Honeymoon In Shimla

Honeymoon In Shimla - Destination Overview
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    Honeymooner's Paradise in Shimla, Why you must plan Honeymoon in Shimla.

About HoneyMoon in Shimla

Why Honeymooners go to Shimla

Shimla, one of the prime honeymoon destination in the state of Himachal Pradesh, is also known as the paradise for honeymooners. Shimla, The queen of hills in Himachal Pradesh has everything for honeymooners. Honeymooners from all parts of India come to shimla to explore its natural beauty, moments of intimacy & love, snow covered mountain ranges, Cool & Fresh Breeze, endless vistas of pine and deodar forests, Hill Top temples & Churches to seek blessings for life long partnership.

Love in Shimla

If you have a look at Young & vibrant couples holidaying in Shimla, You will be amazed to see the love flowing in the air & in the street, it is quite visible, the very closeness of young honeymooners venturing & strolling in Shimla with hand in hand & best of their clothes indicates that Shimla is the ideal and unique Honeymoon heaven on Earth.

Privacy is the Unique selling Points for Honeymooners/Lovers in Shimla

Shimla has a unique selling point for Honeymooners, Here in Shimla, no one bothers the loving couple, Shimlaits ( Residents of Shimla) leave the loving couple alone, Unlike the rest of India, where it is very tough for couples to even show the glimple their warmth and love in public, they get harassed on streets and ridiculed, but in Shimla all lovers and honeymooners find their heaven. here they are free, they forget every thing, they are just lost in each other having a total bliss in togetherness. 

Honeymoon is Back-Bone of Shimla Hospitality eco System

Infact, Honeymoon tourism is the back bone of Shimla hospitality Eco system's and every one in shimla seems to guards it very strongly. Shimla is not even Honeymooners paradise, but also the many lovers find their way to Shimla only to have their share of weekend love and intimacy.

Honeymooner's Drive to Shimla

The 4-5 hours drive to shimla and 6-7 hours excursions drive around Shimla holds a unique place in your honeymoon trip, If you really want to enjoy your private moments and stoppage at most scenic points with absolute no track of time, just take the services of Holiday Travel's specially trained Honeymoon oriented drivers, These drivers are elderly ( all are above 45 years), they are trained to make young honeymoon couples comfortable and give them enough private space during the long journeys..

These drivers for honeymoon travel are also well trained in hill journey and know the various most scenic points at the drop of hat. Our drivers are well known for their patience and taking long excursions to let honeymooners photograph the most scenic points during their honeymoon journey.