Canada - Destination Overview

Canada is a North American country consisting of ten provinces and three territories. Located in the northern part of the continent, it extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, and northward into the Arctic Ocean. Canada is the world's second-largest country by total area, and its common border with the United States is the world's longest land border.


Toronto once had a reputation as Toronto the Good, a stoic and bland city, but this has long since been forgotten. The culture and flavor that the wave of immigrants in the 1970’s brought has turned Toronto Canada into a mosaic of color and diversity. Greeks, Italians, Somalians, Jamaicans, Chinese, Vietnamese and others make of this mosaic, much to Torontos benefit. Toronto Canada is a place where you just might want to stay! It is named as one of the top places in the world to lives. Toronto's kitchens are as multicultural as its population. Korean walnut cakes, Italian espresso, Malaysian laksas and face-melting Indian curries - all in a day's dining.


Ottawa lies in northeast North America, in the Province of Ontario, Canada. It is bordered by the Ottawa River to the north, while the historic Rideau River and Rideau Canal meander north to south through the city. Directly across the Ottawa River are the City of Gatineau and the picturesque Outaouais region in the Province of Quebec.


Montreal has a European flair and sophistication that makes it one of the most popular metropolitan centres in Canada. The second largest Canadian city next to Toronto, Montreal has an outstanding lineup of tourist attractions, museums, cultural centres and historic landmarks.

Quebec City

Quebec City- the official capital of the province of Quebec is steeped in history and European in flavour. The old town is the only fortified city north of Mexico in North America Quebec Citys Old Town itself is a work of art: Cobblestone walkways, well-preserved 17th century architecture, café culture and the only North American fortress walls that still exist north of Mexico, all of which has given it status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Banff townsite may only be a fairly small village, but each year Banff's numerous tourist attractions are explored by several million visitors to the area. Famous for its mountains, stunning countryside and host of scenic landmarks, Banff's natural tourist attractions are best viewed on the high Banff Sulphur Mountain Gondola, or alternatively, on a relaxing guided rafting tour along the Bow River.


Situated where the Athabasca and Miette rivers meet, the Jasper townsite stands in the very heart of the Jasper National Park in Alberta (AB), and is regularly visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year. Jasper has a noticeable small-town charm and is less developed than nearby Banff, which is much of its appeal. The Jasper National Park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to Alberta's highest mountain, Mount Columbia. Known for its abundant wildlife and plentiful hiking trails, Jasper offers an enormous range of outdoor activities, in an attractive, alpine setting.


Vancouver is great to visit if you love the outdoors, but also want the convenience and benefits of a city. Two hours away from world-class ski resort Whistler / Blackcomb and perched on the Pacific Ocean coast, Vancouver holds appeal for soft to extreme adventure lovers. Vancouver is surrounded both by water and mountains and its proximity to nature gives residents a love of the environment and a laid back charm and friendliness. And although Birkenstocks are more the norm than Manolo Blahniks, this cosmopolitan city also has upscale shopping, fabulous restaurants and a happening nightlife.


The capital city of British Columbia, Victoria boasts many historic buildings and some of the most fascinating museums in Western Canada. The city benefits from one of Canada's mildest climates, which allows its residents to pursue outdoor pleasures all year round.


Host to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler and nearby Blackcomb boast more vertical feet, more lifts, and more ski terrain than any other ski resort in North America-many experts call the Whistler complex the continent's premier ski resort. When the snow melts, British Columbia's top outdoor playground turns to mountain biking, golfing, horseback riding and other adventure pursuits.