Lohardi Village Barot - Remote Beautiful Village with Delicious Rajmah

Lohardi Village Barot - Remote Beautiful Village with Delicious Rajmah - Destination Overview
  • Package Prices
    Barot Lohardi Packages offered at only 6755 for 3 nights with stay in Barot and One day excursion to Lohardi
  • Location: Himachal Pradesh,India -
  • Altitude: 2010 meters
  • Longitude: 32.071667
  • Latitude: 76.858
  • Nearest Airport: Chandigarh
  • Nearest Train Station: Jogindernagar - Narrow Guage, Una Himachal - Broad guage
  • How to reach: Exursions tours are carried out by www.holidaytravel.co to Lohardi and a package is also offered combining Barot and Lohardi

Lohardi Village Barot - Remote Beautiful Village with Delicious Rajmah

Barot-To-Lohardi-Village-Route :- Barot to Lohardi is approximatly 20 kms but route is scenic and Uhl river flowing all the way with you, lots of waterfalls dot the drive. the road is not still pakka and be ready for 4X4 experiences enroute to Lohardi

Barot-To-Lohardi-Village-Route-Approaching-Lohardi-Village-VillageHouses-on-Mountain :- Get amazed to see Tribal high mountain houses of Lohardi

Lohardi-Barot-Village-Education-Concious-Proud-Owners-Janata-Dhaba :- The Proud Thakurs of Janata Dhaba in Lohardi, they value the Education,

Hard Working Couple of Lohardi

We were surprised to know that both have sent their Daughter to Rajasthan to study pharmacy and alreafy spend rs 5 lacs on the same. it is unbeleivable to see how tough it would have been for poor dhaba owners in remote himalayan village, but still they are happy and smiling and greeting rare customers enroute. Hats off to great family and couple.

We were surprised to see one young girl working at the dhaba, Our eyes met but Himachali Nazakat and Sharam took over her and we jerked our head to get on earth..we inquired and It was the same girl who was studying pharmacy, she was on vacation and helping parents in daily works which included back breaking utencil washing in ice cold water as well as cooking and serving the customers.

She was going back in 2 days time after vacations, We were surprised to see the family values and great love. We asked parents for any help, which they respectfully denied..

Hats off to Lohardi, and hats off to great parents of Lohardi Village..





Old Man of Lohardi - Who Do not want to Spare his Rajmah

We saw this old man extracting Rajmah ( Red Kidney beans) from Strings, the crop was from his own small field, but this was Organic Rajmah  The Chitre Rajmah. We requested Old man to give us 2 kilos, which he flatly refused as he could not share because the Rajmah was for family consumption. even high price does not bend him, such was the commitment to family or miles apart from Maya..

Finally we told him that we have come from very far and it is a request...He finally agreed and gave his his treasure of Chitre Rajmah...

Tasty Chitre Rajmah of Lohardi

We got 2 kgs from old man, we reached home and first thing was to order servant to preare the same.....Incredible Taste of Lohardi Rajmah with basmati Rice..Incredible and Divine...2 kgs were finished in just 3 days...Now we need to go back to get more.....but when..the Lohardi is so faar.....