Barot Himachal Tourist Guide

Barot Himachal Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
  • Package Prices
    Barot Packages start from Rs 6755/- per pax for 3 Nights including Trout Treat
  • Location: Himachal Pradesh,India -
  • Altitude: 1830 meters
  • Longitude: 32.038667
  • Latitude: 76.842333
  • Nearest Airport: Chandigarh
  • Nearest Train Station: Jogindernagar - Narrow Guage, Una Himachal - Broad guage
  • How to reach: Barot is reachable easily from Chamdigarh and Delhi via Palampur Dharamshala. It takes approx 3 hours drive from palampur to Barot via Jogindernagar, Jhatingari
  • Season to Visit: Best Season to Visit Barot is March onwards till October, As Trout is abundantly available for angling and also available cheaply at Trout Farm. Trout Breeding season starts from October and continues till February. in this time, Trout fish needs to be arranged from Jogindernagar.

Barot Himachal Tourist Guide

Barot Himachal is the perfect Hide away for Fish Lovers, Travellers who just want to get lost in far remote areas and enjoy every bit of nature. When reach Barot, It takes a while for you to understand its magic, We suggest you to settle down in one of the Guest Houses first, then start enjoying the Great Barot..You need to Book early as These days in 2015, it is fast becoming a Busy Place, So Visit Barot Fast it while it is fresh..

Barot - A Must Destination for Adventure and Food Loving tourists

  • Peaceful Environs, Lush Green & Great Uhl River..
  • Delicious Rainbow Trout Fish ( Both Farm fish & Wild Trout)
  • Trekking to Lush Green Mountains including Sari Pass
  • Excursion to Lohardi Village & eat Food in Janta Dhaba or Others
  • Adventure Driving Route to Mandi
  • Enjoy quaint village life of Barot and Lohardi
  • Lohardi being very famous for Organic Rajmahs ( Red Kidney Beans), Take Loads when you come back.
  • Barot famous for organic vegetables including Sugar Free Potatoes, Most delicious Couliflowers. Take Loads full when you drive back.

Barot has all for you. has all great things to offer you an unbelievable Tour Package, you will never forget even in life..

We offer you Barot Tour package including Home Stay with Most delicious Food including Trout, Barot Special Vegetables, Exursion to Lohardi Village and more over 3 nights of great fun, driving and trekkings. 



Can you imagine, You wake up and Nothing to do..No site seeing..No Excusions..Nothing But waiting for Breakfast in the Cool weather and sitting in mild Sun Warmth..Thats Barot for you..Lunch consists of spread of Trout Delicacies with Barot Organic Salads and Off course Barot Potatoes curry and barot Special Aalu Gobhi and Leaks...Enjoy life Fullest in Barot..

                                             Barot-Himachal-PWDGuestHouse-NewOne constructed-Having-4 BedRooms

Barot has many Guest Houses, but the centre point of Attraction is Govt Guest House which is built in all Wood and Cosy comforts...

The surpriseing part is that this great guest house only prepares Dal, Mutton, and Rice, but to meet food demands of Cities Tourists who demand Fried Trout fish, Trout Fish Curry, Biryani, Chilly Chicken, ceasers salad, Butter Chicken etc..Guest house has tied up with neighbouring paradise Home Stay to deliver the delicacies in real time..


Wild Trout is firmer and Darker than farm Trout. Cost was exorbitant in October bacause of ban on Trout Fishing..We decided to come to Barot in the season time...


A great Cosy and warm Place to enjoy in Barot, But This Guest House can only be booked only for 2 nights...But Holiday travel will extend our stay for 3-4 nights..Contact us...


Barot-Himachal-TroutsFish-InRunning Water

Trout Fish Survives only in Running water, Himachal Govt Breeds Trout from october till Feb to keep Trout Supply for the Whole year..


Barot Dam is under Punjab Govt, so get surprised to find Punjab Police in Deep Himalayan Village of barot..



Ranjit Thakur of Barot is the Unsung Hero, who delivers delicacies to the Barot Govt Guest House in dead of night quitly, without ever knowledge of guests, who always think that Govt Guest House provides all delicacies..

Now Mr. Ranjit has his own Two great rooms with bathroom. he is a great cook and great host...Off reason Rates to Barot only Rs 500/- per night..Rush Now...

Road Less Travelled - Himachal New Route- Barot to Mandi Via Dynapark New Route- A Great Driving Holiday

Worth a Deteour

When returning from Barot, You have two options, either you can take conventional Route through Jogindernagar, But we offer you here another Route, which takes you through Mountain Tops and provides you more Thrill than conventional Route..The Route is very Scenic and you need to drive very carefully as road is not Pakka but It is worth a deteour..

Himachal New Routes- Barot-Jhantigari-Mandi-NewRoute-Roads-Less-Travelled-1

Himachal New Routes- Barot-Jhantigari-Mandi-NewRoute-Roads-Less-Travelled-4X4-Trip-Adventure-Tour-HairPin-Bends-Similar-to-rohtang-do-not-get-scared

Himachal New Routes - Barot-Jhantigari-Mandi-NewRoute-Roads-Less-Travelled-4X4-Trip-Adventure-Tour-On-Roads-Edge

Himachal New Route - Barot-Jhatingari-Mandi - Road-Built-on-Mounatin-top-Padhar-Town-Visible-from-DynaPark-top

Himachal New Adventure Routes - Barot-Mandi-NewRoute-Mountain-Top-Road-Adventure-4X4-Road

Himachal Adventure Routes - Jhantogari-Mandi-NewRoute-Road-Built-on-Mounatin-top-Declining-to-Padhar-Town


Himachal New Adventure Route - Barot-Mandi-NewRoute-Reached-Padhar-Town