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  • Halali Retreat

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How to Reach Vidisha


Reach Vidisha By Air
The nearest International Airport to Vidisha is the Airport in the MP Capital City "Raja Bhoj Airport", It is roughly one and half hours drive from Bhopal airport to Vidisha. Bhopal is well connected to a spectrum of cities like Ahmedabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Raipur through IndiGo, Go Air and Air India and Spice Jet etc.


Reach Vidisha By Road

Major Distances of Vidisha

  • Vidisha is 10 Kms from Sanchi,
  • Vidisha is 68 Kms from Bhopal,
  • Vidisha is 114 Kms from Sagar,
  • Vidisha is 29 Kms from Hoshangabad,
  • Vidisha is 226 Kms from Dewas,
  • Vidisha is 262 Kms from Indore,
  • Vidisha is 264 Kms from Ujjain,
  • Vidisha is 280 Kms from Jhansi,
  • Vidisha is 336 Kms from Kota

Vidisha is well is connected through Madhya Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (MPSRTC) service and also by private travel services.


Reach Vidisha By Train
Vidisha has its own Railway Station named as Vidisha Railway Station which is connected to all the major cities of Madhya Pradesh and other cities like Nagpur, Kanpur and Lucknow.

Vidisha railway Station is situated on the main Delhi-Chennai, Delhi-Mumbai main line of the Central Railway, at a distance of 54 km from Bhopal, the State capital of the Madhya Pradesh State. All trains going to Bhopal stop at Vidisha.

When  to Visit Vidisha

Best Season to visit Vidisha are Jan,Feb,Mar & Oct,Nov,Dec, when it is not too hot and climate is pleasant.


Attractions in Vidisha

Sanchi is an ancient Buddhist complex situated at a distance of just 10 Kms from Vidisha, Sanchi is a small village which is would famous for Buddhist pilgrimage, and one of the vital pilgrimage places of Buddhists. It houses various Buddhist monuments that belong to the 3rd and 12th centuries. Sanchi is well known for Sanchi Stupa which was constructed under the reign of Emperor Ashoka.


Girdhari Temple, Vidisha
 It is one of the important temples in the town and well known for its sculptures and excellent carvings. It houses the shrines of Jatashankar and Mahamaya of the earlier time.


Udayagiri Caves, Vidisha

At just 9 Kms from Vidisha, Udayagiri Caves are archaeological caves which are now under the authority of the Archaeological Survey of India.  These are very ancient caves and were extracted when Vidisha was the regional capital of the Gupta kingdom. There are various small temples in and around the caves of Udayagiri.


Heliodorus pillar ( Khamba Baba)
Close to the Vidisha ruins are the remains of Ancient Pillars,the only one that still stands is the Heliodorus pillar, also known as Khamba Baba. A monolithic free-standing column, the pillar bears an inscription which states that it was Garuda Pillar, raised in honour of Vasudeva by Heliodorous, a resident of Taxila, who had been sent to the court of Bhagabhadra as an envoy of Indo-Greek monarch, Antialkidas. This inscription is a valuable historical record, revealing both the relations that existed between the region and the Greek kingdoms of the Punjab, and the fact that the Greek ambassador had become a follower of Hindu god Vishnu. The inclusion of the name of Antialkidas dates the erection of the pillar to approximately 140 BC.
Pillar in the Bijama??al with an inscription of Naravarman



Near the eastern edge of the old vidisha  town are the remains of a large temple of the late Paramara period known as the Bijama??al. The building was probably started in the second half of the 11th century. That it was never finished is shown by carved niches and unfinished architectural pieces found round the base of the temple plinth.

On top of the plinth is a small mosque made using pillars that date, primarily, to the 8th and 9th centuries; one pillar has an inscription of king Naravarman (circa 1094-1134). It is a devotional inscription recording his reverence to Carccik? (i.e. C?mu???).

The mi?r?b suggests the mosque was constructed in the late 14th century. To one side of the Bijama??al is a store house of the Archaeological Survey of India containing many sculptures collected in the neighbourhood. A step-well of the 7th century is in the same campus and has, beside the entrance, two tall pillars with K???a scenes. These are the earliest K???a scenes in the art of central India.

Lohag? Pir.

One of the most striking features of Vidisa is the prominent rock known as Lohag? P?r. With sheer cliffs on all sides, it towers over the town. The rock takes it name from Sh?ykh Jal?l Chishti, a saint locally known as Loha?g? P?r. His tomb is a small domed building with ruined structures round about. Also on the hill is a tank and a large bell-capital of about the 1st century BCE. Less striking are the remains of a medieval temple which survives as a pillared crypt. It is now dedicated to the goddess Annap?r??.


  • Halali Retreat

                              Ranked #1 of 1 Speciality lodging in Vidisha

Suggested Travel Package Itinerary for Vidisha

Locations Covered  : Sanchi , Udaigiri, Vidhisha

Duration : Full Day 

Morning - Sanchi Tour
Pick up early morning from your Bhopal Hotel after breakfast & Drive Sanchi to visit the Sanchi Stupas, On the way to Sanchi, you will pass through the town of Dewanganj, Salamatpur and other small villages. Sanchi is 46 kms north east of Bhopal.

Sanchi is unique for having the most perfect and well-preserved Buddhist stupas. The remains of Buddhist saints Sariputra and Mahamodgilya are also preserved here. The holy relics are displayed once a year, particularly, on the last Sunday of November during the annual Chetiyagiri Vihar festival.


Afternoon - Vidisha Tour

After Sanchi, you will visit Udaygiri caves, about 15 kms from Sanchi, close to the town of Vidisha and all other attractions in Vidisha. Spend 2-3 hours in Vidisha and Finally drive back to Bhopal Hotel in the evening

Come back to Bhopal in the evening.

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