Day 2:

Start your second day in a hop on hop off bus, which will travel you all across the insides of the city. Cover all the museums and centres today. This will give you an insight of the city’s traditions and cultures.


Give this day towards the usage of various transportation facilities of LA. It includes various sub ways, metro lines, pass ways and other roads and streets of LA. This is an exciting thing to do, to roam all around the city on foot. This gives you a very good experience.

Day 4:

Beaches is for what LA is known for, thus, devote this complete day on the famous beaches of LA. Fun at resort, sunbathing, beach games and various beach museums will give you immense pleasure. After, this you can take out some time for visiting the amusement parks, zoos etc.

Day 5:

This day should be completely for the Orange Country, i.e. the Disney Land. LA’s trip is incomplete without visiting Disneyland. A land of fantasy, Disney land provides a sense of pleasure and calm and much excitement with various shows, rides and exposure to the cartoon characters. 

Recommended Hotels

LA itself is too big for a small city in USA. It is divided in various zones and every zone has enormous number of staying places for the tourists.

  • Airport Hotels

There are many hotels which are located immediately near to the airport which makes it easier for the tourists to spot their resting place. Some of the famous hotels near airports are L.A. International Airport, Burbank Airport etc.

  • Hotels in Metro Area

This metro line area is the place extending between Hollywood and LA.  These hotels are much cheaper as compared to other hotels in the downtown. The major characteristic of these hotels is their connectivity with the local people.

  • Downtown Hotels

It includes hotels like Staples Centre, LA Convention Centre, the Financial District, etc. which are located in the heart of LA city.

  • Hotels in West Los Angeles

It includes various luxurious hotels in the area of Beverly Hills and Century City.

  • Hotels near LA beaches

There are many beaches in LA and every beach has its own resort offering the tourists with the best possible services. Santa Monica, Marina del Rey etc are some of the major beaches offering wonderful resorts and hotels.

To fill our stomach with tasty and extravagant cuisines is the main motive behind every holiday. These are some of the famous restaurants to stop by in LA.

Recommended Restaurants

Los Angeles is a versatile food nation, where the tourists could get an experience of various kinds of foods. It includes street foods, organic cuisines, fine dining etc. Some of the famous restaurants include: Lemonade, Bestia Restaurant, Bossa Nova etc.