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Imam nasir Mausoleum - Destination Overview
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About Imam Nasir Mausoleum And Jamma Masjid Information-Jalandhar
Imam Nasir Mausoleum is an ancient and antique mausoleum (Tomb) situated in the core of Jalandhar city. This tomb is named after the great saint Imam Nasir. It is a masterpiece and one of the oldest monuments of Jalandhar, which is magnificently structured. The great Imam Nasir Mausoleum, with its four white spires stands as land mark on the streets of Jalandhar city bazaars.

Jamma Masjid is another prominent attraction located on the other side of Imam Nasir Mausoleum. According to the archeologists, it is believed that, Jamma Masjid was build about 400 years ago.

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Situated in the center of the city, the dual structure of the "Imam Nasir Mausoleum and Jamma Masjid, Jalandhar City", is an architectural marvel of the by gone golden days. Both the huge structures reveal the high artistic caliber and engineering skills of the people of the ancient times. The ancient monuments are the important hallmarks of the city.The modern day archaeologists believe that the Immam Nasir Mausoleum is eight hundred years old while the giant Jamma Masjid is four hundred years old. One cannot but appreciate the lavish architectural style of the monuments that enthralls and enchants the visitors with its beauty. Amidst the busy city of Jalandhar, the two brilliant structures of the ancient architectural style, stands tall with their over empowering and captivating look. , "The City of Sports".The lavish buildings wear a colorful look on the days of Muslim festivals. The gardens of the huge structures are decorate with colorful lights that imparts a heavenly look to the place. The devotees derive immense satisfaction by praying in the Jamma Masjid.

Imam Nasir Mausoleum And Jamma Masjid History-Origin-Importance-Architecture

According to the archeologists, Imam Nasir Mausoleum was dated as 800 years old edifice. The tomb of Imam Nasir resides a Dargah. This Dargah is famous for a room which served Baba Farid for 40 days, where he stayed and prayed.