Diera City Centre Dubai

Diera City Centre Dubai - Destination Overview
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    Diera City Centre Dubai Tour is a must as it is the Nucleus of All Dubai Shopping. A must Visit during your Dubai trip

About Deira City Center -

Shopping Mall is a large shopping mall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Located in the community of Deira, Deira City Centre was the largest mall in Dubai prior to the establishment of Ibn Battuta Mall, Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall. Deira City Centre was established in 1996.

This is one of the mall chains and was the first to open and until recently was the most popular. It is a shopping, entertainment and leisure complex with 2 levels. It has over 1.2 million sq. ft. of retail selling space, with over 300 shops and 6,000 free car-parking spaces. Deira City Center houses the popular hypermarket Carrefour, it has an IKEA store. It also houses an 11-screen Cinestar Cinemas, Lexus and Toyota showrooms, 11-storey office tower, Magic Planet (leisure area for kids), and the Sofitel City Centre Hotel.

Deira City Centre is one place where you can shop for all your needs. You want to set a house no second thought about it just step into Deira city centre-you get everything. Friendly customer service. choices are available from lame man to wealthiest person. However it has now been upstaged by newer and more modern malls in Dubai and looks rather aged in comparison.