Baba Balak Nath Deotsiddh Tourist Guide

Baba Balak Nath Deotsiddh Tourist Guide - Destination Overview
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    Baba Balannath ji Holy darshan including darshans at Shri Jogi panga near Una Himachal. A Blessed & Must Pilgrimage for all
  • Location: Himachal Pradesh,India -174047
  • Altitude: 738 Meters
  • Longitude: 76.5411 East
  • Latitude: 31.4551 North
  • Nearest Airport: Gaggal ( Dharamshala) & Chandigarh
  • Nearest Train Station: Una
  • How to reach: By Air :- Chandigarh (150 Km From DeotSidh) Daily Flights are available from Delhi and Bombay to Chandigarh. By Train: Nearest Railway Station to Deothsidh is - Una Himachal (50 Km from DeotSidh) Daily trains are available from Delhi to Una. By Road: Baba balaknath Ji Temple in DeotSidh is well Connected by road network, there are routes from Una Himachal, Hamirpur & Bilaspur by Road. Regular Inter State Bus Services is also available up ShahTalai.
  • Season to Visit: Deotsidh Temple is best visited during Holi (March) and Navratri (September and March), the months of September-December are considered most ideal because of their good weather conditions.

About Baba Balak Nath Deotsidh

The Baba Balak Nath Sidhpeeth is located at a distance of 50 Kilometers from the District Headquarter Una Himachal Pradesh India on a hill known as ‘Deoth Sidh’.

Baba balak Nath Temple complex is spread over 2 sq. Kilometers which includes more than 200 Stairs and Baba Caves and Raja Brathari Temple.


Baba Balaknath Ji Darshan

Bababalaknath_StairstoBabajiTemple ( Crossing 200 stairs to Baba Ji's Darshan)

BababalakNath_Greatscenery_EnroutefromUna ( It is a great scenery when you travel to Baba balak nath Ji from Una Himachal)

Places of Interest Around Baba Balaknath Ji cave

Places of Interest Around Baba Balaknath Ji

Shivalaya Bachhretu :
Shivalya Bachhretu is a peaceful, nice place located on western slope of Kotdhar just 3 kms southward to shahtalai. It is 3000 ft above sea level. In courtyard of temple there is a huge statue of Nandi Bail (oxen) which is specified to be Lord Shiva’s  Vahan (vehicle).

It is said that it is named because of Bachhretu, a brave calf. Legend is that once upon a time Muni Vishshanandi Ji while coming from Bhakra come to this area, an old women lived near present temple she had a cow. In that period, there was acute storage of water.

This old women daily took her cow to the bank of Satluj, fed water to her & fetched one pot for her routine use. when Sant Vishshanand ji reached near women’s house he felt thirsty. He asked lady for water. She gave pot of water to Muni as he was extremely thirsty, he drank whole water. Lady had to manage with that water till next day. She got furious over Muni. Mahatma started praying for Goddess Ganga, as a result Ganga appeared & asked Muni the purpose of calling her.

Muni told Ganga that there is scarcity of water so please do appear in this area, Ganga mata Oblized.

Common belief is that rest of the water is seeping out from all sides of mountain. There are many water sources around the hill. People insisted Mahatma to stay there. He stayed & worshipped Lord Shiva. Legend is that lord shiva appeared there. Bawdi is named shiv Bawadi is linked to this legend.

Shivalya is quite ancient. Legend is that this was -constructed is 770 AD by Raja Veer Chand, near to it is Bachretu fort, which was constructed by Raja Rattan Chand. People who come to Baba Balak Nath, they do come to this temple. On said day large fair is organized.

Just 4 kilometers ahead of the Deot-Sidh Temple is a small town named "Shah-talai". It is situated about 55 km off-road Bilaspur on Bhager- Badser road. The ancient name of this place was Changer-Talai. Baba Balak Nath’s worship and grazing of Mata Ratno’s cattle’s, later returning her mattress of Chach, got famous by the name of Chhahtalai which later turned to Shahtalai, where Babaji is said to have practiced Dhyana meditation.

 Illuminated Pathway & Stairs to Baba Balak Nath Ji Temple

Illuminated Pathway & Stairs to Baba Balak Nath Ji Temple
The main Temple of Baba Balaknath is built outside this cave and is known as Deotsidh. People start their trek from Shahtalai and walk approx 10 kilometers to reach Deotsidh. Alternate way is to also hire a jeep to reach there. After that a flight of stairs with shops on either side, You will reach the main Gate of the Baba Balak nath temple.
From here female devotees form a separate line as they are not allowed near the cave. The view from the highest point in the temple is amazing as you can look across several hills and water bodies between these hills are also clearly visible.
The whole path is illuminated with powerful sodium lamps.Drinking water has been made available all along the route, with water coolers and storage facilities. After the tracking of 5.5km from Shahtalai you would reach Deot Sidh (Bhawan), the holy cave of Shri Baba Babalak Nath Ji.

