Jamnagar - Destination Overview

About Jamnagar

A 16th century pearl fishing town that has now grown into an important commercial and cultural centre, Jamnagar boasts of historical heritage structures, bustling bazaars and the only Ayurvedic university in the country. This Jewel of Kathiawar offers colourful bandhini fabrics alongside intricately carved yet decaying buildings...the contrast is as interesting to delve in as the city itself.

Don't Miss in Jamnagar
With its numerous heritage buildings and sparsely populated beaches, Jamnagar is the perfect getaway for a delightful and engrossing holiday. Besides indulging in temple visits and strolling along the sea, visit the famed bird sanctuary and the Marine National Park. A visit to the country's only Ayurvedic university is a must while for some self indulgent shopping, go to the cloth market and buy some gorgeous tie & die fabrics and textiles with bandhini work.