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Tourist Attractions In Shimoga

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Tourist Attractions in Shimoga

Honnemaradu: Honnemaradu is a tourist place situated on the back waters of River Sharavathi. A paradise for sport-buffs and a haven for nature-lovers, Honnemaradu, located on the backwaters of the river Sharavathy, is a marvel till as far as the eyes can behold and beyond. there is no dearth to entertainment options while in this amazing destination. Once a village, the lake cum reservoir now stands as the only tourist sight in the area. . Swimming, photography or playing water volley ball followed by an upward trek to watch sunset-views completed by camp-fires and parties are the perfect ingredients for a vacation worth relishing.


Sacred Heart Church: acred Heart Church in Shimoga, Karnataka is a hugely popular place of worship. This Catholic Church is massive, sprawling over 18000 sq. ft. There is a large prayer hall which can seat at least 5000 people. The splendid architecture of the church and a beautiful statue of Jesus Christ are the main attractions of this place. The architectural magnificence can be attributed to the peculiar Gothic and Roman styles.


Kodachadri Hill: Kodachadri is a mountain peak with dense forests (elevation - 1,343 metres above sea level) in the Western Ghats in South India (Shivamogga Dist., Karnataka State). It is declared as natural heritage site by Government Karnataka. Thick green forest covered Kodachadri Hill is a well kept secret in the Western Ghats in Shimoga District of Karnataka. Unspoiled, untouched and mildly unexplored, Kodachadri Hill's prismatic beauty is something that eyes hold for uncountable years.  As one takes the pain to reach the 1,343 metre high Kodachadri Hill, his eyes will be taken aback by the enchanting look of the golden sun as it gradually nods its head down on the blue stretch of Arabian Ocean


Achakanya Falls: Achakanya Falls is one of the hidden waterfalls formed near Thirthahalli. The fall is located at a distance of 10 kms from Thirthahalli on the way to Hosanagara in Shimoga District in Karnataka. Sharavathi River takes a wonderful leap to create this 6.1 meters eye-catching waterfall. The place is a very good trekking destination as it is located in the midst of a thick forest. As the Achakanya Falls is hidden in the middle of a thick forest it is better to take guidance from the locals of Aralasurali village, which is located around 20 kms from Thirthahalli and 2 kms from the falls.



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