Una Himachal to Baba Balak Nath ji cave Scenic Route Details

Journey to Baba Balak nath ji is a scenic drive on the beautiful mountain roads from Una Himachal,
After monsoons, the fields are full of corn crops, All khuds (small rivulets) are full of water and the untouched beauty of the Govind Sagar water reservoir is at its peak.

It is recommened to always stop at a point from where you get a good view of the water body. The lush green plains at the banks of Govind Sagar make you want to throw away your shoes and run wild across the fields. Be on a look out for Govind Sagar at your right while driving towards the baba balak nath ji temple. Don’t miss it because if you see it once, you will cherish the memory forever.
It takes about 1.5 hours to reach Shahtalai from Una Himachal. Shahtalai is a significant town for people who worship Baba Balaknath ji. Baba Balaknath had performed a long Tapasya here while taking care of Mata Ratno’s cattle.After some years he is said to have left Shahtalai and taken Samadhi inside a cave some distance up from Shahtalai.

How to Offer Daily Pooja in Baba Balaknath ji

Everyday prayers are held in the morning and the evening. 'Rot' (a bread made of raw sugar mixed with Wheat Flour & Dry Fruit and cooked in Desi or Dalda Ghee or Vegitable-Oil) is offered as oblation to Baba ji. The worship and adoration of Baba ji is performed in local traditions by igniting 'Dhoop' and 'Agarbatti' (perfume-sticks).

Donations for Baba Balaknath Ji

1) The Temple Trust Shahtalai has not appointed any representative for the purpose of collecting donations in cash or otherwise. Devotees are informed that no donations either in cash or otherwise should be given to anybody personally. This is to avoid deceit as well as to prevent devotees from being cheated by unscrupulous elements.

2) Offerings to Shri Sidh Baba Balak Nath Ji in cash or kind should always make at the office against printed receipt.

3) Devotees should note that all religious functions and poojas in the premises to be arranged and performed through the office of the Temple Trust.

5     Suggested Yatra tour Itinarary for Baba Balak Nath Ji Temple

Suggested Yatra tour Itinarary for Baba Balak Nath Ji Temple

The People come to Shahtalai on saturday, stay for night at Shahtalai and in the morning take bath in "Charan Ganga", pay their respect in Vat Brikash Temple, Gurna Jhari Temple and other Temples in Shah Talai and thereafter go to Deot Sidh cave. The holy visit is said to have been completed when the devotees first pay their respect in the Temples of Taposthali (Tapo Bhoomi) at Shah Talai.

6     Fairs & Festival in Baba Balaknath ji

Fairs & Festival in Baba Balaknath ji

Though pilgrims visit this religious place throughout the year yet the biggest "Chaitra Mela" from 13th March to 15th April is organized every year in which lacs of people from all over the country and abroad have been participating.

There is considerable increase in the number of devotees on every Saturdays and Sundays.

7     Important Facts about Baba Balak Nath Ji 

Important Facts about Baba Balak Nath Ji 

Guru Mahayogi Guru could not win over Baba as Baba Balak Nath is none other than Kartikeya. Mahayogi Guru is a Navnath and was an incarnation of Hari Narayan. Dattatreya is the guru of Nath Sampradaya (Commune) and Baba Balak Nath was his disciple.

Baba Balak Nath is not any of the Navnath. Baba Balak Nath is above Navanatha and all Navanatha come under him.

Kudnu (goat), offered at the temples of Baba Balak Nath Ji Temple is none other than Kankaneta which can travel at the speed of mind. Varun gave it to Kartikeya, when he killed Tarakasur. The Kudnu is just offered (not killed) in Baba Balak Nath's temple.

Female Devotees are prohibited from entering the interiors of Baba Balak Nath temple. It is said that once Mata "Mother"Parvati, missing his son Kartikeya, took a form of cat and visited Junagarh to meet Bala Shiva. Bala Shiva  played a lot with the cat. The cat left after sometime. After 1–2 days when Babaji missed Mata Parvati, he came to Kailash to meet her and saw scratches on Mata Parvati's face. Babaji enquired Mata about this, to which Mata informed that she had taken the form of cat to meet Babaji and he gave her (as a cat) the scratches through his hands. Babaji soon realized that ladies are very delicate and Baba is coarse like stone. So he prohibited women from entering his durbar. This has been mentioned by Ramakrishna Paramhansa in his book Jyoti.


