Kohima Tourist Guide

Kohima Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
  • Location: Nagaland,India -797001
  • Altitude: 1,444 m
  • Longitude: 25.6586° N
  • Latitude: 94.1053° E
  • Nearest Airport: Dimapur Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Khorikotia Railway Station

Kohima Tourist Guide

Kohima Overview

Kohima is the hilly capital of India's north eastern border state of Nagaland which shares its borders with Burma. Kohima is marked by an unhurried pace of life, calm and serene environs and fresh, unpolluted air, which make a welcome change for a jaded city dweller. A typical Naga town, Kohima was founded alongside the large Angami village known as Kohima Village. It has earned its name in history as the place where the Japanese tide during World War II was halted.  Kohima Nagaland is unspoilt and replete with some attractive sites to see and do. Sheltered in the eastern frontiers of the Himalayan mountain range, Kohima in Nagaland is noted for its unhurried pace of life, calm and serene environs and fresh, unpolluted air, which make a welcome change for an exhausted city sniffers.

Why you must visit Kohima

Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland in the north eastern part of India is a picturesque town, situated amidst lush green wealth of the nature. Kohima in Nagaland, a typical Naga town is a pretty hill station, with panoramic views of the rugged Naga Hills, displaying the exotic tribal culture. It is a best place to visit and enjoy their holiday at pleasant place and most visited place. If you have to see the tribal culture then visits Kohima.  

Shopping in kohima

Kohima is best and well listed city of Nagaland where shopping is famous. In Kohima, the government handicraft outlet and the shops at the super market sell excellent shawls and other artifacts.  Warm and colourful Naga shawls, hand woven shoulder bags, decorative spears, tablemats, woodcarvings and bamboo works make interesting souvenirs that you can go shopping.

Places to visit in Kohima

Catholic Church: Catholic Church is considered as one of the biggest churches in the north-east region of India and is one of its kinds in the entire Kohima. Catholic Church is listed in the biggest churches. It is located on the Aradhurah Hill of Kohima setting an example of fabulous architectural marvel. Just standing at this church, one can witness wonderful views of the surroundings

Tuophema: Tuophema village Located about 40 km from the capital city of Kohima is the Touphema Village. It is a cultural village where you get to know the traditional life of the Nagas in an intimate manner.  Built by the local community in partnership with the Tourism Department of Nagaland, Touphema village is a collection of small huts build in Naga design and decorated like a traditional Naga household intending on giving the tourists the feel of living in a Naga tribal house

Kohima MuseumThe museum acquaints the tourists about the rich history of the state. One of the prominent attractions of the museum is the unique artifacts of the sixteen tribes that live in the state. There are many tribes that inhabit in Nagaland. The Kohima Museum was primarily established to present the world about the diverse lifestyle, habitat and culture of the tribal people. The museum preserves various things belonging to tribal community like the colorful traditional clothes, clan motifs, precious stones (carnelian, tourmaline and coral) and so on Tourists visiting the museum can also study Nagamese, which is a pidgin language invented by the Nagas, with the help of local dialects and Assamese. Apart from this, this museum also preserves the sixteenth tribal group of the Nagaland tribes.

Ruzaphema: Ruzaphema, located 5 km away from Kohima on the Dimapur-Kohima Road, is a popular shopping area. This area is known for its colourful bazaars, where visitors can shop for unique and beautiful handicrafts that are made by the tribal women of Nagaland.  Ruzaphema has a total population of 2,396 peoples. There are about 327 houses in Ruzaphema village. Medziphema Town is nearest town to Ruzaphema which is approximately 17km away.

Dzukou ValleyThe Dzukou Valley is a valley located at the border of the Indian states of Nagaland and Manipur . It can be reached in five hours of trek from Mt. This valley is well known for its natural beauty, seasonal flowers and the overall flora and fauna. The valley is famous for its wide range of flower in every season. But the most famous one is the dzuko lily. There is two another way of reaching the valley. One is from the foothills of Viswema Village and another one is from foothills of Jakhma Village both in Nagaland. Trek from the former route is about 17 km and takes longer and is less challenging,

How to reach Kohima

By Flight:  The nearest Domestic Airport is Dimapur Airport from Kohima city, roughly 74 Kms from Kohima. Dimapur Airport is well connected to major cities of India like Guwahati, Imphal, Kolkata and Dibrugarh. Tourist buses, taxis and local buses will take you to Kohima from Dimapur airport and the journey time is about 3 hours.

By bus:  Kohima is connected to Imphal (123 km) and Guwahati (400 km) by road. driving up to Kohima from Guwahati can be very tiring due to the distance and the state of the roads, not to mention dangerous because of the insurgency. It is best to travel Kohima by flight

By Train: The nearest railhead is Dimapur, 74 km from Kohima. There are trains that connect Guwahati to Dimapur. It is well connected to Kolkata. If you can reach Kohima then you will able to reach easily by Kolkata.

Restaurants in Kohima

Kohima fosters both traditional Nagaland cuisines as well as a number of options for Continental and Chinese food and flattering choices for vegetarians as well. Pork, beef, mutton, chicken and also lots of jungle animals are eaten here. Delicacies prepared with bamboo shoots, ginger, Naga King chilly are also found. Also, Nagaland is a dry state and hence you won't easily find beers and other alcoholic drinks. 

Best time to visit Kohima

The best time to visit Kohima is from October to May when the weather is pleasant enough to enjoy sightseeing and outdoor activities.  The winters offering an ideal chilly vacation, The summers are characterized by heavy rainfall which almost turn into a cloudburst during the monsoons,  Along with the pleasant weather, the myriad celebrations and festivities that are hosted year around adds to the excitement of your trip.

How safe is Nagaland to travel

If you are travelling to Northern east India then you has to travel with safe priority. The entire tourist was regarded to take care of your health & safety. Before entering into some North Eastern states like Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland, travelers need to have Restricted Area Permission or Protected Area Persission. As the region is said to be sensitive zone due to having serious ethnic and political problems, it is best to keep yourself updated with current news of the region before traveling

Hotels in Kohima

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