Devi Darshan Tour Tips Guide

Devi Darshan Tour Tips Guide - Destination Overview
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    ₹ 19999
  • Location: Himachal,India -
  • Nearest Airport: Chandigarh
  • Nearest Train Station: Chandigarh

Devi Darshan Tour Guide and Tips

Chintpurni Devi -Jwalamukhi Devi - Devi Darshan - Tips

1. for Devi Darshan in Himachal, Travel to Una Himachal or Amb Andora By Train ( Benefit - Huge Taxi Cost Saving upto Rs 4000/- from Chandigarh or Rs 9000/- from Delhi).

2. Eat only at Designated Areas like Bombay Picnic Spot before Chintpurni or Ashoka Dhaba-Kangra Here food is hygienic and Cheap. Even Kids can eat here due to best quality offered.

3. Take Prasad in Mata Chintpurni & Jwalaji from the Nearest Shop to Temple gate, Otherwise you will have tough time carrying prasad all the way.

4. Never get emotional on Kumaris in Chintpurni ( Kanchaks, Young Girls) in Chintpurni, They will encircle you and force you to pay money/gifts, They will say to you that Mata rani ke darbar mein aaye ho, to Kumari ko paisaa nahin doge ( You have come to Goddess House and yes you ignore kumaris), but the catch it that they will try to extract as much as money from you. We have seen that if you give to one group of girls, another will encircle you and force you to pay. The Best way is to just be tough and move on.

5. Negotiate the Price first with Barber in Chintpurni for Mundan ceremony or Poojan, negotaite also with lady who washes the baby. The key is to negotiate with all.

6. Cover Naina Devi Ji On your return, this way you can relax and see Picturesque Bhakhra Nangal Dam and enjoy great food at Chief Restaurant on Nangal dam.

Mata Chintpurni Temple Sanctum Sanctorum

Tips to Avoid Inconvenience on Devi Darshan Tour

1. In Chintpurni, Take Prasad from nearest shop to the temple main gate.Otherwise lines get very long and you will end up carrying prasad all along

2. Avoid Eye Contact with Beggers, Young Girls ( Kumaris) specially in Chintpurni. There is a whole gang out there trying to rip you off.

3. Donate Generously, but only in the Safe deposite of the Temple trust, do not forget to take back the receipt.