Peacock as a Vahana was gifted to Kartikeya by Rishi (Sage) Garuna. The peacock was Rishi Garuna's son Chitravarhana.

Baba Balak Nath ji is blessed by Lord Shiva that he will always remain 12 years old. That is why Baba Ji devotees remember him fom the name of Baba Balak Nath.

8     Raja Bhartrihari Union with Baba Balak Nath Ji

Raja Bhartrihari Union with Baba Balak Nath Ji

In accordance with legend current in Shah Talai, one day Mahayogi Guru Gorakh Nath came along with his 300 disciples to Baba ji dhuna (the place he was after he left Shah Talai). First of all he asked Baba Ji for providing them with a seat.

Baba ji placed on the ground his towel which became enlarged abtill it became big enough to accommodate all 300 disciples of Mahayogi Guru Gorakh Nath. It is said that after this stiil big part of towel remained not ocupated. Then Guru Goraksh Nath asked Baba Balak Nath to fetch water from the mountain pound situated near on the way. When Baba ji went there and filled the bowl with water, he found that Goraksh Nath has aplied his magic on it, duty which whater poured into it was disapearing.

He understend that Mahayogi Guru Gorakh Nath was trying to bring him down by doing so. In response Baba Balak Nath has made the pound itself disapear, and when he came back, he told to Goraksh nath that there was no water as there was no pond.

Mahayogi Guru Gorakh Nath who saw the pond by the way, not belived him and send his disciple Bhartrihari to investigaste the matter.

Baba Balak Nath and he went there together and Bhartrihari who also saw the pond before, became astonished to see that it has disapeared. There Baba ji explained to the yogi that his guru Goraksh Nath was a haughty person, who for increasing his own fame was recommending to forsake the worship of Shiva and to replace it with his own worship. Bhartrihari whose eyes becames opened by told, decided to abandon companey of Goraksh Nath and started live there near the Baba ji.

This time also, Baba Ji returned without water and without Bhartrihari. Then Mahayogi Guru Gorakh Nath sent Bhairon Nath to bring Bhartrihari back along with water. Bhairon Nath couldn't spot the water and came empty handed without water and Bhartrihari. After not having water, Mahayogi Guru Gorakh Nath asked Baba Balak Nath to serve them milk. Baba Ji called a non-milking barren cow and patted her. The cow started milking and everybody have milk.

After everyone have enough,  there was still lot of milk left in the bowl. Then Mahayogi Guru Gorakh Nath threw his seat made of skin of tiger to the sky and asked Baba ji to bring it back to the earth. Baba Ji has thrown his chimata (fire tongs) towards it and it tore the skin into pieces. At this, Baba Balak Nath asked Mahayogi Guru Gorakh Nath to bring his chimata back to the earth. Mahayogi Guru Gorakh Nath asked Bhairon to do this, but he couldn't accomplish this.

After being defeated in every contest, Mahayogi Guru Gorakh Nath has ordered to his disciples forcibly put earrings in the ears of Baba ji, but everyone of them became faint before be able to accomplish this. During that struggle Baba Balak Nath made a loud cry and reached the place where modern 'Charan Paduka' temple is situated.

From there, he went to the cave on the top of hill, presently known as his main shrine Deot Sidh. The cave then was occupied by the demon, and Baba ji  withdraw him away by his yogic power. Then Baba Ji made that cave the place of his further staying and continued there his penance. (It is said that Bhartrihari also settled near that place.)

9     The Miracles at Shahtalai

The Miracles at Shahtalai

There is also the description of the miracle that in Shahtalai, Baba bought rains to help the farmers in the dry season. In fact the King of Bilaspur also sought the blessings of the Bal Shiva Yogi after he heard about Baba.

It is a popular folklore, wherever the Bala Yogi walked a cloud went along sheltering him. The King of Bilaspur was amazed to see the clouds rendering service to Baba. 

People in Shah-talai became devotees of the Bal Yogi. Mata Ratno was very happy to have her son in service. Whenever she sees Babaji in meditation, she used to bring Roti (Chapati) and Lassi (made from churning curd and water) for him.

10     Baba Balak Nath Ji Union & Parting with Mata Ratno in Shah-Talai

Baba Balak Nath Ji Meeting with Mata Ratno in Shah-Talai

During the holy journey Baba Balak Nath ji was passing through an old village. Baba balak nath ji had seen old women with her cows; cow was trying to break the rope. The Old women was unable to control the cows.

On seeing this, Baba balak nath ji Asked the old women, " Oh Mother " , who are you, isn’t there someone to help you.

The Old Women Replied , My name is Ratno and I am widow. I have no family and Nobody has or is willing to help me.

Mata Ratno then asked Baba Balak Nath Ji , Who are you, where have you come from?

