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Places To Visit In Silvassa

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Places to visit in Silvassa

Vanganga Lake: The Vanganga Lake garden is also known as beauty spot of the Island Garden. The Vanganga Lake garden in Silvassa is a charming lake situated right at the entry of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Vanganga Lake situated amidst the Island Gardens offers paddle boat rides for its visitors as well as a peaceful setting with flowerbeds and lush green gardens around the lake.


Island Garden:  Situated at the centre of Vanganga Lake, the distance of Island Garden from the Marathi town of Silvassa is only 4kms. If you are a traveler and visiting Silvassa then you cannot afford to miss this beautiful garden. The absolute beauty of the place is very picturesque and appeals to all the senses of the body almost immediately.


 Lion Safari Wildlife Park: It is stretched over 25 hectares of land in the Dadra and Nagar Haveli Wildlife Sanctuary. The expedition zone has been protected and separated from the rest of the region by means of a seven meter long chain-link partition that extends up to almost 3 Km in length. The Lion Safari Wildlife Park is covered with a 3 km road net, allowing easy locomotion of specially caged Safari vehicles. Thus, the overall experience not only gives us the rare opportunity of witnessing the magnanimous life of the ‘King of the jungle’, but also inculcates the urgent need to conserve them.


Tapovan Tourist Complex:  The famous historic temple of Lord Siva is located (18 km from Silvassa and 2 km from Khanvel) at Bindrabin and devotees make a bee line to seek blessing of the deity.  restaurant and amusement park with fountains and well laid garden for the tourists.


Our Lady of Piety Church: The Church of Our Lady of Piety was built by the Portuguese in the late 18th century and it is believed to have been built around 1886 or 1889. The Church is one of the oldest standing buildings in Silvassa.  The most stunning structure of the church is the skillfully bedecked interior and outer arches. Built in 1886-89, this church is a perfect showcase of Portuguese architecture. The exquisite design of this structure, which stands strong after all these years, is a testimony to the architectural skills.



Reach Silvassa By Air
The adjoining airdrome of the place is Mumbai’s Chatrapati Shivaji International airport which is positioned at a distance of 120 km from the city of Silvassa. All the foremost airlines provide regular service from Mumbai to other major metropolis of India and also outside the country. Singapore, Hong Kong, Colombo and other Gulf countries are well conected from Mumbai.

Reach Silvassa By Road
Silvassa has convenient connectivity to all adjacent cities by Government buses. One can also hire private A/C or non A/C luxury buses to go to the major Indian urbans like Pune (293 km) and Mumbai (160 km), Vapi (15 km), Daman (100 km) and Dudhni (40 km).

Reach Silvassa By Train
The nearest railhead of the place is Vapi railway station which is just around 15 km away from the heart of Silvassa city. It has a direct connection with the capital of Maharashtra that is Mumbai. Thus, the place is linked with every major Indian city.

Summer Season
The months from March to May are extremly hot, weather that can only suit the people who are immune to such blistering atmosphere. The temperature ranges from 18 to 39 degrees.

Monsoon Season
August and September are the months of monsoon season. As it comes soon after the summer season and the climate is cool during this time. Medium rainfalls are regular and therefore, the mild pleasant weather makes the aura perfect.

Winter Season
The months of December and January are considered to be the best season to visit Silvassa. Temperature drops to a minimum of 10 degrees with a cool and breezy atmosphere day and night.

Tourist Attraction In Silvassa

Hirwa Van Gardens, Silvassa        
If the name is loosely translated it would mean Green Forest/ Garden and that's exactly what the Hirwa Van Gardens is. The Garden is a man made wonder and words fall short while describing its beauty and splendor. This Garden on the Silvassa - Dadra road has been craftily designed to accommodate almost every ingredient required for a successful picnic. The garden is decorated with roaring waterfalls coupled with misty cascades. The Garden also presents rustic stone walls and twin arches. The entire stretch of the Grass Lawns has been evenly decorated with colourful flower beads and many islands of various enchanting flowers. Tiny kiosks and lush green carpets of grass are enough to hold one spell bound for hours.

Island Garden, Silvassa    
If the macho heroes and their petite beauties dancing around the gardens, woods and bridges transforms into a different world then one look at the Island Garden would make you skip a heartbeat. This gardens situated around 4 kms from Silvassa has been very strategically beautified around a very picturesque lake. If the garden looks familiar to you blame it on Bollywood for its these guys who have utilised the beauty of Island Garden optimally for creating beautiful blockbusters. The familiar sights from the Garden are the pastoral wooden bridges, oceans of flowing colourful flowers, entwined paths for the ardent health freaks, amazingly real thatched huts and not to forget the ever inviting paddle boat ride in the lake. The Island Garden presents itself as a complete package and missing them might not be popular option if the family hands count is taken.

