Gurudwara Khadur Sahib Ji

Gurudwara Khadur Sahib Ji - Destination Overview
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Gurdwara Khadoor Sahib is situated in the Khadoor Sahib city in Taran Taaran Distt. The Eight Guru Sahibaans with their visits to this place made this land a Holy place. SHRI GURU NANAK DEV JI during his preaching tours, came 5 times to this place. GURU JI used to stay at BIBI BHARAI's house. During GURU JI's last tour when BIBI BHARAI requested GURU JI to stay for one more day, GURU JI replied that he would stay for many days & would take rest on this bed only where he was sitting. - SHRI GURU ANGAD DEV JI sat on the throne & came from Kartarpur, Pakistan to Khadoor Sahib on the orders of SHRI GURU NANAK DEV JI & stayed at BIBI BHARAI's house for 6 months & 6 days & devoted himself to Naam Simran. GURU JI took rest on the same bed regarding which GURU NANAK DEV JI told about. At last BABA BUDDA JI disclosed YOU. SHRI GURU ANGAD DEV JI spent whole of his time as a GURU, for around 13 years, here only by serving his followers with Naam Updesh and at last on March 29th 1552 A.D. , GURU JI Left his heavenly abode at this place. - In the year 1541, SHRI GURU AMARDASS JI came to SHRI GURU ANGAD DEV JI & for around 12 years, with his devotional service, used to fetch a water filled Gaagar early morning from the Beas river Goindwal Sahib, which is around 9 kms away, for GURU JI to take bath. HIS service was acknowledged & hence he got "Gurta Gaddi". - SHRI GURU RAMDASS JI while going from Goindwal Sahib to Guru Chakk (Amritsar), visited KHADOOR SAHIB as well. - SHRI GURU ARJUN DEV JI while going from Goindwal Sahib to Amritsar, visited KHADOOR SAHIB. - SHRI GURU HAR GOBIND JI after the marriage of his daugter, BIBI VEERO, went to Goindwal Sahib through KHADOOR SAHIB along with his family. Also some scholars of Sikh Panth, after the cremation of BHAI GURDASS JI, spent the afternoon at KHADOOR SAHIB while going to Amritsar. - SHRI GURU HAR RAI JI while going to Goindwal Sahib along with 2200 horse riders, visited KHADOOR SAHIB on the way. - SHRI GURU TEG BAHADUR JI after acquiring the GURGADDI, in relation to the upkeep of the various places related to the First GURU sahibaan, came to KHADOOR SAHIB. - Religious Scholar BABA BUDDA JI spent around 12 years here. Here only BABA JI applied Tilak to SHRI GURU AMARDASS JI when he took GURGADDI. - Great Philosopher BHAI GURDASS JI spent quite a long time here. - Here only SHRI GURU ANGAD DEV JI worked on improvement of Gurmukhi Lippi & wrote the first Punjabi book in rememberence of which GURUDWARA MALH AKHARA has been built. Here only GURU JI got information regarding BHAI PAIRA MOKHA JI from Bala Ji & got the biography written for GURU NANAK DEV JI. Bhai Bala Ji's grave is built near GURUDWARA TAPIANA SAHIB. Here only did GURU JI took care of the "Baani"(writings in Guru Granth the sacred book of the Sikhs) written by GURU NANAK DEV JI & also wrote his "Baani".
It is a historical fact that SHRI GURU ANGAD DEV JI MAHARAJ lived at KHADUR SAHIB for a long period. He left for heavenly abode at KHADUR SAHIB after performing many great religious, social & cultural activities. The place where GURU'S last sacred rites were performed is given the name of ANGITHA SAHIB PAATSHAHI DOOJI. It is a historical fact that the Eight Gurus by their visit to KHADUR SAHIB, made this town of great historical importance.
KILLA SAHIB : This place was house of a weaver which was purchased later on by Guru Sahib. According to the SAKHI, GURU AMARDASS JI brought water for sacred bath of SHRI GURU ANGAD DEV JI for twelve years from the river Beas at Goindwal Sahib. During this service of bringing water, GURU AMARDASS JI fell striking against the peg of the weaver. After hearing the noise of falling of SHRI GURU AMARDASS JI, the weaver said " Who's there?". The weaver's wife said " Who else might be there. He might be the homeless Amroo" & spoke some objectionable words against GURU ANGAD DEV JI. GURU JI could not tolerate these words & said casually " Mad, you may say whatever you like against me but donot say anything against my GURUJI. The weaver's wife actually became mad & with the sacred touch of feet of GURU SAHIB, the peg turned green & developed into a full grown "KAREER" tree. With time, the tree lost its life & till now its preserved in a frame for the devotees to pay tributes at this sacred place. GURU AMARDASS JI was crowned as GURU by BABA BUDDA JI. GURU ANGAD DEV JI gave twelve blessings and ordered ti install the sacred town GOINDWAL SAHIB as a place of service.
KHOOH (WELL) OF BIBI AMRO JI: This well was got dug by BIBI AMRO JI, daughter of SHRI GURU ANGAD DEV JI, but the water of the well was saline. On the request of the followers of GURU JI, GURU SAHIB provided a log of wood which was thrown into the well & the water became worth drinking. This well is a historical monument.
GURUDWARA THARAH SAHIB: After bringing water on foot with dedication from river Beas for the sacred bath of GURU JI & after doing other duties assigned by GURU ANGAD DEV JI, GURU AMARDASS JI, sitting on this holy place known as THARAH SAHIB, used to worship in spare time.