Baba Balak Nath Ji replied , Mata my name is Balak Nath and I am Sanyasi. I am on my Holy journey to Holy Places.

Mata Ratno could not understand to " Sanyasi " .

Baba Balak Nath Ji explained to Mata Ratno.

Hearing all Mata Ratno told Baba Balak Nath Ji. " I cannot fully understand what have you just said. But I want you to stay with me as my own son and look after my cows and me.

After hearing Mata Ratno, Baba balak nath ji told Mata Ratno. Mata Ji, I am a sanyasi and sanyasi’s are not allowed to stay with Gharisti.

But Mata Ratno, Could not understand to anything. She just wants baba ji as his son.

Baba ji than Sit in meditation and realized that, Mata Ratno was not anybody. She had been reborn as Mata Ratno from the demon Mahishee to whom he had given a boon that a time will come when I will stay with you as a son.

But there is another angle to this Story. Some People believe that during the baba Balak Nath Ji’s journey to himayalas, He remained at Dharmo’s house for 12 Gharis. Baba balak Nath ji has to rapay by staying with her and lok after her cows for a certain period.

Baba balak nath ji agreed to stay with Mata Ratno and to look after her cows and her.

Baba balak nath ji asked Mata Ratno. " What I have to do. "

Mata Ratno Replied that, " You will have to look after all my cows, look after them while they are eating in the forest make sure nobody steel their milk. "

Baba Balak Nath Ji started grazing the cows. Every day they went to the jungle and meditate there.

Baba balak nath ji agreed to stay with Mata Ratno and to look after her cows and her.

Mata Ratno Makes Roti and Lassi For Baba Balak Nath ji. Baba Balak Nath ji accept this and Store the Roti in a Hole in the Tree, and Lassi in the Dhuna. In this Way Nath Ji had Passed Twelve Years.One Day Cows Entered the Nearest Field and destroyed all the crops. The villagers complain to the Local Authority and to the Mata Ratno.

Mata Ratno became very angry and immediately made her way to Baba Balak Nath Ji. She Started Saying that, Oh Lazy Boy, You are doing nothing For me, even a small job of looking after cows for a young guy like You and yet you cannot event do that. Now I understand why your parents allowed you to become a Sanyassi.

Baba Balak Nath Ji Politely Say Don’t be angry Mata Ji You are falsely blaming me. I was looking after the cows very sincerely and the cows destroyed not even a single crop.

You can go and have a look yourself. Then Mata Ratno went to the field and has looked the fields Nothing is happened to the crops. She came back to Baba Balak Nath Ji.

Baba Balak Nath Ji Told Mata Ratno Mata Ji you have described me as most laziest person. Mata Ji I am not Lazy, I am doing my duty sincerely. More… I have not eat any of your meal since twelve years. With regards to the Food, I have kept Safe all of your Rotiya and Lassi in a hole and in Dhuna. Baba balak Nath Ji Pointed towards the Dhouna and Hole and huge amount of fresh rotiya and Lassi appeared

Baba Balak Nath ji Said Mata Ji my time here has now come to an end . And went to the jungle for meditation. After saying this to Mata Ratno, Baba balak nath ji went to the jungle. Baba Ji has selected a Gharuna jhadi for Meditation. Baba Ji meditate under the shadow of Jhadi. It is said that it is the only Gharuna Jhadi, that protect Baba Ji from Sun and in Raini season. The Jhadi is ever full with the leafs in all seasons.With the Jhadi Baba Ji got familarity in the reason.

Baba Balak Nath ji takes a Leave from Mother Ratno

Baba came back to Shah-talai and meditated again deep on Lord Shiva. Meanwhile, the cows he used to take care, were left unattended for sometime. One day the cows ravaged fields of the village and villagers complained to Ratno demanding the compensation. Ratno came with the villagers to tree where Baba was meditating and asked for money in

lieu of the food ( (Indian Flour Cake)Roti and Lassi (mix of Churned Curd & water)), she had given him for 12 years, as compoensation for the damage to the villagers. But that was again a miracle which the villagers witnessed, that fields were in unharmed state, which they were, before being ravaged by the cows.

It is said that after this, Baba dug his ForkChimta at the base of the tree, under which he used to meditate. The Chapattis served by Mata Ratno for 12 years came out. With another hit of Chimta (Fork), He bought out Lassi. After this Baba straddled his Vahana (Celestial Ride) Peacock and left for Dhaulagiri.

King BhartriHari's realisation of the Eternal truth with the divine fruit given by Baba balak Nath ji  King Bhartrihari realized the divine and eternal truth with the divine fruit, given to him by Baba. ” No-one except the Lord Almighty was Lord of all and the Eternal Truth Thereof.” He came back to ShahTalai in search of Baba.

