Heidelberg - Destination Overview

About Heidelberg

Germany's oldest university town, Heidelberg has faced down the ravages of time and plunders of war, and has aged gracefully. An age old muse for painters, poets and intellectuals alike, Heidelberg's architecture is all baroque stonework, predominantly Gothic. The Heidelberg Castle, destroyed and rebuilt several times, is the main lure to this quaint and ancient little German town, and is known the world over. Heidelberg is also surrounded by some of the most unspoilt natural beauty that Germany has to offer.

Weather in Heidelberg:
Spring: March to May 6-16 C
Summer: June to August 13-25 C
Autumn: September to November 7-14 C
Winter: December to February -1-4 C

Shopping in Heidelberg:
Heidelberg has plenty of stores and stalls that sell everything from postcards to beer mugs. The best place for souvenirs is around the Heilig Geist Church in the old town's pedestrian precinct (Hauptstrasse). A great place to shop, Heidelberg also offers various types of liquors and jams, in several unique flavours, such as Heidelberger Blaue Perle, which is blueberry liquor. Heidelberg's wines are also very famous, producing some of the best dry white wines in world in nearby vineyards.

Must Do in Heidelberg:
A city that is steeped in history, Heidelberg gives visitors plenty of opportunity to indulge. Simply walking the streets of this quaint little town has a splendid effect on your nerves, a refreshing blast from the past. Visit the Castle and the University for a look into Germany's history, and to appreciate their architecture and old-world magnificence. There is also a great variety of traditional German pubs and restaurants, which offer local and regional specialities in authentic settings, especially in the blocks around the Hauptstrasse and the Old City. Try the restaurants Zum Goldenen Schaf, Gasthaus Goldener Hecht, Goldener Anker, and Zum Ritter St. Georg. There are also many international cuisines available at various outlets in Heidelberg. Also try the renowned German beers, and most restaurants offer a large selection these, some even brew their own, such as Kulturbrauerei Brauhaus. For a taste of Heidelberg's unique culture and history, visit museums like Antikenmuseum, the University-Museum, German Apothecaries' Museum, and the Schlossmuseum.

Travel Tools:
ISD Code Heidelberg: +49
Currency Heidelberg: Euro (EUR) 1 EUR is approximately 65 Indian Rupees (INR)
Time Zone Heidelberg: GMT+1 hour. IST +4:30 hours. Summer (Daylight Savings): GMT+2 hours
Voltage: 220V - 240V