 Lion Safari Wildlife Park, Silvassa    

The Lion Safari Wildlife Park occupies around 25 hectares of the Dadra & Nagar Haveli Wildlife Sanctuary. The Safari zone has been cordoned from rest of the area using a seven meter chain-link wall that stretches for almost 3 Km. The Safari itself is mostly covered on the 3Km road network inside the zone and the entrance to the zone is restricted through two outer and inner entrance gates. The Safari riders are provided with specially caged vehicles. The Lion Safari is an effort to provide a home for the Asiatic lion (Panthera Leo).The tribal are heavily dependent on the nature for all their day-to-day needs.

Vanganga Lake, Silvassa            
The Vanganga Lake is also known as the beauty spot of the Island Gardens. The Lake has been a mute witness to the fun and frolic that has ensued around only because its quaint presence. Apart from the Filmy crowd that is always on a Location Hunting spree it is quiet natural to find Honeymooners and lovers, lost in their own world, near the lake. The Lake water is calm and clear and the paddle boats zip zap through it seamlessly. The eateries based on the shores are almost always full with idlers and children enjoying the beauty of this magnificent lake.

Our Lady of Piety Church, Silvassa            
There are several monuments in Silvassa that relay the diverse culture and The Church of Our Lady is one of those sights. The church of Our Lady of piety is a century old chapel, built in 1886-89, by the Portuguese settlers. The church is a somber reminder of the dominance of the Portuguese over the locals wherein all the 72 villages were under the rule of the Portuguese. The church structure is magnificent and the construction and internal as well as the external archway decoration is exquisite. The church is still standing strong and holds testimony to the marvelous architectural capabilities of the Portuguese.

Dudhni, Silvassa            
The ride from Silvassa to Dudhni (almost 45 Km) is full of bends, curves, mountains, slopes and lush green as well as colourful road covering forests. The place apart from the natural beauty has also been developed very nicely into a family picnic spot. The Damanganga River has been passionately decorated at the Madhuban Dam and the enhanced beauty simply blows one of the feet. It is also possible to fulfill the desire to go water scooting o the river stretch that has been specially crafted for adventure as well as leisure sports. The scenic beauty of the place is an added advantage always fascinating the tourists with its pleasant elegance.

Khanvel, Silvassa           
The scenes of Khanvel on a misty winter morning are straight out of Swiss post cards. Magnificent hills surround this town and provide a green hue to the very existence of the Khanvel town. Located at a distance of approximately 22 kms Silvassa Khanvel renders an amazing array of undisturbed stretch of Rolling Meadows, passionately decorated terraced gardens, specially built native style cottages and the serene presence of the long winding river Sakartod. Worth mention here is the splendid ride along the road from Silvassa to Khanvel. The road is wide and smooth and has been provided a green roof by the verdant forests covering the stretch.

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Day 01 : Silvassa
On arrival at Sivassa, check into a hotel in Silvassa. Silvassa is the capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli Union Territory. Silvassa houses lush green forests, winding rivers, large waterfronts, tumbling waterfalls, isolated hills and a large variety of flora and fauna. In the evening, visit Piparia Udyan, a unique picturesque park with eye-capturing scenario of waterfalls, kiosks and islands of flowers in backdrop. While dining enjoy folk dance performance or mask dance performance. Overnight at Sivassa.

Day 02 : Tour to Silvassa
Enjoy the full day excursion trip to Silvassa which includes visit to Vangana Lake and Island Lake, River Sakartod Chaud, Portugese Church etc and water sports. Overnight at hotel.

Day 03 : In Daman
Early morning drive to Daman. Check into a hotel and relax a bit at the Devka beach side. Visit Moti Daman Fort constructed in 1559 with 2 gateways and 10 bastions. Take a sunset cruise on the lake. Overnight at hotel.

Day 04 : In Daman
After breakfast leave for a tour to Daman Ganga Tourist Complex. Daman Ganga Tourist Complex situated at Village Kanchigam, Nani Daman is a picturesque amusement park with beautiful gardens, silvery waterfalls and fountains with the facility of Shikhara Boat Ride. Overnight at Daman.

Day 05 : In Daman
On this day, explore the Fort of Nani Daman, Mirasol Lake Garden and Church of Moti Daman. Relax and rejuvenate yourself at Jampore Beach in the evening. Overnight at hotel.

Day 06 & 07 : In Diu
On 6th and & 7th day of your tour explore the Nagoa Beach, Ghoghala Beach, St. Paul Church, Fort of Diu and other places at Diu.

Day 08 : Departure
Transfer to Diu Airport / Railway Station for your onward journey.

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