Lahesh Cave Indrahar

Lahesh Cave Indrahar - Destination Overview
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    Trek to Lahesh Cave enroute to Indrahar pass starts from Rs 2500/- per pax including all meals, guide, porter and cook with night stay in Lahesh Cave

About Lahesh Cave 

Lahesh Cave is situated at 3480 meters enroute to Indrahar Pass, It is the camping place when trekkers head to Indrahar pass, Lahesh can be reached after 1-2 hours trek from Laka Gote or 3-4 hours trek from Triund.

Below are the Stunning Pictures of Lahesh Cave

Front Entrace Of Lahesh Cave

EcoSystem of Lahesh Cave

Lahesh Cave is a unique place ( Hide out) enroute to Indrahar Pass, which can easily accomodate upto 40 trekkers, you can cook, sleep inside. There is a running water stream ( Fountain)about 20 meters down, which is clean and glaciar fed. So in nutshell Lahesh cave is a full eco system to support life, it provides shelter, water and if you are lucky you can find occasional wildlife around, though hunting is totally banned in the area due to religious believes.

Entry Steps Into LaheshCave



Environment Inside Lahesh cave

Lahesh cave was formed when huge flat rock fell on the support rock Pillers, Though it protects you from external elements, but still you need sleeping bags, tents inside lahesh for comfortable sleep. It is preferred to light a fire inside cave, as rock becomes hot, the cave remains hot for a long time to allow you to sleep comfortably.