Unable to find him there, he felt depressed and started praying for forgiveness. Babaji gave Darshan (divine appearance) to Bhartrihari and they both meditated at Dhaulagiri. It is believed that Banarsi Das was the first one to have Darshan (Divine Appearance of the Lord to the Devotee) of Baba Balak Nath. Baba gave him Vibhuti (The Sacred Ashes of the Holy Fire) from the Dhoona to remove the miseries of life.

Jai Baba di.

11     Duel between Baba Balak Nath & Guru Mahayogi Guru

Duel between Baba Balak Nath & Guru Mahayogi Guru

Guru Mahayogi Guru came with 125,000 disciples and stayed with the king of Bilaspur Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. The king Apprised him of the Divine Magical Powers of Bal Shiva Yogi with clouds rendering him service. Guru Gorakh nath envisioned that this divine yogi is the same Balaknath, who escaped from him at Vrindavan.

He decided to test the powers of the Bal Shiva Yogi. Baba welcomed Mahayogi Guru Gorakh nath and his disciples. Mahayogi Guru asked Baba to fetch water from Mountain of Dhaulagiri, and gave a vessel to Baba. Baba accepted his request and through his powers filled the Vessel with the Water.

Baba discovered some magical power in the vessel that was trying to dissuade him, but by Shiva's grace, Baba saved himself from temptation. On being ordered to serve milk to all his Devotees, Baba called on cow Sundari (Divine Cow), & gave them a fill of Appetite. Mahayogi Guru and his disciples were amazed.

Mahayogi Guru was still not convinced and to prove his superiority over Baba. He took tested Baba & tossed his deer skin high in the air. The deer skin went up high, sped away higher and disappeared. He then asked Baba to bring down the deer skin for him. Baba tossed his Chimta up and it tore the deer skin, Guru Mahayogi Guru tossed-up, in two halves. Now Babaji asked Mahayogi Guru Gorakh nath to get the Chimta back, Guru Mahayogi Guru desperately failed to get the Chimta back.

He ordered a forceful inquisition of Baba Balak Nath. when the followeres of Mahayogi Guru tore Baba's earlobe to put-on the ear-ring. Milk is said to have sprinkled out instead of blood. This miracle scared Guru Mahayogi Guru’s disciples. At the same time, Babaji escaped their grasp and hid in a secret cave, to avoid Guru Mahayogi Guru.

It is believed that Bhaironnath and Bhartriharinath were also disciples of Guru Mahayogi Guru and after this incident they paid salutations to Baba. All the disciples abandoned Guru Mahayogi Guru and he soon realized the eternal truths about Baba. He bowed to Baba and left with Bhaironnath.

Raja BhartriHari remained with Baba Balak nath Ji. Baba gave Bhartrihari a divine fruit and asked him to give it to one he loved the most. Bhartrihari left for Ujjain with this divine fruit.

Baba then went back to Shah-Talai and met Mata Ratno.

12     Baba Balak Nath Ji's Meeting with Guru Mahayogi Guru

Baba Balak Nath Ji's Meeting with Guru Mahayogi Guru

During journey Baba Balak Nath ji reached Vindravan. In Vindravan Baba Balak Ji Remained for many years for meditation.The followers of Guru Gorakh Nath Found a Yogi (Baba Ji) in deep meditation. They immediatly informed Guru Gorakh Nath about this Yogi. Guru Gorakh Nath immediatly knew that this was Baba Balak Nath Ji. It was at this time that Guru Gorakh Nath decided to forcibly make Baba Balak Nath as one of his followers.

Guru Gorakh Nath thought to hisself that if this young Yogi was still in meditation then He and his followers should forcibly pierce the Yogi's ears and place wooden earrings.

By Doing this, He did't let Baba Balak Nath Ji any other option But to accept Guru Gorakh Nath as his Guru. B'cause Baba Balak Nath Ji Becoming more populer in public that Guru Gorakh Nath. Guru Gorakh Nath influencing the public with the use of his Yogic miracles.But Baba ji preached the opposite way. Public Gave the equal position to Guru Gorakh Nath and Baba Balak Nath Ji.With the differences in Guru Gorakh Nath and Baba Balak Nath Ji public was very confused. To Make His Side Strong in Public Guru Gorakh Nath Want Baba Ji as one of his followers.

