Beijing Tourist Guide

Beijing Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
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  • Location: Beijing,China -
  • Altitude: 44m
  • Longitude: 116 25 E
  • Latitude: 39 55 N
  • Nearest Airport: Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK), Operating Airlines are Shandong Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Korean Air Korean Air, Air China and Azerbaijan Airlines, which approximately takes 7- 12 hours to reach Beijing from different places in India.
  • Nearest Train Station: Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)
  • How to reach: Any International Flight can be taken from Kolkata, New Delhi, Pune, Kochi to reach Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)
  • Season to Visit: October

Beijing Tourist Guide

Beijing as we all know is the capital of China and one of the most populated cities in the world, actually is the second largest Chinese city by urban population and is the hub of nation’s cultural, political and educational centre. It is well connected by roads, national highways and high speed rail networks and is the hub of major financial activities of the state owned companies. This city from a longer time is popular and a huge attraction among tourists due to its opulent palaces, tombs, temples, walls and gates. It is the epicenter of art and culture of China, also known as ‘Peking’.


Best time to visit Beijing

Generally Beijing has a monsoon influenced climate which has hot and humid summers. The best time to visit Beijing is September to October in the autumn season. Spring season has dust storms, but is otherwise warm to attract the tourists. Winters and summers are too tropical with temperature falling to −10 °C and soaring to 35 °C respectively. Summers must be avoided especially to visit this city because of heavy smog.

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Getting in to Beijing

·    By Flight

The best way to get in Beijing is through flight, all the domestic and international flights land in Beijing Capital International Airport. It is situated in suburban district Shunyi and is broadly divided into 3 major terminals, each serving to individual flights and carriers. One can avail all the facilities like ATMs, money changers, wifi zones and comfortable lounges with various eateries. Free shuttle runs between Terminal 2 and 3 which departs in every 10 minutes or so. Taxicabs can be taken from airport to reach town, but one should be beware of the frequent happening scams at the taxi queues. Official taxi queue is the safest option on the ground level to reach the desired destination.

·    By Train

The economic option to travel to Beijing from other cities is through high speed rail networks. This city has many railway stations divided in the Central, West, South and North. The major railways stations are Beijing Railway Station which is situated in the heart of the city. Similarly there are Beijing West, South and North Railway Stations. All of these railway stations are well connected by public buses, taxi and subways.

·    By Car

Beijing has several highways and expressways which head in all directions, some of the major ones are Jichang Expressway, Jingcheng, Jingtong, Jingshen, Jingjintang, Jingkai, Jingshi and Badaling Expressway. Other 11 China National highways also connect to Beijing which are Nanyuan road, Jingyuan road and Fushi road to name a few.

·    By Bus

Public transport like long distance state transport buses operates between far cross distance such as Shanghai and the Mongolia border and also areas like Harbin and Xi’an. The city has over 20 long distance bus stations, some of them are Xizhimen Long distance bus station, Deshengmen bus station, Dongzhimen and Sihui Long distance bus station. It is the cheapest and convenient mode of transport, have comfy seats, and most of the rides take not more than 6-12 hours.

Tourist can take print outs of route maps and names of bus routes and buses in Mandarin or local language so that wading through the unknown pathways becomes a little easy. Because only a few handful of people know conversational English especially in the tourist populated areas.  One should pay particular attention while crossing roads in the city as car drivers are not that considerate to give ways to pedestrians. Taxis are the preferred choices for getting around, be courteous and carry the print out of the name of the destination to avoid pronouncing wrong names and goofing up. Beijing subway is a great experience for tourists as they have clear English written boards and is an easy way to quickly get around in the city.

Tourist attractions and Must Visits

·    Monuments and Landmarks

There are a number of options available for tourist attractions that one can choose according to his taste, likings and interests. The ones which should not be missed are the Landmarks such as Tiananmen Square in Dongcheng District considered the World’s largest public square and a place that must be visited; it is surrounded by The Museum of Chinese History, The Museum of Chinese Revolution, the Forbidden City, the Great Hall of the People and the Qianmen Gate.  Summer Palace at Yiheyuan District is a popular tourist destination which gives a glimpse of old imperial Beijing. This was once a summer retreat for emperors spread over 290 acres this park is very crowd-weary. National Stadium which is also called ‘Bird’s Nest’ in Chaoyang District symbolizes the 2008 Olympic Games and is a major landmark for sports lovers.

·    Walls

Visiting Beijing one can’t afford to miss the Great Walls, The Great Wall of China is a 1 hour train trip or 1.5 hours bus ride from Beijing, where crowds flock like anything to see one of the World’s wonders.  One must bring jackets or sweaters to protect oneself from the chill and the wind in the winters. Some others is Great Wall at Mutianyu which are less crowded and offers a better view is a little further from Beijing and The Great wall of Jiankou and the Great Wall at Huanghuacheng which is located near a lake and a reservoir.


·    Art and Culture

Theatres and Concert halls are another attraction for people visiting from different parts of the World. The Beijing Opera is the most ethnic and old traditional opera been performed in China. Places to watch this opera are in Xuanwu District and Lao She Teahouse. Acrobatic shows portraying the traditional Chinese environment are found in Tianqiao Acrobatics Theatre in Xuanwu  District.  Drama plays and Classical music can be enjoyed in Capital Theatre in Dongcheng District and Century Theatre in Chaoyang District.

  • Events and Excursions in Beijing

Being in Beijing at the right time one can enjoy events like The Grand View Garden Fair, Music Festival and National Day held in Haidian Park, Chaoyang Park, Tongzhou Canal Park. Beijing Chrysanthemum Exhibition during November and Fragrant Hills Red Leaves Festival in mid October hold special importance in the events. Beijing has many nice sub urban excursion trips such as Mentougou Ambling and Hiking Trips, Huairou Ambling and Hiking Trips and Pinggu Ambling and Hiking Trips which usually ranges in the price range of $30-$35 per person.

Tourists need to plan the trip well in advance and should have an idea of places to visit and stay. With all the information acquired, the trip to Beijing will be a memory to cherish.