Lijiang Tourist Guide

Lijiang Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
  • Package Prices
    Rs. 72,000 (7 Days/ 6 Nights)
  • Location: Yunnan Province,People's Republic of China -
  • Altitude: 2400m
  • Longitude: 100°14?E
  • Latitude: 26°53?N
  • Nearest Airport: Lijiang Airport (LJG), though few Airbuses available directly to Lijiang Airport from all major Cities of India via Kolkata International Airport, there are plenty of flights operating via Kunming Changshui International Airport. Operating Airlines are C
  • How to reach: International Flights can be taken from Kolkata, Kochi to reach Kunming Changshui International Airport from where it’s only an hour’s flight time to Lijiang Airport.
  • Season to Visit: Mid-October to November

Lijiang Tourist Guide

Lijiang is the City as well as well as the country itself. It is one of the most important tourist cities in northwestern Yunnan Province in southwestern China.  Old Town of Lijiang and Three Parallel Rivers of the Yunnan Protected Areas are the World Natural heritage Sites of China. Walking is the only option in the Old Town to see around, whereas taxi is easy available to go around the rest of the town. Due to its high elevation and low altitude it has extreme weather prevailing most time of the year. Still, in the months of October – November and March to May the weather becomes clear and scenic beauty can be enjoyed to the fullest.

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Best time to visit Lijiang:

Late March to May

From late March to May, comfortable season prevails with clear weather, blue sky and flower blossoms. The weather remains calm and spring sets in. It is the Best time to visit Lijiang as the foggy weather shifts and clear visibility is all around. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain can be seen from almost every corner of the city. The average temperature in this season is 17 °C (63 °F) though from day and night temperature varies largely. 

Getting in to Lijiang

  • By Flight

There are many flights from Kunming, Chengdu and Chongqing and it takes 40 minutes only to reach Lijiang.

  • By Train

A train available from Kunming to Lijiang is the cheapest and most environmentally-friendly way to arrive Lijiang. The train is available all day and night. Also, From Dali city trains available to reach Lijiang. It takes only 2 hours becoming faster, cheaper alternative to the crowded buses.

  • By Car

Taxis are also available from both Kunming and Dali city to Lijiang. An alternative small-SUV type vans are available from Kunming which runs like a share-taxi service.

  • By Bus

Bus service available from Kunming, Dali, Chengdu to Lijiang City, which takes a varying time from 4 to 8 hours respectively

Tourist attractions and Must Visits

   Site seeing

As this city is a UNESCO World heritage site, there are number of Natural a place that attracts tourists. The Old Town is a great place to walk around and enjoy local bonfire, Mu Palace is the palace still preserved with remaining and Daoist temple at the top. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is one of the best attractions of Lijiang and its view from abutting Black Dragon Pool is one of the finest in China, the Leaping Tiger Gorge of the Yangtze is also part of the site seeing around it. River Yangtze starting from this location is another place to see as it’s another heritage site. Baishui River, a mountain stream on the north-east slope of the Mountain is a place to see as its clear water and falls impress tourists. Around the city, Lugu Lake is a nice place to boat or canoeing.


   Monuments and Landmarks

The Baisha Naxi Embroidery Institute is famous for the Naxi traditional hand-made embroidery as it is still protecting, inheriting and promoting the age old art of this city. Baisha Mural can be seen in one of the oldest town Baisha of this city. A number of ancient buildings can still be seen in these old towns which were built during the Ming Dynasty, including Dabaoji Palace where Baisha Mural can be seen, Liuli Temple, and Wenchang Palace. The woodlock painting is another attraction in this old town. Besides these there are Dragon Bridge, Dongba Cultural Institute where Dongba priests still practice Dongba hieroglyphics and Tibetan Lamaism,

   Art and Culture

Naxi Concert Hall holds cultural and musical shows by Naxi Orchestra, which is traditional Chinese music combined with local instruments and taste. Floating styrofoam boats to make a wish come true are another custom that can be enjoyed along the river side. Walking the canal path is a great way to enjoy the scenic beauty. The path leads to the south entrance to the Jade Spring park which is again a place to visit because of its picturesque beauty and a large  pools and luxuriant trees.


         Events and Excursions in Lijiang

Some good hiking along the Tiger Leaping Gorge for the scenic beauty along the Yangtze River area is an event that can be planned. Trams are available to go to Glacier Park, Spruce Meadow and Yak Meadow at an elevation of 4,506 meters. There are also places for hiking up the mountain from Yuhucun or rent guided horses to ride higher altitudes. one of the deepest Tiger Leaping Gorge can be hiked in this area. The scenery is spectacular. Inns and guesthouses are available on trail for hikers. Tourists can tour the gorge area on tour buses along a road at the bottom of the canyon that follows.

Detailed plan and a clear idea of places to visit is a must well in advance to have the trip. Keeping the travel plan clear, and with the help of necessary information, Lijiang tour can be a marvelous journey to behold in memory.