Baba Balak nath ji, during Samadhi, could sense the plans of Guru Mahayogi Guru. Already having Dattatreya as guru, he could not accept Mahayogi Guru as his Guru. He disappeared from Vrindavan and re-appeared in Delhi using his celestial powers to avoid Guru Mahayogi Guru. “Since Babaji is none other than Kartikeya, he has Kankaneta (a goat as a ride) which can travel at the speed of mind.” In Delhi, Baba is believed to have sat in Samadhi on the banks of river

Yamuna and had his Dhoona (ever-burning Holy Fire). River Yamuna is also believed to have come to seek the blessings of Babaji.

13     Baba Balak Nath & Mahayogi Guru Gorakh Nath Ji

Baba Balak Nath & Mahayogi Guru Gorakh Nath Ji



Guru Dattatriya had informed yogi Baba Balak Nath ji about Mahayogi Guru Gorakh Nath and about his powers as well as misuse of his siddhi and yogic Maya. Guru ji informed Baba ji that he had convinced thousands of people to worship him instead of the supreme Lord.



14     Baba Balak Nath Ji's Guru Dattatriya Nath Ji

Baba Balak Nath Ji's  Guru Dattatriya Nath Ji

Baba Balak Nath Ji Continued his Holy Journey & Reached Haridwar, Haridwar is located at the foot of Shivalik hills on the right side of Ganga. Sadhus, Saints & spritual people are very likely to stay there for meditation. Guru Dattatriya was staying there on the bank of Yamuna for meditation. Because of the nature of the location, Baba Ji & Guru Dattatriya Both had been attracted the location, and there they met. Baba Balak Nath ji had found all the special qualities/abilities in the Guru Dattatriya Ji that He had been searching for (i.e. a GURU).

Guru Dattatriya Ji already influenced the Balak ( Baba Balak Nath Ji). Baba Ji Worshipped Gurur Dattatriya Ji With all Vedic Rites.After this Baba Balak Nath Ji asked Guru Dtattriya Ji To become His Guru.Guru Dattatriya Ji accepted Baba Balak Nath Ji as his follower.

Baba Balak Nath's Guru Dakshina – 

Finding A Lost Child & Teaching Lesson to Demon Narshiha

There was one sadhu who had already achieved a lot of sidhi by Hata Yoga. His name was Narashiha and his nature was one of causing trouble and misery upon others. He achieved Sidhi by hard meditation of Hata Yoga for the sole purpose of name and fame. 

He had asked Guru Dattatriya several times to accept him as a follower, but guru Dattatriya had not considered his wish due to his attitude, which was known by the Guru Shri. When he heard that there was going to be a celebration of Guru Diksha to a small Balak (boy), his true nature was revealed. He became extremely agitated and jealous of the small Balak. He had been waiting here for the last several years and still he had not been accepted by Guru Dttatriya and was now wondering as to how this Balak (Baba balak nath ji) had bettered him.

When the ceremony day drew closer many a person including a village widow with her young son made their way to where the celebration was to take place. Meanwhile Sadhu Narashiha was planning to cause trouble and so disrupt the ceremony. He eventually kidnapped the village women’s child.

When the women found out her son was missing, she started crying for help. Lots of people came to her aid and were willing to help her to find her son. The people searched here and there but to no avail. The village woman eventually reached the place celebration, she approached Guru Dattatriya and said whilst crying, “look what’s happened to me. I am an old village widow and I have lost my only son for whom I live for .”

Upon hearing this Guru Dattatriya immediately ordered his followers to stop the ceremony until the village woman’s son found. He ordered them to search all locations. After searching over a wide area nobody was able to find the child. Guru Dattatriya then asked Baba Balak Nath Ji to have a look and Balak agreed this request. Balak went forth to search for this lost child.

Whilst Balak was searching for this child he came to a jungle, there he stood still and in silence. After a short while he slowly and quietly advanced forward. It was by meditation he discovered that in crewes of Girnar the sadhu Narashiha was sitting with the lost child. When Balak reached the crewes he asked Sadhu Narashiha to return the boy, but Narashiha promptly refused. What followed was a bitter argument upon which Narashiha surrendered the child to Balak. It was only then that Narashiha realize the brilliance of the Balak.

Balak Nath Ji then asked, “if you are living as a Sadhu, why are you doing such harmful things.” Narashiha answered whilst kneeling,”it was due to jealousy. Please forgive me!”

The Baba Balak nath ji replied, “if you promise to cease with these activities in your life, only then will I forgive you.” Narashiha agreed this.

When Narashiha surrendered the child to the Balak, the Balak gave him a boon, “ whenever I am worshipped you will be remembered and by your sidhi you will be helpful to the public at large who will worship yoou as well.” Baba Balak Nath returned the child back to the village woman. It was after this successful outcome thst many came to realize that the (Baba) Balak possessed many abilities of yoga. The ceremony started and ended with all the Vedic rites.

