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Recommended Restaurants In Tokyo

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Recommended Restaurants in Tokyo

There are hundreds of restaurants in Tokyo. Whether you wish to eat the Japanese delicacies or the cuisines from around the world; you have everything available here. Below is the list of some most popular restaurants in Tokyo:

  1. Sushiryori Inose: in Shinagawa. Cuisine: Sushi
  2. Japanese Cuisine Shimonoseki Shunpanro Tokyo: in Chiyoda. Cuisine-Japanese
  3. Takazawa (Minato). French, Japanese, contemporary and fusion cuisines
  4. Sushi Bar Yasuda (Minato). Cuisine: Sushi
  5. Kyubei Main Restaurant (Chuo). Cuisine: Sushi, Japanese
  6. Tapas Molecular Bar (Chuo). Cuisines: Tapas
  7. Sushidai (Chuo). Cuisines: Sushi
  8. Omotesando Koffee (Shibuya). Cuisines: café
  9. Kobe Beef Kaiseki (Minato). Cuisines: Japanese
  10. Ninja Akasaka (Chiyoda). Cuisines: Japanese
  11. Sant Pau (Chuo). Cuisine: Spanish
  12. Plate Tokyo (Minato). Cuisines:        French,            Italian, Organic, Wine Bar
  13. Priya Indian Restaurant (Shibuya). Cuisines: Indian
  14. Narisawa (Minato). Cuisines: French


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