SIKH AJAIB GHAR( Museum): Historical potraits, manuscripts, sacred orders of GURU'S, historical coins, documents concerning the development of Gurmukhi script & other available material related to GURU JI's life are kept in this museum.
Khadur Sahib (Distt. Amritsar,Punjab) is symbolically attached with the name of Guru Angad Dev Ji. This place got sanctified by the visit of eight Sikh Masters (Sikh Gurus). This town is quite easy to approach - being only 38 kms from Amritsar, 22 kms from Jandiala Guru, 20 Kms from Tarn Taran, 22 kms from Rayya and 9 kms from Goindwal Sahib. The second Master spent 13 years of his Guruship at Khadoor Sahib, spreading the universal message of Guru Nanak Sahib.
Khadur Sahib is the place which was sanctified by visits of eight Sikh Gurus. It is the place where Gurmukhi Lipi was introduced for the first time as medium of language after careful modification by Guru Angad Sahib. It is the place where first Gurmukhi Primer was prepared by the Guru. It is the place where first school was established by Guru Angad Sahib Ji. It is the place where first Gutka of Guru Nanak Sahib’s Bani was prepared. It is the place where first Mal Akhara for wrestling was established and it is the place where regular campaign against intoxicants and social evils was started by Guru Angad Sahib.
Places of Pilgrimage at Khadur Sahib
Gurdwara Sri Tapiana Sahib :- This place is very sacred as First Master Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji sang holy hymns along with Bhai Bala Ji & Bhai Mardana Ji. Janam Sakhi of Sri Guru Nanak Dev was got written by Guru Angad Dev Ji through Bhai Paira Mokha.
Memorial of Bhai Bala Ji :- This memorial is situated in circumbulation (parkarma) of Gurdwara Tapiana Sahib where Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji performed his last rites with his own hands.
Gurdwara Tap Asthan Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji :- Here Guru Nanak Dev Ji asked Bhai Lehna (Name of Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji by birth) to meditate.
Gurdwara Mai Bharai Ji :-After attaining Guruship, Guru Angad Dev Ji remained interned in the house of Mai Bharai(Aunt of Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji ). It was only Baba Buddha Ji who impressed upon Guru Ji to appear before Sangat( devotees).
Gurdwara Mall Akhara Sahib :-It is at this place that Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji spent most of his time holding religious gatherings (Diwans) and giving discourse to Sikh Sangat. It is pertinent to mention that here Guru Ji made arrangements for teaching Gurmukhi script to children and organised wrestling bouts to make them physically strong. This place is particularly important as Guru Ji held religious discourses and conversation with 'Siddhas' and also developed Gurmukhi script. It was a wonderful place where two 'Langars' were run at the same -one 'langar' of Guru Shabad presided over by Guru Ji and the other 'langar' of food (Community kitchen) run by Mata Khiwi . Even Guru Granth Sahib bears testimony to this practice "Balwand Khiwi nek jan jis bahuti chhao patrali, Langar daulat vandiay ras amrit kheer ghiali"(SGGS page-967) (Balwand says that Khivi, the Guru's wife, is a noble woman, who gives soothing, leafy shade to all. She distributes the bounty of the Guru's Langar; the kheer - the rice pudding and ghee, is like sweet ambrosia.) Here practically demonstrated the principal of "Tan Man Thevai Haria" (body and mind blossom forth.)
Gurdwara Sri Darbar Sahib(Angitha Sahib) :- This place is particularly important as Guru Amardas Ji fell down after hitting a stake while bringing a pitcher of water from Goindwal Sahib. This stake of tree 'Karir' became green again by the touch of Guru's feet. It can still be seen here. It is at this place that Guru Angad Dev Ji mingled with the supreme Being and Guru Amardas Ji himself got made his "Angitha". Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji proved himself worthy of being his successor by bringing a pitcher of water for Guru Angad Dev Ji and serving him for 12 years. Sri Guru Ram Das Ji & Guru Arjan Dev Ji also used to halt here while on their way to Amritsar. Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji after getting married his daughter Bibi Veero Ji at Jhabal, stayed here for some time along with his family. Sri Gur Har Rai Sahib along with his 2200 followers came from Kartarpur to Goindwal Sahib & Khadoor Sahib, he also rested here for a night. The ninth master Sri Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib Ji also came from Baba Bakala to pay a visit to this holy place.

Gurdwara Thara Sahib Sri Guru Amar Das Ji :-After performing 'Sewa' Sri Guru Amardas Ji used to come here to meditate .
Khoo Bibi Amro Ji :- This holy well was got dug by Guru Amardas Ji on the request of Bibi Amro Ji to fulfill the needs of pilgrims. Bibi Amro Ji was the daughter of Guru Angad Dev Ji.
More Information about Khadur Sahib :-Bhai Jodh Ji, a great follower of Guru Nanak Dev Ji also belonged to this place. The three(Bhai Punjab Singh, Bhai Damodar Singh and Bhai Bhagwan Singh) martyrs of Chamkaur Sahib also belonged to Khadoor Sahib. Even two out of 40 'Muktey' of Muktsar Sahib also had their roots in Khadoor Sahib. Above all two out of five 'Panj Piyaras' sent with Baba Banda Singh Bahadur used to live at Khadoor Sahib(Mahankosh page-638). It has been decided globally to celebrate the 5th Centennial of Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji at this place. To give concrete shape to these plans, various programs have been planned to be held at Khadoor Sahib.