The Baba Balak asked Guru Dattatriya, “there is custom, that Guru Dakshina has to be given to the Guru after such a ceremony.”

Guru Dattatriya replied, “ I have already received the Guru Dakshina and that was you finding the boy. Beyond this, you have to start a pilgrimage, you will also have to preach to the public about the Absolute Truth as well as guiding them on the righteous path, and yoou must also show them how to meditate.” Guru Dattatriya continued, furthermore, a Guru’s duty is always to direct the public on the right path. Gurus should not have wrongful aims, such as people having to worship him.”

15     Previous Births of Baba Balak Nath Ji

Previous Births of Baba Balak Nath Ji

Birth of Baba BalakNath Ji 

Baba Balak Nath Ji’ was born 700 years back on 2nd June at 12:00 a.m. on the auscipious day of ‘Trayodashi’ in Gujarat. 

Baba Balak Nath was born in all three of the ages Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga the present age.

In each age he helped the poor and hungry and removed them of all obstacles.

In each birth Baba was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. In each age he had a different name. He was known as 

‘Skanda'in ‘Sat Yuga',

‘Kaul' in ‘TretaYuga'

‘Mahakaul' in ‘Dvapra Yuga'.

Dev in Kal Yuga

Baba BalakNath Ji Born as Mahakaul in Dvapra Yuga :-

‘Mahakaul' of ‘Dvapra Yuga', while going to ‘Kailasha Parvata', met an old woman on the way. The old lady asked the mission and destination of Baba Ji. After knowing all that the old woman advised ‘Mahakaul' to meditate on the bank of ‘Mansarovar' and request ‘Mother Parvati' (who would come there for bathing on special occasions), help him in reaching ‘Lord Shiva'.‘Mahakaul' acted as told and became successful in his mission of reaching ‘Lord Shiva' On seeing ‘Balayogi Mahakaul', ‘Lord Shiva' became very happy and blessed Baba Ji to be the ‘Sidha symbol' of worshipping for devotee sin ‘Kaliyuga' and his child like image to remain for ever.

Baba BalakNath Ji Born as Dev in Kal Yuga

In Kal Yuga Baba Balak Nath took birth as 'Dev'. He was born in Gujarat, Kathiabad. The name of His mother was Laxmi and that of his father Vishno Vaish. Here Baba Ji named as ‘Dev' became lost in ‘Bhagvad devotion'. Seeing this, his parents wanted to marry him; but Baba Ji didn't agree and left His home in search of ‘Parma Sidhi' and came by ‘Swami Dattaitreya' in Junagarh on Girnar hill - a historical place.

It is here Baba ji learnt the basics of ‘Sidhas' from Swami Dattaitreya and became ‘Sidha' and came to be known as ‘Baba Balak Nath Ji'.

Evidences of Baba Balak Nath Ji's Avatar

There are two other distinct evidences of Baba Balak Nath ji"s presence are available

First Evidence is a tree of GARUNA it is abush type tree still present at SHAHTLAI town this tree is where BABAJI used to do his worship.

Second Evidence is an old Police Station in Town BURSUR where some cows were kept when they destroyed the crops.

Ratno & Baba Balak Nath Ji

Baba Ji were employed by one lady named Ratno to lookafter these cows. Baba ji practised Brahmchyra(celibacy) throughout.As a mark of respect the women devotees don't enter the sanctom sanctorum established in the 'gufa'(cave)where he is believed to have disappeared.

Babaji was so always engrossed in his 'tapasya'(worship) that he never consumed the 'rotis' offered to him by Mai Ratno who had employed him for looking after her cows.

Once when she criticised him for not doing his job well though being fed so well by her,he reproduced the 'rotis'(bread) concealed in a tree bark.

16     Important Details about Baba Balak Nath Ji Temple

Important Details about  Baba Balak Nath Ji  Temple


Babal Balak Nath is a Punjabi and Hindu deity worshipped in the northern Indian states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

The Baba balaknath ji shrine is called Deotsidh. Six kilometers from this temple, there is a place called Shah-talai where Baba is said to have practiced penance. 

Baba balak Nath Temple is situated village Chakmoh of district Hamirpur on the top of a hill.

The Baba balaknath temple has a a cave in the hill which is the abode of Babaji. An idol of Babaji is placed in this cave.

The devotees offer ‘Rot’ prepared with flour and Sugar / Gur at the altar of Babaji.

Some of the devotees offer goats.

Forbidden Entry for females in the Baba Balaknath Cave

Since Baba was Strict Brahamchari, Entry of females in the cave is forbidden in the Baba Balaknath cave as a respect for Baba Ji.

There is a raised platform just opposite to the cave from where the females can have ‘Darshan’ of Babaji.

