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North Indian Restaurants

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Hotels in kanchipuram

  • Sree Mohan BHojanalaya

  • Surya Roof Top Veg Restaurant

  • V Grand Inn

  • Lakeside Inn

  • Ramji Bhojanalayam

  • Zam Restaurant

  • Tandoor

  • Cream Centre

  • Sarvovaram

  • Ceylon Bake House

Keep several days in hand for a detailed excursion. The best time when you should explore Kanchi is between October and March. Post March the climate is hotter and more humid making travelling a troublesome experience. During October and March weather is more controlled. Another reason, as stated earlier, is various ongoing festivals during that time. Chalk out a quick plan to traverse Kanchi during your next winter vacation.

Kanchipuram has world class finest hotels where guests can experience the most luxurious stay. It provides the finest accommodation that meets every expectation of the corporate. Here are some finest hotels -

  • Old Sandhya Hotel – It ranks 2 out of 171 hotels in Kanchi. It is a 5 star hotel and rooms available at 9865 INR during the Peak Seasons and 7750 INR during Off Seasons.

  • Vindhya Palace – A 4 star hotel that ranks 41 out of 171 hotels and takes accommodation at a budget rate of 2348 INR at Peak Season and 1440 INR at Off Season.

  • Old Harbour Hotel -  A 3 star hotel that ranks 42 out of 171 hotels and takes accommodation at a rate or 4568 INR at Peak Season and 2348 INR at Off Season.

  • Royal Hotel - 3 star hotel and rank 45 at 171 hotels and accommodation available at 3625 INR at Peak Season and 1440 INR at Off Season


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