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Places To Visit In Shirdi

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Places to visit in Shirdi

Dixit Wada Museum: Dixit Wada museum offers visitors an interesting insights into his simple and pious life. It was established by Kakasaheb Dixit in the year 1911 on Ram Navami with Baba's permission. When the museum’s construction was completed, Dixit took up residence in a small room on the first floor, leaving out the rest of the building for the use of the devotees.


Gurusthan: Gurusthan (place of the Guru) is the place where Sai Baba spent most of his time when he first came to Shirdi. It is said that the Baba believed that the tomb of his own Guru is located by the neem tree. he Gurusthan area has a statue of Baba, a pair of marble padukas on a pedestal and a Shivalinga. Installed in 1974, the statue of the Baba was carved by the grandson of the sculptor of the Samadhi Mandir statue and was donated by Y. D. Dave.


Khandoba Temple: The Khandoba Temple is among the thirteen main temples of Khandoba. It is said that the temple priest Mhalsapati spotted Sai Baba in front of the temple and said Yaa Sai which means Welcome Sai. People started referring to him as Sai Baba after the incident. Lord Khandoba is regarded as a folk deity possessing attributes of Shiva, Bhairava, Surya and Kartikeya Skanda. He has been depicted either in the form of a Lingam or as an image riding on a bull or a horse within the Khandoba Temple.


Chavadi: The Chavadi Mandir was originally a place wherein taxes were collected, village records kept and visiting officials put up. The literal meaning of chavadi is ‘village office’ and this temple was a place for accommodating pilgrims and also used for storage of books until the late 1930s. A large portrait of Sai Baba painted by Amabaram from Gujarat is placed inside the Chavadi Temple. The temple also has a bed wherein the saint was given his last bath after he passed. This bed is considered as sacred and is covered with palanquin and is taken out every Thursday.


Samadhi Mandir: The Samadhi Mandir is situated in Shirdi and has been named after the famous saint Sai Baba. The body of the holy saint Sai Baba rests in this temple.  The divine statue of Sai Baba was built by Late Balaji Vasant in 1954 and is situated within the Samadhi Mandir. The temple can accommodate 600 visitors in its assembly hall. The temple remains open overnight on special occasion like Gurupurnima, Ramnavami and Dassera. A palkhi with Sai Baba’s photo is taken out from the temple every Thursday and on special occasions. The temple is among the main attractions of Shirdi and is visited by many worshippers, historians and travellers throughout the year.



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