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Why Visit Dubai In January And February

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Why Visit Dubai in January and February


Dubai Tourist Events in January & February

Jan & Feb is probably the best time to Visit Dubai, As weather is Excellent and Many great Events you can participate including Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Marathon, Global Village, and Dubai Tennis Championship, Dubai Desert Classic (Golf Championship)



Dubai Marathon In January

Dubai Marathon is a charitable event, in which you can register and take part for a small fee, It offers you chance of winning a hefty cash prize. There are three variants of Dubai Marathon,  The 'fun run' which is only a 3km run, 10km road race and finally the long distance, 50km Marathon which is only suitable for 18 year olds and over.



Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai is world's top shopping paradise on Earth, During DSF, over two million visitors flock to Dubai for the month-long Shopping Festival, Most of the Shopping malls participate in the event, In addition to the Main Event, there are concerts, children's entertainment, firework shows and other events offering a welcome break from the city-wide shopping frenzy.



Celebrate Holi in Dubai

Due to the large expatriate Hindu, Sikh Indian community in Dubai, the festival of Holi is also considered to be a significant celebration throughout the city. It is the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist 'Festival of Color', People color each other, Many Holi events are held in Dubai Parks. Indian restaurants take part in the celebration across the city and on the streets parties are held with traditional desserts offered.