17     Where to stay when visiting Baba Balak Nath

Where to stay when visiting Baba Balak Nath

Pilgrims have options to stay in Una Himachal for Baba Balak Nath Ji (It is recommended to stay in Una Himachal as boarding and lodgeing facilities are better in Una Himachal which is a District Head Quarter).

Visitors travelling to Baba balaknath ji, can stay in Una himachal at either Suvidha palace or New York Plaza at very affordable rates.Please contact us at 9418093019,01975-223185, email - or visit our website


Stay in DeotSidth for Baba Balak Nath Ji

Sarais & Dharamshalas are managed by the Baba Balaknath Ji Shrine Board offer free accomodation at DeotSidth, There are also free lodging arrangements run by various organisations offer reasonable accommodation to the pilgrims.

18     How To Reach Baba Balak Nath Ji Deothsidh Himachal

How To Reach Baba Balak Nath Ji Deothsidh Himachal Pradesh

Reaching Baba Balak Nath By Air:

Nearest airport - Chandigarh (150 Km From DeotSidh) Daily Flights are available from Delhi and Bombay to Chandigarh.

Reaching Baba Balak nath By Train:

Nearest Railway Station to Deothsidh is - Una Himachal (50 Km from DeotSidh) Daily  trains are available from Delhi to Una Himachal. From Una Himchal taxi service  to Baba balaknath ji is available at affordable rates by team.

Trains Connectivity to Baba Balaknath Ji

Nearest train station is Una Himchal - 50 kms away

Himachal Express - Delhi to Una Himachal - 14553 - Arrival time in Una Himachal at 07:50AM (everyday)

Jan Shatabdi - NewDelhi to Una Himachal -12057 - Arrival time in Una Himachal at 22:10 PM (everyday).

Reaching Baba Balak Nath By Road:

Baba balaknath Ji Temple in DeotSidh  is well Connected by road network, there are routes from Una Himachal, Hamirpur &  Bilaspur by Road. Regular Inter State Bus Services is also available up ShahTalai.

Reaching Baba Balaknath ji by Boat through The Gobind Sagar Lake

Baba Balaknath Ji temple can also be reached through boat from Bhakra Dam to Kosarian and thereafter on foot 5 Kms to Shahtalai through Shiv Mandir Bachhretu. This is very scenic route and strongly recoomended by Holiday Travel for adventure and extra-ordinary sight seeing.

Taxi To Baba Balaknath ji, Deotsidh taxi service:

Taxi service to Baba balaknath ji Deotsidh is readily available from Una Himachal at very affordable rates. Please contact 9418093019, 01975-223185, email -  or visit our website

19     About Baba Balak Nath Ji Pilgrimage

About Baba Balak Nath Ji Pilgrimage

The devotees and pilgrims come to the  Baba Balak Nath Sidhpeeth in Deothsidh round the year, but most gatherings are happening during ‘Sankrantis’ and On Sundays.

Baba Balak Nath Temple in Deothsidh displays a festive mood from mid-March to mid-July. As an occasional rituals, local Deities from the villages are taken to the ‘Sidhpeeth’ in highly decorated palanquins.

Baba Balak Nath Ji Cave (Gufa)

The Sanctum Sanctorum of the Sidh Peeth is a natural Cave shrine called as ‘Gufa’. The architecture follows the ‘Shikhara’ style in new temple was built later alongside the Shiva temple towards the ‘Charan Paduka’. An ancient ‘Radha Krishna’ temple in dome architectural style also beautifies the surroundings nearby. "Bhartrihari and Sidh Durga Temple" are also prominent constituents of the temple complex.


In addition to main Deity, the images of other Hindu Gods and Goddesses also grace these temples.

Main Worshipping Place in Baba Balaknath Temple

A mound, below the ‘Gufa’ called as ‘Thara’ – is the main worshiping site of the ‘Sidhpeeth’. Thus, the architectural design of the buildings in the temple complex is of ‘Shikhara’ and ‘Dome’ style. Other archeologically important places in the temple complex include ‘Langar Bhawan’ alongside Bhartrihari temple and the ‘Matha’- about one kilometer from the ‘Gufa’. 

Samadhis of the Holy Mahantas

The Samadhis of the ‘Mahantas’ of ‘Giri Sect’ – the lineage of the ‘Gurus’ of Baba Balak Nath ji can be located in the ‘Matha’. Two of these Samadhis had been laid near Bhartrihari temple. A visit to above mentioned places concludes the pilgrimage of a devotee to the ‘Sidhpeeth’.

20     Baba Balak Nath Darshan & Yatra

Baba Balak Nath Darshan & Yatra 

Baba Balaknath Ji Tour package

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