GB Road Garstin Bastion Road Delhi

GB Road Garstin Bastion Road Delhi - Destination Overview

GB Road Garstin Bastion Road Delhi 

HT Initiative :- Reader is requested to report to authorities  if they find any unlawful activities including minor girls or forced crimes, illelgal activities for saving the victims, quick rehab of the helpless victims as well as punishing the guilty. Reader can also send an email to us, The information will be shared with relavant authorities and identity of the informer will be kept secret.


G.B. Road or Garstin Bastion Road is again a commercial center of the city where you’ll get to see lots of old multi-storied buildings crumbling up side by side, the ground floor of which act as shops while the rest of the floors as brothels. The road is famous as a market for machinery, automobile parts, hardware and tools and is the largest market for these items in the National Capital Region. The road is crowded with vehicles and persons during the day as it is a commercial area.

The segment of the road starting form the Ajmeri Gate in the south until the small intersection with a street leading up to Farash Khana in the north has shops on the ground floor and kothas or brothels on the first and second floors.

The streets and houses at the back of the road are residential areas.

Location of GB road

G.B. Road is a road from Ajmeri Gate to Lahori Gate in Delhi, India, parallel to the railway lines.The road's name was officially changed to Swami Shradhanand Marg in 1966.It is lined with two or three-storey buildings that have shops on ground floor. About twenty of these buildings have about 100 brothels on the first floor.

What is There

G.B. Road is the fifth largest red-light district in Delhi, India. It is an area with several hundred multi-story brothels and estimate over 1000 workers. 

History of GB Road

The history of G.B. Road can be dated back to Mughal era. It is said that there were total five red light areas or kothas (brothels) in Delhi at that time

Nirmal Chayaa - Government shelter - Rescue Operations

Authorities have already rescued hundreds of  minor girls.The rescued girls are first sent to Nirmal Chayaa, a government shelter where medical tests are conducted on suspected minors to determine their age. More than 2,000 prostitutes are estimated to live and work in New Delhi’s G.B. Road.

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